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October 28, 2017 4:31 am

Suspected Gang Members Ordered Out of Town

Monday, May 4, 2015 @ 4:02 PM

Prince George, B.C.-  The incident  last week, which saw  Prince George  RCMP and the  North District Emergency Response Team converge on a residence in the Foothills-First Avenue area  is now being  detailed.

Recently the Prince George RCMP  received several reports of a group of men approaching people throughout the community for the purpose of trafficking drugs.

Those reports prompted the targeted action last week which  saw  members of the Prince George RCMP and the North District RCMP’s Emergency Response Team, attended a residence near 1st Avenue & Foothills Boulevard on Friday morning.

A number of adult males were located and arrested for Trafficking in a Controlled Substance. All have recently come to Prince George from the Lower Mainland and are believed to be involved in gang activity, and as such, are considered dangerous.

The  individuals have been released on conditions they leave Prince George.

Police say the investigation is both sensitive and on going.




I guess it wasn’t ISIS, or CSIS, or the CIA operating in my back yard after all..
Don’t know whether to be happy or disappointed! LOL

I am sure law breakers will heed a piece of paper that says leave…

Proactive, love it. In one way, I hope they breach, in another way I hope they stay the hell out of here.

Moving them down the Highway just gives the problem to some other City. Much like they did in the old days. Rather than throw you in jail and have to feed you they bought you a bus ticket out of town.

Seems to me that Williams Lake a few years ago ran a bunch of people out of that City. Hmmmmm. Wonder where they landed.. Didn’t our new Police Chief come from Williams Lake????

This how that incident in Hope, with John Rambo, started out.

So is someone going to give Surrey a heads up that they’re getting them back?

Ralph Klein was famous for this. He sent bus loads of freeloaders to BC… and it worked!!… for Alberta anyway. There is a place for them but our legal system is out of whack.

you,ve got it right X-it. It,s a legal system more than a justice system. Case in point is Omar Kadar, unrepentant and who has completely bought into his religous books most violent commands (jehad), was given a ten yr sentence for murder and now a judge has granted him his freedom.

Send them to Ft St James. They love those types of guys roaming their streets.

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