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October 28, 2017 5:23 am

Rally Offers Students a Chance to Express Their Views

Wednesday, March 11, 2015 @ 3:50 AM

20150309_124411[1]Prince George, B.C. – Students will finally have a public forum to express their views about the UNBC faculty strike when they hold a rally tomorrow.

(at right, members of the Faculty Association  on the picket line at the BMO building in downtown Prince George Рphoto 250News)

“We feel the administration has had an opportunity to speak, the Faculty Association has had an opportunity to speak, now we need to be heard as well” says Jessy Rajan, president of the Northern BC Graduate Student Society.

“The magnitude of the strike that’s affecting students is very high. And particularly, I represent graduate students, and any time off for grad students can have serious repercussions.”

For example, when it comes to their course work.

“There are two defences scheduled for March (thesis defences) and the administration is likely going to re-schedule those.”

But she says students are fully aware of the bigger picture as well.

“We’re very concerned about the university overall, we realize that this is bigger than us and that we do want a fair deal that will sustain the university in the long term. That is a key objective.”

Rajan says it’s also important to note the students aren’t taking sides in the dispute.

“We’re not taking a side because we don’t know the full story on either side making it really difficult for us to choose.”

Is she hoping the provincial government will step in?

“I don’t want to say fully because I don’t now how involved they can be but I will say that Minister of Advanced Education Andrew Wilkinson should be fully aware of the situation in Prince George right now.”

She’s also hoping the rally will attract the interest of the community at large.

“I hope community members come out. That’ why we’re holding it in Canada Games Plaza, because it’s at noon, it’s at lunch, downtown businesses have the opportunity to peek out and join us,” Rajan says.


Have food there and students will come

As having faculty back at work is so important a 10-20% increase in tuition should not bother the students. Faculty gets what they want(more pay), students get what they want(quality education)…problem solved and a win-win.

The students are the ones who will suffer the most from this strike.
If the faculty put students first, they would hold their strike at the end of the second semester. Ya, I know that the effect would not be the same, but why not students first?


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