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October 28, 2017 6:05 am

Library to Open “Pop-Up” Branch During Winter Games

Wednesday, January 28, 2015 @ 3:43 AM

Prince George, B.C. – The Prince George Public Library has announced it will open a pop-up branch at the Pine Centre Mall during the Canada Winter Games.

It will be open February 10th to February 28th and will include programs, drop-in gaming, and a book drop.

All of this as the second floor of the Bob Harkins branch will be closed to the public and used exclusively by the games 2,400 athletes.

“Public computers, DVDs and new & high-demand books will be available on the first floor of the library for public access, and every accommodation will be made to get requested materials in to readers’ hands,” says communications coordinator Andrea Palmer.

“From runners between floors to an expanded ‘holds’ area to host requested materials – we’ll make sure you get your titles!”


I’m sorry; but that is just so many ways of WRONG!!!!! The athletes will be using it; so the residents get booted! Moving some stuff to the 1st floor really isn’t a help! This elite little party is really so much a joke! Oh, and don’t forget there will be no parking anywhere near the place! Remind me how good the games will be for us, the tax paying residents.

Hmmm, but my library style is to browse the shelves looking for things that catch my eye so my preferred area on the top floor will be out of bound. I won’t know if what title or author I want is, or is not available. I think I am going to have to make sure I have all my reading picked up a couple of days before the games and avoid downtown as best I can.

I get that they will be doing their best to accommodate patrons, but it will not work for me as presented in this article. Not my style at all!

i don’t mind aobut the games in general but this really gets to me. I cant believe they can get away with blocking my public access ot an area that I pay for! First I pay for th egames in my taxes, ok I can sort of handle that because of the perceived benefits we might get from it (though not happy about it) but then they refuse to let me use MY library? not ok. Not ok at all.

I had originally heard that part of the upper floor would be off limits to the paying users of the library (taxpayers). Now all of a sudden it’s all the upper floor????

You people need to get over yourselves! It is only for a short time. If there were a better option they would take it.

I’m with Jack. It’s two weeks that the Library is being used–who cares! The Games/Athletes need the space, so give it to them. You can surely go two weeks without reading 50 Shades of Grey…or can you?

But the library ISN’T closed and they will be doing what they can — including opening a pop-up branch — to accomodate residents! Some of you are so incredibly brutal about this. Like the Games or hate them, fine, but this inconvenience is being dealt with as best as possible for both parties — the public and the athletes who will be gone quickly enough. The library is awesome and does so much for the community. Hundreds of successful programs every year for kids and adults alike. Give your head a shake and praise the library for their efforts here. Pine Center Mall stepped up to help minimize the impact of the 2nd floor being closed. Most programs will still be running. Nechako Branch will also run completely unchanged. Come on.

If its only going to be for two weeks then lets make the ambassadors to this city comfortable for this unique event and a good experience had by all….

We still have the Nechako Branch, the CNC and UNBC libraries, and with the heads up the option of going before or after the event. Probably still more options than any other city of this size.

Summit,–The games athletes, “NEED” the space? Why?? as for the 50 shades of Grey comment….. what?? I have absolutely no interest in fiction books like that. I’ve been using the Library in this city since the 60’s, (when it was on 4th avenue)

lots of other spaces in town to hold the athletes lounge, some of it in downtown near the games village. why not use some currently not used space, rather than forcing paying patrons out of the library???

Small town mentality. Nothing changes, don’t do anything that might disrupt my cozy comfort level.

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