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October 28, 2017 5:54 am

City Snow Removal Efforts Continue Through Long Weekend

Sunday, February 8, 2015 @ 11:40 AM


Prince George, B.C. – City of Prince George snow removal crews will be working “flat out” through the Family Day long weekend clearing snow.

City spokesman Mike Kellett says it will include day, afternoon, and night shifts through Monday.

Today crews will be clearing snow in the green and orange zones along with the BCR site, in the North Neckako area, and on 4th Avenue.

That work will include salting, sanding, and sidewalk operations as well.

According to Environment Canada, Prince George is expected to receive 2 centimetres of snow today and say there’s a 40% chance of flurries tomorrow.


I haven’t seen or heard a grader all day and I live on one of the first priority lanes.

Keep your vehicles off the streets, it makes plowing much faster and in turn allows the snow removal to do more areas.

Well the little crescent of Horsefly, 9 houses is nice and clean… main thoroughfares are still not done….
city employee life here?

Bcracer-it wouldn’t be just ‘any’ city employee! It would be someone of ‘note’. Wonder who your neighbours are!

I can’t figure it out…
but definitely someone knows someone ….WELL

Tabor, Foothills, 5th, 15th…none done…or at least they weren’t an hour ago

It is my quess that you have never seen snow removal by the City and YRB like you are going to see in the next 3 weeks then watch out. It is possible to keep the streets passable you just have to PLOW/SAND.

Who is spokesman Mike Kellett ? Is he new ?

Oh I have no doubt that routes to the venues will be spotless.. the rest of the town probably not so much…

but I have to admit so far this year,
other than a lot of waste of resources,
like sending 4 graders when two would do,
two with their blades down and two with them up not plowing,
they have been doing a lot better job…

Glad to see that no matter what the city does so many are still negative hell I bet that even if the city cleaned up in your neighbourhood an hour after the last snowflake you guys would still find something to bitch about

I for one have seen a marked improvement in snow removal compared to the last several years it is also the first time in 6 years the city did snow clearing on Sunday

Use the excuse of the Canada winter games but I am for damn sure happy the city is doing a better job compared to previous years

Don’t worry dearth, bcracer has been blaming everything from sunspots to the timing of his bowel movements on the winter games for the last year or so. I am actually morbidly curious what he will blame his woes on after its over. ;)

I think they are doing a great job.

So the city is finally doing the job they’re paid for and everyone is happy. Good to see. I’m starting to wonder what we were paying them for in the past? Petty politics at play perhaps?

hey happy Axman, why don’t you give them your address.. I am sure they will run right over to plow you …lol

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