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October 28, 2017 5:53 am

Bilingual Signs to Welcome Visitors at Airport

Tuesday, February 10, 2015 @ 9:36 AM


Prince George, B.C. – New signs at YXS will welcome visitors in both of Canada’s official languages to the upcoming Canada Winter Games.

The project is a partnership between the City of Prince George and the Prince George Airport Authority (PGAA) and has been funded by a grant from the provincial government’s Francophone Affairs Program, Intergovernmental Relations Secretariat.Welcome

“Among the thousands of visitors coming to Prince George in the weeks to come will be guests who speak one or both official languages,” says Mayor Lyn Hall. “When we welcome our new friends, it is important that both official languages are represented in our community. I would like to thank the Prince George Airport Authority for their partnership in this endeavor.”

President and CEO of the Prince George Airport Authority, John Gibson says “it’s wonderful to see both of Canada’s official languages on site. This was a great way to partner with the City of Prince George while offering a much needed service to the travelling public.”

The City applied for the grant on behalf of the PGAA and the signs are located throughout the airport terminal building.



They got away without Bilingual signs for all this time and no one cared, but now all of a sudden it is life threatening?

Thanks to P.E. Trudeau for this waste of money.

In Quebec any signage except French is against the law, go figure.

They forgot to translate PG airport Authority…
Autorité de l’aéroport de Prince George
Anyone in Canada that cannot speak English is useless to themselves and our country

And what about the third language of the Canada Winter Games, Carrier? Other signage at the games venues is trilingual, and airport had at least until recently a welcome sign in Carrier.

Seamut: signage in languages other than French is not illegal in Quebec. The law there is that French signage must be more prominent,but signs in English and other languages are allowed so long as there is also a French version that is more prominent. See Article 58 of the Charte de la language française.

We really do need an edit function here. That should be “Charte de la langue française”. Why don’t my fingers do what my brain tells them to?

By federal regulations for airports under the “National / Regional” and “International” classification all signage is to be in both official languages in Canada. Even though the international language of aviation is “English”. Just wait, there will be other languages popping up every where soon, just check out the Service B.C. office and printed material. We can get way too carried away with this “accommodation” B.S..

The international language of aviation is English for purposes of communication between aircraft and air traffic control. That is to ensure that, say, a Japanese pilot can communicate with a Saudi air traffic controller. I don’t think that has any bearing on what languages are used for other purposes.

Do you think the sign cost any more because it was printed in 2 languages? What is the fuss about? We have visitors from Quebec and other provinces where french is commonly spoken, why is this a problem for anybody?

In the last 15 years here, I’ve rarely heard french spoken in PG, or other areas of BC I have lived in the past 40 years. You’d think with all the bilingual schools in Canada, I’d at least hear it spoken more often. I don’t have any problem with Keebec having their own language laws, not that it will ever affect me. I do have a problem as a taxpayer having french shoved down my throat. Just not happy with french signage on anything in B.C.

“We have visitors from Quebec and other provinces where french is commonly spoken, why is this a problem for anybody?”


Good question herbster. I gather these people have never flown into Montréal and used the English signs to help them navigate the airport, LOL.

I actually hope that the organizers go out of their way to welcome the francophone athletes and make them feel at home. I’m not sure there would be a better way for PG to receive positive national press than to show how a small city in northern BC went completely outside of its own cultural norm to welcome people from the other end of the country.

Grizzly2- the only way french will shoved down your throat is if you try and eat a sign. Stop whining and try to be a gracious host.


I is a gracious host, and I welcome every person that comes to PG with open arms. But, fed up with trying to read the french on every item I pick up in the store. Frustrating. Thanks (Not) Trudow!
Canadians are Canadians, no matter what language they speak, and damn good folks too.
So Herbster, get a little cheese and YOU can have a party!

Ever heard of Pastagate billposer? Yes the likes of Costco and Walmart have just recently won a court case to keep their names as is and not have them “Frenchified” on their sign. Not only does your sign have to have French prominent but the name of your business (and in the case of pastagate the name of your food dishes) must be in French – unless now it is a trademarked name because of the court case. The green sign would be illegal and would face a fine and have to be removed in Quebec, but the blue one is just fine here.

And herbster the answer to your question is “Yes”, two of the same sign is cheaper than two different signs

Just a devil’s advocate here. I don’t really care if one sign is in French. I will sit down and enjoy my “freedom fries” now…

Have you guys ever been to Quebec? Just curious.

Just for interests sake, did you know that approximately 30% of words in an English dictionary are derived from french words?


Grizzly2, if you want to stop being frustrated, either learn french or turn the can over and read the english side! Really this is not rocket science! If you get frustrated reading french on a can, however do you manage driving a car in traffic, or tying your shoelaces?

NMG…. sounds like they certainly wouldn’t fly into Montreal, and have to land at Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport.

Hey Grizz…just for your information, Canada was officially Bi-Lingual long before Trudeau came on the scene. In fact we have had 2 official languages since we have been a country!

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