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October 28, 2017 4:32 am

Site C Concerns in Hudson’s Hope

Saturday, May 2, 2015 @ 3:14 PM

Hudson’s Hope, B.C. – The approval of the nearly $9 billion Site C dam continues to raise concerns in Hudson’s Hope.

Just last month a group of Hudson’s Hope landowners were in court in Vancouver arguing the provincial government broke the law by approving the project and by not taking into account all the recommendations (50) put forward by a Joint Review Panel (JRP).

Hudson's Hope Mayor Gwen Johansson - photo courtesy District of Hudson's Hope

Hudson’s Hope Mayor Gwen Johansson – photo courtesy District of Hudson’s Hope

“The basis of the landowners case is that those recommendations were not taken into account afterwards because they were said to be outside the terms of reference, so that’s the question of the case,” says Mayor Gwen Johansson, who was recently in Vancouver sitting in on the case.

“I wasn’t there as a representative of Hudson’s Hope, I was there as an observer. The district is not involved with any of the legal actions but we’re certainly watching them to see what happens,” she says.

The case is one of several legal challenges the mega-project currently faces.

Johansson says the implications for her community are two-fold.

“We are affected both by the construction phase and by the permanent operation of the dam.”

She says during construction, there would be deforestation, land-clearing, and highway re-alignment, not to mention the construction of a 2.5 km rock berm which would require having rock trucks “rumble down the hill from the plateau behind Hudson’s Hope down past the post office” and past four or 5 homes every “six minutes.”

And then there’s the operational phase which Johansson notes means 4,200 acres “would be lost either to flooding or highway re-location or to the permanent statutory rights-of-way.”

“Those statutory rights-of-way restricts what can be done on the land. You can’t put permanent structures on it,” she says. “So those people who were expecting to be able to put water-side cabins and fish off their sun-decks – that’s not going to happen.”

But is there an upside to the project?

“Well, people have to work right? They have to have jobs that allow them to make a living. So some people see it as an opportunity for a job,” she says. “But what a third dam would do to Hudson’s Hope is debatable.”

She’s concludes it’s tricky to try and gauge the overall mood of the communities 1,000 full-time residents considering a lot of them are employed by BC Hydro.

“It’s not a subject that gets a lot of discussion out in the open because there are such divergent voices,” says Johansson. “We’ve worked hard the last 40 years bringing the old-time residents and the hydro employees together to build a cohesive community. We’ve had some success doing that. That’s something we need to preserve.”


I am positive site C is a go…
why you ask,,,
I just came back from the North Peace…. there are nice new high tension towers being erected between Dawson Creek ( and Chetwynd and two brand new transformer stations are being built as well…. Some already have new wired installed..where the new transmission lines arrive at highway 97 are coming directly from the North , in what appears to be the direction of where site C is scheduled for… thirty and 60 km west of Dawson Creek are where these are being built.
suspiciously Circumstantial or are they getting a jump on things knowing it is about to happen????

I am not a big fan of circumstantial when it comes to BC Liberals ie Clark and her crew…


Get the shovels in the dirt and get on with it. You have lights in your house? Deal with it because soon there won’t be enough energy to spread around. First to lose their lights? The protesters and whiners. Let’s start there.

thanks Dumbfounded….


Plenty of power in BC without Site C. Seems like you have been caught up in the propaganda.

The first to lose their lights should be those who blindly follow the Government and believe everything they say. Never question, never doubt. In other words followers not leaders.

Take some time to see just how much power is available in BC. Remember that the BC Utility Commission a few years ago could not find a case for building Site C. Nothing has changed, other than the Government bypassed the Utility Commission this time around. Hmmmmm. Wonder why??

Palopu please show some information about the power not needed.

seamutt, bcracer, et el:
please show some information about the power is needed?

Its called job creation..LNG pipeline,site “C”, all short term employment. Big push & big money being promised. Looks to me like once the Indians are bought out anything go’s.

How is construction short term employment? Friends of mine have been in construction of one form or another all their lives. Did the world end after the excisting dams where built?

Loki you first, just the facts.

Construction, short term employment for lots of people, long term for very few. Consider your friends fortunate it is feast or famine for most.

Not true. But if true how does anything get built?

Ever consider being part of the Mars expedition seamutt? People like you are needed out there.

Just what is your issue Maverick? I asked Palopu a question and he seems to have no answer. Loki jumps in with nothing and you have an issue with someone disagreeing with you, interesting.

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