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Friday Free for All – March 27th, 2015

Thursday, March 26, 2015 @ 11:59 PM

Wow! March is almost over and spring is in the air!

Today is your day to speak up on the issues that matter to you. It is time for the Friday Free for All.

You pick the topic, but please, obey our three simple rules:

Keep it clean

Keep it legal

No bullying

L E T ‘E R R I P !!!


Have a GREAT weekend..

Really???? fifty cents on the dollar… to buy the Winter Games stuff??? No wonder people were selling the stuff on Facebook… Would be nice if it was open to the Public right from the start

I think that shooting last Sunday in broad daylight at one of our busiest streets, as people were going to Sunday mass, was a horrendous crime. One of the boldest crimes ever in this city. Someone feels as though they are completely above the law and accountable to no one. We obviously have a vary dangerous murderer on the loose in our city.

My condolences go out to Jay Halls mother. I knew her as an instructor at CNC and can not say enough good things about her. A wonderful person and probably the one I got the most utility in life skills out of while at CNC. I think she would be at the top of most peoples lists as one of the top instructors and mentors in life skills at CNC. How her son would turn out to be a biker is anyone’s guess, but I had her class when Jay was arrested for his brokering weed and felt terrible that she had to endure that… and now this, its such a shame.

I also knew Jay, although not as a close friend or anything… he was good friends with friends I have from high school, so we meet on occasion. I knew him to be a decent guy that treated people with dignity, and nothing near the monster the CBC made him out to be in their reporting on his biker activity. A lot of innuendo on their part, but I’m not aware of any violence of innocence if any at all… and his big crime he was charged with was as a brokerage of weed between the independent growers in this region and the money of the bikers… that was Jay’s activity.

Jay Hall was a PG guy through and through, and anyone that grew up in this town knew him… he would stick up for anyone from PG in tough times. When the Renegades were in their prime and people had disputes in this town they were settled one on one eye ball to eye ball, without weapons or using numbers to jump a guy. The Hells Angles stayed out of PG because of the Renegades, and guys like Jay Hall and this city was safer as a result of that.

When the RCMP took down Jay Hall, and the core of the Renegades, over selling marijuana… they opened the door for the lowest of the low street level thugs to move in from the Lower Mainland where they were pushed out and encouraged by the authorities to relocate to PG. These thugs from the likes of the UN gang and game tight soldiers and the like, then needed a pop up gang army… so they found willing partners to radicalize in dispossessed first nations youth from 3rd world reserves in places like Stuart Lake and points north and west… a ready and willing new membership willing to throw any chivalry among criminals out the window.

Now with the demise of the Renegades and their replacements on our streets we have drive by shootings in our community we never had before, we have machete wielding thugs looking for street justice by the numbers, and cowardly minions caring out hit and runs on homes and individuals alike without a care for any collateral damage.

I think the RCMP dropped the ball opening up the door to the new kind of gangs we have in PG (so long as they are not in the Lowermainland goes the thinking). Lets hope they can do their job and find the guy that murdered Jay Hill in broad daylight last Sunday… I don’t think it was anyone that was from PG. The Renegades may now be defunct, but Jay had a lot of friends still and I’m sure there will be a lot of guys that will want to even the score still.

Hopefully the RCMP find their man before someone else gets hurt and someone else looses a son.

Eagleone: Ever given any thought to setting up an “Opinion604”?
Might be a good idea.

@ Eagleone. So is it safe to say you wouldn’t mind if your daughter married a Hells Angel puppet ? As long he’s not from Israel ? Just the sweetest gangster, shot while walking to his church. Eagle can’t understand it.

Oh my god what a load of garbage eagle. Who do you think the renegades worked for? You think they “kept the HA” out of town? Give your head a shake. And Hall got to be the president just because he was a nice guy? Right.
I feel for his parents but otherwise write this off to DSAF.

Ok, a good news story to start the weekend?
Mr. Jakes is open again. Limited seating, for now.
The number three is still a huge steak, and most important, the potato salad is just as good as it was before.

Eagleone – the renegades keeping the hells angles out of PG? What a joke!! Get your facts straight. The renegades were a puppet club for the H.A.’s.

JLS. Good to know..can’t wait for their steak and potato salad :)

As for eagle ones rant.. If you have ever read any of his/her other posts you know it’s just that..a rant.. Mr hills name is known to most as his name was in the paper numerous times..and never for a good reason..

Eagleone should have their own blog.. Call it wing nut.com. Or tomuchtimeonmynhands.net. Or. Ilovetoramble.net.

Have a great weekend everyone.. Come on sun..enough rain for now :-)

Eagleone – interesting analysis and background to what happened. I take away, good homes don’t necessarily mean good kids, and conversely, bad homes, don’t mean bad kids. The Renegades kept us safer argument, ironically, has a lot of merit. I’ll bet there’s a lot of military types and politicians wishing for the good old Saddam Hussien days right now. A thug and a tyrant who could be reasoned with vs ideological whack jobs. The comment that struck me most though was about FN youth from 3rd world reserves. Currently ISIS is getting a lot of it’s recruits from young Arabs from impoverished communities, and your connecting the two is a little concerning. It never really occurred to me that it is in our best interests to deal proactively with F.N. poverty, or in the long run, we could find ourselves in a form of civil war.

Ever hear the word underfunding. It’s an interesting word because everything that’s wrong in the province – is a cause of underfunding. From education, to healthcare, to welfare, to child protection – it’s all underfunded.

In business, it’s called, not enough revenue to meet expenses. And when that happens, businesses are allowed to rearrange their affairs anyway they see fit, to match expenses to revenues – or, they just close their doors.

But underfunded government agencies have no such luxury. They can’t close doors, they must continue to provide the services at the levels we demand. They can’t negotiate lower wages, they can’t – say – increase class sizes – their hands are pretty much tied, so, the solution is always – we need more funds.

So, the provincial government, who is currently in about 70 billion dollars in debt, is asked, to come up with more funding. How do they get it. Well, instead of running a surplus and paying back some of what we owe, and reducing interest costs, they run deficits, increase interest costs, increase debts, and push the problem to the future.

They could increase taxes. But then no one votes for them.

They could increase corporate taxes – because corporation’s don’t vote, but their dividends fund most of the pension plans in this country – so it could reduce pension income to seniors – who would then demand – more funding.

I don’t know why anyone would want to run for government. It’s like being the mother bird with all the chicks with their mouths open demanding more worms, and you really only can find so many worms in a day, and those chicks just won’t shut up no matter what you do.

BTW – I added up the net worth of the 10 richest people in B.C., and if they all donated their wealth, it would put a 24 billion dollar dent in the problem, so the 1% not paying their fair share can’t be the complete cause – as their accumulated wealth won’t pay our debt off.

Eagleone, have a read

gangstersout dot blogspot dot ca

Happy Friday everyone. Enjoy the weekend. The only comment I have is that I wish the Canada winter games sale was not selling the non-perishable food items, and instead donating to the food banks around the city.

With the new registration rules coming into effect for atv’s in June of this year I would like to see the city make allowances so quads can be ridden on city streets. I already have to register and insure it…..why not allow us to ride our quads on the roads legally?

Yea the president of the Renegades was a simple gentleman herb farmer. In addition the guy must have been an amateur gemologist/geologist of sorts as he also had a keen interest in rocks, crystals and even the cracks of rocks. Then there is the very specialized pool/billiard supply business that only handled the #8 balls.

I am almost positive that the mc club funds did not come from selling baby caps and booties made in their knitting circle and sold at craft fairs.

A little ironic that he would meet his fate a stones throw away from the church where the service was held for a previous president of the same MC. I wonder how many times the phrase “As you sow,so shall you reap” has been said in that building.

Sympathy to those he left behind who were not involved in that lifestyle.

#prenticeblamesalbertans Wow did the population of alberta ever just get screwed . Taxes , fees , tuition hikes , cuts , and premiums . Corperate help zero . Royalty rise zero . Austerity for decades to come . For people that is . If they reelect this rabble of cons . I’d say they are even dumber than BCs electorate . If that’s possible . Albertans must love getting screwed .

Hey sparrow , why are you leaving out prostitution .


So as not to deprive you of your Friday night jollies :D

The province can raise taxes to cure underfunding or assign to each B.C. resident a portion of the provincial debt – about $15,500 per person.

The first option somehow looks a bit better.

Pretty disgusting answer sparrow . I have never and will never participate in victimizing of women or girls . That’s what gangsters and johns do . And the people who make a joke about it .

The people of Alberta are aware that they have had a good deal for many many years. They are also intelligent enough to know that the situation they now face is real, and that the solution is to pay more in taxes, etc;

No matter how bad things get in Alberta, they will never vote in an NDP Government. I predict another Conservative majority.

I concur Palopu . You can’t fix stupid .

Hey PrinceGeorge, you’d think that would do it, wouldn’t you. But currently the interest on our debt is about 2.5 billion a year. If every resident just moved the debt to themselves, and the government started at zero, 2.5 billion extra dollars still wouldn’t be enough to fund every program to the level everyone wants. The next day, they would have to start borrowing again. And of course, it wouldn’t be 15,000 to everyone, it would be more likely 60,000, as in general, only about 1 in 4 British Colombians have a livable income. You have to exclude under 19, impoverished seniors, impoverished welfare recipients, F.N.who are exempt if they live on reserve – and the list goes on. It’s a relatively small group of the population that actually contributes actively to the tax base.

Raise taxes seems their only option – but then they don’t get elected, and for a politician, that’s all that really matters. One day, and I doubt we’ll see it anytime soon, there really needs to a frank open and honest discussion as to what we as a province want, can afford, and are willing to pay for. Some European countries pay huge taxes, but they get lots of services, and few people are left behind. There might be something to that.

Eagleone, you’re completely uninformed about Jay Hall. He was not a good person, he didn’t treat people with dignity, he was a nasty bastard, druggy loser, that did terrible things to people.
Sometimes bad things happen to bad people.
That being said, how can you ask what his mother did to deserve a son that turned out to be a biker? Wtf? Being a biker is not indicative of poor behaviour.
As usual Eagleone, you come across as a know nothing, idiot, with a huge ego and tiny bit of knowledge. You’re a true ass.

And Sparrow, seriously, best comment ever!

He was just a motorcycle enthusiast. The club cant control a few rouge members that break the law in order to maintain their lifestyle. They just want to get together and ride to the coffee shop (at the speed limit with stock pipes on) and enjoy a nice warm cup of java. Or something like that.
Darwin Theory at its best

ataloss re: your statement “You can’t fix stupid.”

I’m really sorry to see your statement. I keep holding out hope for you, I really do, but you keep showing me that you are correct…there’s no fixing you!


Why so concerned over Bill C-51 you still have the Liberal-NDP Bill C68- Gun control-Police act hanging over everyones head, and no you don’t require a gun to be drawn into this act,as it has wide sweeping powers.
Bill C-68 compliments of Gamil Gharbi

Ironically you are right sort of hart guy . You see , like you I also vote against my own self interest . I’ve made made more of myself than I ever imagined . I’ve made it . Logically I should be voting mr. Richie Rich in ottawa . How ever I care more about the world and society that my desendents have to live in . That’s why I am Green . Or a hold my nose NDP or fed lib voter . Like I said before . If you are not one of the 1 % and you vote cons , you are A useful idiot .

Ski51, every year the Fraser Institute gives us the date of ‘Tax Freedom Day’. Usually it’s sometime in June or July, when, according to their statistics, we have paid for all those things provided for us by government, and the rest of the year’s income is ours to provide us with all the other things not provided by government.

Now we know, from what the Certified General Accountant’s Association of Canada tells us, that Canadian’s are, on average, now somewhat over $ 1.60 in debt personally for each $ 1.00 of this disposable income we have in the second half of each year.

Yet in spite of all the taxes we pay government, they too are increasing their annual debt loads. Even when their budgets are supposed to be ‘balanced’. So this ‘balancing’ isn’t really coming from taxation, but rather from incurring new debts up to limit they can wring out of us more in taxation to meet the interest charges on.

Now suppose the government provided us with not only all the things they currently do, but caved in to all the demands for them to provide us with all the other things our friends on the ‘left’ would like to see provided. And then went even one step further, and provided us with everything we now provide for ourselves ‘privately’, too. In return for ALL our annual income. Could the government do that, and do it without going further into debt? And if it couldn’t, if it still had to incur debt to do it, just who could pay this debt? Because they already HAVE taken ALL our incomes.

I just read that the Federal Opposition New Democrats are calling for a series of amendments to the Federal Government’s controversial anti-terrorism bill.

I thought that the NDP was adamantly opposed to the bill. Now it looks like they kinda, sorta support the bill, or at least the idea of the bill, as long as they get to add their two bits worth!

Who’d a thunk it?? I’ll bet that Justin’s a bit po’d today!

Eagleone, the Renegades did not keep anyone out of town, they were a puppet club that had puppet clubs under them. They only folded two or three years ago and other ‘gangs’ were in PG before they dropped out of the picture. The Independant Soldiers and the Game Tight Soldiers – remember them? – were using the same clubhouse as the Renegades just before their leader’s house was burnt to the ground after his murder which signaled the start of the clubs demise. Moore, Arrance, and now Hall. The sadness I feel is for the children he leaves behind.

Ataloss, look up sarcasm – it is not making a joke of something

Go Cougars Go


Now that you have ” made made more of” yourself than you ever imagined I would hope you are walking your talk and have taken the opportunity to scale your consumption of earth’s finite resources to a minimum. Do you currently reside in a 100 sq foot off the grid yurt collecting rainwater and doing your business in a composting crapper? Sure hope the only thing in the driveway is a bicycle. Anything less would be hypocritical and a slap in the face of those future generations you speak of.

In regards to what is funny I much prefer comics whose jokes are almost cringe worthy. Think Richard Pryor and George Carlin back in the day to the likes of Sarah Silverman, Ricky Gervais and Louie C.K. today. Being a bit uncomfortable after a good starving child or an aids joke make a person think. Can’t say the same for the white bread stuff doled out by the likes of Leno or the cable guy (0_0)

Have been noticing some pretty CRAZY drivers out there lately. Guess some people have gone back to their lead feet now that the temp’s are above zero. Oh well, still better than Lower Mainland traffic!

Well good afternoon to all my friends in George. I will miss the weather report for Abby seems it annoys some of the unfriendly poster on this site they live in a shell and don’t care about others.

Ski51 just explained to u s how our tax system works for our great governments. CBC just had a show on how the Norwegians got their revenue from the oil developments and get this it was by heavy taxation from oil development in the North Sea.

It is unbelievable how short funded our social services are and all our natural resource revenue goes out of the country for investments elsewhere. But then I guess our politicians don’t want to bite the hand that feeds them.

Retired 02, earlier the week, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) released a report titled “Wage Watch: A comparison of public-sector and private-sector wages.”

You mentioned the CBC. I’m not a fan of CBC and I don’t watch it. I also don’t bother to read the Tyee or the HuffPost. Did you happen to notice if any of those bothered to mention the report?

If you haven’t read it, it’s quite interesting and it reiterates what we have been hearing quite regularly for the past couple of years. Please take a few minutes have a look at the report:


If we could get a handle on both the size of our Public Sector and on the compensation that we are paying to our Public Sector, we would have far more dollars available for our social services! Wouldn’t you agree??

Retired 02 – it’s not that we don’t care about others, it’s that you seem to be rubbing our faces in the warmer weather you experience in Abbotsford. If we wanted to know the temperature where you live, we are perfectly capable of looking it up ourselves.

And Hart Guy – what does public vs private sector wages have to do with what Retired 02 was talking about? Norway’s national approach to their resources has made them a very well off country.

I had a look at the report and it doesn’t break down the averages by occupation type, it simply lumps a bunch of vastly different jobs into a giant pool to compute an average. It’s not exactly a good basis of comparison when trying to compare pay in the private sector to pay in the public sector. To do that, you should look at the specific jobs as compared to each other, not the averages.

One observation I’ve had is that “lower skilled” jobs in the public sector generally pay considerably more than the same jobs in the private sector. In the public sector, “higher skilled” jobs tend to be comparable to private sector wages, or even a little behind, but it really depends on the occupation and the organization.

The other thing to keep in mind is that many departments in the public sector employ allot of highly skilled workers as a percentage of their workforce. It’s hard to find a direct comparable. There are no law firms as large as the Department of Justice. There are no doctor offices as large as a hospital. There are no security firms as large as the RCMP. The number of scientists employed by Canfor is minuscule compared to Health Canada. This makes a difference when you start comparing averages. You have to dig into the numbers to get the real information.

As a prime example, check out this compensation survey by the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada for 2013. Guess which sector has the LOWEST average compensation? Don’t tell the CFIB, but it’s Crown Corporations and the Public Service by a fairly significant margin.


I see the haters are out being their righteous selves today. Carry on carry on…. Where is the concern that we have a murderer on the loose in our city. An assassin that operates in broad daylight on the busiest street in town?

As long as he only kills gangsters I ok with it

ImFrank, interesting read. Thanks for the share.

I see the papers these days are full of the great LNG explosion in BC (Not)

Good lord, that has to be the most distorted view of Jay Hall and the Renegades that I have ever heard. Kept the HA out of PG, an eye for an eye, no other gangs in PG until the Renegades were gone. That’s hilarious Eagle One. Wow, just wow.

I need to fart…bad…..bring on the negativity….wow…..
I think alot of this conversation on ffa should have been shut down…Ben Must be drinking again….

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