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October 28, 2017 5:54 am

Arts Groups Receive Funding

Sunday, February 8, 2015 @ 2:30 PM

Prince George, B.C. – Five organizations in Prince George have been awarded arts grants totalling more than $176,000.

They’ve been divvied up by the BC Arts Council and will go to the following groups:

Fraser-Fort George Museum Society – $75,000
Prince George Regional Art Gallery Association/Two Rivers Gallery – $63,000
Prince George and District Community Arts Council – $21,475
Prince George Folkfest Society – $9,000
Bel Canto Choirs Association – $7,700

The funding comes from $24 million that the BC Arts Council has received from the provincial government to supports arts and culture in 2014-2015.

“Fraser-Fort George is extremely fortunate to have so many talented artists, musicians and actors call this region home,’ says Prince George-Mackenzie Liberal MLA Mike Morris. “These grants help enable these talented individuals to showcase their various productions for the benefit of all residents and visitors.”


Glad to see that the Arts groups have received funding. What I don’t understand how the amounts are determined. There were 24 million dollars available. If it was distributed according to population this area should have received approx. 500000 dollars a shortfall of 324000 dollars by my calculation.

PGFMA, do you really think our govt would ever publicly advertise exactly where every tax dollar goes? It may be possible to see these figure somewhere, but not everyone has the ability to access the info. That would be like being open, transparent and honest! When was the last time we experienced that?

$176,000 out of 24 million. Sounds about right the way the North gets treated.

Morris shouldn’t speak to the media, he doesn’t have a clue.

24 Million!

BC Arts Council!

So where does this money come from, well it really doesn’t matter does it. It comes from you and I. 24 Million! I am staggered by that. I can think of many, many more things that will benefit the taxpayer other than this.

Let those who support and want the “arts” pay for it themselves. I have a lot of hobbies myself but I and my friends who participate do it all on our own dime.

Hey , I’ve got an idea . Why not hire a teacher who is both a BCer and a quebecer ,who has passed with a teaching degree from one of the finest universities in canada . Who is between degrees ( universities close for summer ) . Then get him to teach some of PGs best drama kids to become actors ,actresses , TV , personalities , weather people or the Miriade of jobs in the industry . Money well spent . Who knows , maybe one of the kids could grow up to become prime minister .

Posted on Sunday, February 8, 2015 @ 7:12 PM by P Val
$176,000 out of 24 million. Sounds about right the way the North gets treated.

Morris shouldn’t speak to the media, he doesn’t have a clue.

But when he speaks he really sounds like Bell or Bond for some reason.

They have no clue either..all fiberals sound the same.. It’s just noise.

Does anyone know how much local organizations applied for?

At least some of the money is being spent locally, it is better than seeing the government spend money on advertising that only benefits foreign owned companies like the LNG advertising does

Some money, yeah it’s pouring in… 0.007 % of available funds..

PGFMA, you are a bit off on your numbers. BC has a population of approximately 4,610,000. $24,000,000.00 in grants divided by the provincial population works out to approx. $5.21 per person. Multiply that by Prince George’s population of approx. 76,000 and you end up with something like $396,000.00, not the $500,000.00 that you state!

P Val, it actually works out to slightly more than 0.7%, not a large amount, but 100 times more than the 0.007% that you stated!!

Using population numbers from the City’s website. our population is around 76,000. B.C. currently has a population of approximately 4,610,000. So, we represent approximately .16% of the provincial population and yet we only received approximately .73% of the funds.

Seems like we got short changed. We should have received slightly more than two times as much as we did!

I’m not sure why we received less than half of what we should have received based on population. Perhaps not all of our arts and culture groups applied for funding? Perhaps there are more artsy fartsy people in other areas of the province and they were more active or proactive in their attempts to obtain grants??

Perhaps some of you might want to start directing your “bitchin” to the powers that be, instead of here on this site!! Not sure if our politicians spend a lot of time reading 250NEWS!

Oops, We sure could use an edit function ;-)

We represent 1.6% of the provincial population, not .16%!!

I agree about the edit button :)

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