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October 28, 2017 4:59 am

Friday Free for All – April 3, 2015

Thursday, April 2, 2015 @ 11:59 PM

Prince George, B.C. – We lost a broadcasting legend and B.C.’s voice of the North this week.

Today though is your day to speak up on the issues that matter to you.

It is time for the Friday Free for All. You pick the topic, but as always, please, obey the three simple rules:

Keep it clean

Keep it legal

No Bullying.

L E T ‘E R R I P !!!


Happy Easter weekend everyone… Be safe

Roads in this city ie:

Queensway at the sharp corner bottom of the hill beside the bailif yard,thats a accident waiting to happen .The asphalt is simply falling apart .

Thank you 250News for keeping the Friday Free for All going. In light of this week’s event I’m going to spend this day (any many more days) with my family and catching up with old friends that I have neglected.

Axman- I agree with your sentiments regarding the free for all and spending time with friends and family. Enjoy the long weekend everyone.

It has been a sad week.

This voice of the North will be truly missed. A legend of his time and a true leader of this fine city and province, without being in a political role.
Time to make us all reflect on the ones we care for.

Not much on ben @ wikipedia but it’s a start . Who will fill his shoes ? The quiet on the free for all Friday speaks volumes . I suspect deep down inside Ben was a Green .

Why do parents who are dropping of their kids at school not park? Instead there are a few that have no problem just stopping and letting their kids out while blocking in parents who actually parked to do the same.. Sheer laziness and ignorance.

I was hoping that, just for once, there would be a Friday Free for All without petty complaints, out of respect for Ben. I think that would have made him happy. Oh, well. My condolences to Ben’s family. His passing will leave a hole in all our lives

P Val….why do people drive their little Dorito munchers right up to the front door? Why can’t they drop the kids off at the other side of the school grounds ? A lot of these kids could use the 2 minute walk.

I wonder if Ben knew how much his passing would affect the residents of PG. Listened to him for years and love this website. He was certainly the kind of guy you want living in your community. Rest in peace (or not, maybe raise some hell up there too) Ben!

Bob Zimmer wiki is quite extensive . Trinity college , reform party . Kind of says it all . Of all the issues facing the North , Bob hangs his hat on dissing the UN and standing against trying to stop transnational gun smuggling . I thought his issue was cutting spending till the federal budget was balanced , widening highway 2 and four lane the the Alaska highway . I guess dissing the UN and standing against anti gun smuggling is way easier with the bonus of greater drama . Plus it brings out the NRA nut bars .

Beautiful day outside.

PG Golf Course and Pine Valley opened to-day which is about a month early. Just finished 18 Holes and will now have a snooze.

Digitus, not allowed with kids in kindergarten is why..have to drop them right at the school.

And flash, yes you petty complaint about complaints is boring.

Palopu sweet, where did you play and what kind if shape is it in?

Happy 39th anniversary, sweetie.

Love You!

I think Ben would like this sort of post

P Val. Played Pine Valley. They have 3 Temporary Greens however the rest of the course was in good shape considering the time of year. I would expect they will have all 18 greens very quickly.

Happy Easter weekend everyone. I just got back from a beautiful run on an Ontario/Quebec loop. Glad to see that Spring has finally sprung!

Great, thnx for the update Palopu, will have to take my dad there soon :)

Nexus , the former Canadian energy company sold to the govt of China laid off 400 Canadian employees recently. Some employees returning from maternity leave found their office and job was all packed up and they were out of a job. Chinese workers are now working for Nexus. It is interesting that the press does not cover this to a more informative level so Canadians can see what happens when the Harper Conservatives sell off our country.

Flash says, ” I was hoping that, just for once, there would be a Friday Free for All without petty complaints, out of respect for Ben”

I’m pretty sure Ben would disagree. That’s what the free for all is all about. That’s why the following sentence is posted at the top of this page.

“Today though is your day to speak up on the issues that matter to you.”

Still it is not the same without Ben monitoring the discourse.

Thanks for the edit at wikipeadia billposer . It looked meger before . I’m sure there is much more to add .

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