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October 28, 2017 5:33 am

Wonder Why Coverage Of Winter Games Sparse By Local Media? Read On

Monday, March 2, 2015 @ 3:45 AM

If you wondered during the Canada Winter Games why  the coverage from much of the local media may have been sparse, I would like to take this opportunity to defend them because for the most part it wasn’t their doing.

I have included for you viewing this morning a copy of the media bulletin issued to the   local media setting out the guide lines that must be followed in the coverage. You might also deduce from that , we didn’t have much wriggle room to report on  the events.

What makes the issue more frustrating is the fact that for the past four years members of the ” local media ” have been asked to pump the Games, attend every media conference with a view to getting the public on board with volunteers etc , only to be handed this paper in the final hour.

If there is a lesson to be taken from this Games to the next community hosting , it is that you can’t simply ask the local media to be your champion, only to throw them under the bus in the final hour.


I’m Meisner and that’s one man’s opinion.


I was wondering about that as well. And not just local, but provincial and national coverage was pretty skimpy too. After all, it’s called the “Canada Winter Games,” not the PG Games.

I thought the media in this great country of Canada was supposed to be open, unobstructed and free? What is this nonsense and whose idea was it to restrict it like that? Do they have to be listened to? Are there some sort of penalties for disregarding these so called rules?

I suppose it was all a money grab to put up a competition for the highest bidder for coverage. I don’ think that is a very good way to restrict media.
Does this apply to other types of news as well? Only certain media are allowed to report on certain types of news?

This isn’t Russia or China.

Unless you signed and agreed to these restrictions how were they going to enforce them? Physically kick you out of the venue? Yeah, that would have gone over well for them.

I think TSN did very poor coverage. They are the ones that should be penalized for getting all the rights and not using them. About the only sport I watched on TV was a little bit of short track speed skating with no commentary that I streamed online.
Very dissappointed.

Only if this release was made public to us earlier ! let’s face it, if the games were held in another province such as Winnipeg would you follow and watch this on tsn? Think local coverage should be included after all .
more local following then outsiders !

My friends and I had a discussion about The lack of local media coverage. One of them made a valid point, if you could watch the events at home on the tv what would encourage you to go attend the events? However if your going to broadcast it for the rest of the province you can’t stop locals from watching it too.
I’m sure this is not a new problem the games has had but it’s something for them to work out for future games.

Ben, were the non-official media outlets asked to sign a contract agreeing to these rules, or is enforcement based on the threat of exclusion from the mixed media zone and/or denial of press passes?

Offhand, if one accepts the idea that official broadcasters should be allowed to purchase privileged access to the games as a way of funding the games, the restrictions seem reasonable except for the prohibition of recaps. A weekly recap is something that does not require privileged access, so it isn’t reasonable to demand that non-official media give it up.

Blame.. Lol friggen ipod

What is the method of enforcement?

IMO TV coverage was definitely very poor. One thing I can say is that the TV ads showing jobs plan for BC was also getting very tiring.

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