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October 28, 2017 5:07 am

Electoral Boundaries Commission Proposes Two New Ridings

Thursday, March 26, 2015 @ 3:45 PM

Prince George, B.C. – There may be two new ridings in B.C. come the 2017 provincial election.

The independent Electoral Boundaries Commission proposed the changes in a report released today.

The ridings would be added in Richmond and Surrey – both areas of significant population growth.

The commission also proposed boundary changes to 49 other ridings, including the two in Prince George.

The changes would move the entire Hart neighbourhood into the Prince George-Mackenzie riding and all of College Heights into Prince George-Valemount.

The public can comment on the proposed changes up until May 26 and the final report will be complete in September.

The proposed changes are not binding on government.


Move my riding anywhere but where Cullen is not.

The changes for Prince George seem to be sensible.

Seem sensible? And yet only a few years ago we had three ridings in PG… so we loose a third of our representation, and then now we get diluted further in yet more redistribution.

Maybe they should just appoint a colonial governor to oversee the region instead?

Why is there no protection to representation for this region? Purely basing representation on population when all the population is in one region makes the province imbalanced politically. The people in Vancouver are in a completely different world than where we live, and most could not even locate Northern BC on a map.

The redistribution that needs to take place is the provincial boundary itself. Northern BC will only ever have representation if we are a province of our own. Maybe join up with the Yukon, or just go it alone. A province with a regional balance to its population, that invests in its education and skills training facilities, and invests some of the resource dollars from this region back into this region in the form of much needed infrastructure upgrades.

I think in the coming years this is an idea that will gather more and more steam. There is just no way to square the foreign based affluence of Vancouver and its monopoly on political power, with the rural austerity and resource liquidation. Things like paying university faculty on a two tier system where faculty is paid more in the Lowermainland than in PG is the trend that belies a truth of a sense of exceptionalism and entitlement when it comes to the fiscal budget provincially.. in what is invested in the south as opposed to minimal maintenance costs in the north.

Now we have a self feeding loop… less representation, to less investment of our tax dollars, to less economic potential reached, leads to less population, which equals less representation.

Time Will Tell

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