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October 28, 2017 4:27 am

Semi Rolls Over on N.Nechako Road

Friday, May 8, 2015 @ 3:07 PM


Prince George, B.C.-  Traffic is stalled along North Nechako  Road this afternoon, after a tractor trailer unit rolled on to its side  near the entrance to the Parkhill Centre.

The driver of the unit suffered only minor injuries.

The cause of the roll-over is under investigation and  emergency crews have been dealing with any of the diesel  that has spilled  from the truck.

The truck was  hauling a container load, but the contents of that load are not known.

North Nechako Road  west of  Parkhill Centre is already  impacted  by  construction as road rehab  work is underway, reducing  traffic to  single lane alternating  movement.  That section of roadway is expected to be closed between  the ramp to the John Hart bridge and Sydney Place  for the full day on Saturday.

There is no word on when the eastbound lane east of Parkhill Centre will reopen.



Another so-called professional driver?

Looks to me like it could be from the anti-jackknifing technology in the newer rigs. I have always figured this would be a possibility with the new technology.

We know Excel has a GPS tracking system that tracks speed to the second within 6 minutes of a major incident. So they will know if speed was a factor.

On the other hand the anti-jacknkifing technology kicks in any time the trailer has a shift in movement and is over a 15% degree in turn. It applies brakes without any input from the driver and holds for a good second or two, this takes the brake and brake release control completely out of the drivers hands and puts it in the computers. With a long trailer its not much of an issue, but with a short container this is exactly the result one can expect.

A lot of the trucking associations opposed the mandatory anti-jackknifing technology in the newer rigs for exactly this sort of scenario. If one asks the manufacture to provide an off switch of some sort they say they can’t because its part of an integrated system.

That off ramp is exactly the kind of slope, shifting load, tight corner that would precipitate a surprise hard braking by the anti-jackknifing technology, and its no surprise to see a short 20-foot container flopped on its side taking the tractor with it.

Speed may very well have been a contributing factor, but I have no doubt it was the application of the anti-jackknifing technology that flopped the container trailer over. I agree with the trucking associations that say this technology may work in some instances, but takes the control from the driver and fails in others. The engineers I guess know better how the truck reacts in all circumstances, so it is now mandatory technology in all new units.

Eagleone, you seem to be an expert on everything, so perhaps you can explain how it is that trucks take that off ramp day in and day out without tipping over.

I suspect that this accident had less to do with anti-jackknifing technology and more to do with excessive speed and driver error. How is it that you have “no doubt” that it was the application of the anti-jackknifing technology? You weren’t by chance driving this rig, were you?

Too fast around the corner. Case closed!

Eagleone did or still does drive for Excel.


I get passed by Excel trucks daily around that area, it’s a miracle they don’t flip more often. Nothing will change until they kill someone in a rollover, until then it’s just ‘trucker jokes’ and business as usual.

Heis right about the anti jackknife braking being a hazard, it applies at some weird times, and has been known to cause accidents. Not saying that’s what happened here but I know Excel is one of the safest companies and they stay on top of their drivers speeds so lets let it play out before you place blame. Could of been mechanical like the one who lost a trailer at the roundabout which was caused by broken fifth wheel pin. They’re hauling export lumber from Mackenzie in those short trailers.

Anyone that drives a new truck is aware of this technology. Who hasn’t navigated that corner as its part of the dangerous goods route.

I call BS on PG 101… I doubt any truck does more than 40 in that area, much less passing people. Do you realize how long it takes a big truck to even get up to speed… the road isn’t even long enough to get up to speed, much less passing people lol.

Eagleone, I certainly realize how long it takes a big truck to even get up to speed!

I realize this because all to often, we are stuck behind 2 big rigs at the lights. Light turns green and we all slowly, often very slowly get up to speed because the big rigs are in both lanes. Sure wish these big rig drivers would stick to one lane so that faster accelerating vehicles aren’t held up!!

One would hope that our “professional driver” would figure this out!!

@ Eagleone – I guess you’ve never seen the traffic circle , and how the trucks go around there. In the meanwhile keep impressing us with your knowledge of assumed speed limits and ‘trucker’ physics.

In my opinion, as an ex-driver, I would advise the transportation industry to consider increasing the wages of the operators. Perhaps this would allow some of the drivers who entered into other vocations to earn a decent income while working an eight hour day. Trip rates only lead to longer hours due to delays. Furthermore, trip rates tend to push the operator to do the job as fast as he/she can instead of doing it as best and efficiently completed. This of course would mean a stron bond between all workers and also between companies to force the pulpmills and shipping companies to comply. I know I’my dreaming, but as in life you get what you pay for unless your cheating some one.

Hart guy. You should blame it on the union. Lol.

I meant to say that perhaps higher rates would allow those drivers that left for other jobs to return as drivers.

ok 8, I blame it on the union :-)

seagull1, Is ISIS involved again? Maybe the trailer was full of the toilet paper that they’re gonna take from everybody….the pulp and toilet paper conspiracy. LoL.

PG 101, as I said I call you on the BS. Never have I seen a truck pass anyone on the traffic circle. If you don’t know how the traffic circle works, then maybe you need to get a refresher on your driver training. Anyone can make up BS like that, but why would they is the big question.

CDZ not sure where you are going on that tangent, you would know better than anyone though I’m sure. Sorry to hear about your toilet paper issues, that must stink.

Hart Guy, nice try. Why would you assume I’m the guy holding you up at a set of lights lol. Get a grip man. How would you even know if I drove truck, much less I’m the guy that holds you up (probably on purpose too I suppose)lol. Like always you assume a lot.

@ampm – ‘In my opinion, as an ex-driver, I would advise the transportation industry to consider increasing the wages of the operators. Perhaps this would allow some of the drivers who entered into other vocations to earn a decent income while working an eight hour day. ‘

Would a higher wage mean less ‘piss-jugs’ on the highway? http://www.kamloopsthisweek.com/truckers-blamed-for-piss-jugs-littering-highway-ditches/

Your ‘brothers’ are about as reputable as the jugs they fill with urine.

Eagleone, I guess you missed the sarcasm in my first post!

In my second post, I’m not entirely sure how you surmised that I assumed that you were the guy holding me up at a set of lights. It was a general statement regarding a particular behaviour that is far too often observed with our “professional” drivers”. The comment was not in any way directed to you!

Are you perhaps feeling a bit guilty? Perhaps you actually are a truck driver! Hmmm, the plot thicken!

P.S. – that was sarcasm!!

Most empty trucks can accelerate almost as quickly as any 4 wheeler. Two empties side by side on the bypass only holds up traffic if the drivers are dogging it. The loaded ones running side by side are a problem even for the empty ones. Usually the loaded ones running side by side on the bypass are southbound loggers. The reason a lot of trucks, (empty or loaded) run in the left lane, especially southbound, is due to so much traffic in the right lane slowing to turn right at every light and off the bypass onto Westwood Drive at BC Hydro. But hey! you 4 wheelers have the advantage, keep on zig zagging through traffic and cutting the trucks off at almost every light and sooner or later you’ll get smoked by one. Then what ya going to do?

This roll over was witnessed by a local trucker and was amazed that it made it all the way around the exit ramp as far as it did due to the high speed at which it was travelling.

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