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October 28, 2017 4:09 am

Little Bobtail Lake Fire 100% Contained

Monday, May 25, 2015 @ 6:53 AM

Prince George, B.C.- The  Little  Bobtail Lake  fire is now 100% contained after crews   worked long and hard yesterday to  patrol and mop up  any hot spots around the perimeter of the fire.An evacuation order remains in effect  for areas of  the Bulkley Nechako regional District.  That order will remain in effect while crews work to remove  dangerous trees and  remove sprinkler units.

While the fire is contained,  the Wildfire Management  Branch still has more than 200 crew   working on this fire.

The public is advised to avoid areas ain and around the fire due to heavy  equipment operations in the  area.  With the aggressive fire behavior observed last week on the fire, this has resulted in deep burning conditions. These conditions have weakened root systems of trees within the wildfire area.

Today, crews will continue to be supported by helicopters bucketing on the Little Bobtail Lake wildfire.



100% contained. Good work guys and gals.

Heck of a start to the fire season.. Nice job to all involved.

Too bad so many good men have to make the moron that let the fire get to out of control state look good. With some better judgement and quicker action this fire should never have gotten anywhere near to the size it became. When first reported it was a couple of brush piles. With the amount of available equipment this time of year and the easy access to the fire it should have been under control same day. We believe “someone” needs to be held accountable for his/her poor response ……you know who you are

Re: brush piles; from comment above by longtimelocal:

First I’ve heard that this fire originated from brush/slash piles, but if true, here are a couple of thoughts;

– I think that the piles would have been lit before any open burning bans, so far so good

– the planned burn should have been reported to the PG burn centre, and a burn number assigned (so was that done? if so they have a culprit) and the venting index should have been consulted

– a requirement for varying sizes of planned open burns is that sufficient and prescribed resources be on hand to control the burn i.e. water source, pump, hoses, heavy equipment, hand tools-shovels-piss cans etc.

– dry fuel in brush piles flares up incredibly fast (and scary!) One must be ready with their own resources to at least try and control their own blaze if it begins to get away

Were these rules followed and the fire still got away?

If the rules were not followed and they do discover who was responsible, I would hope that the person(s) are punished/fined.


I’m guessing I need to make my point more clear. The individual hired to run the forest fire fighting team that did an pathetic job responding to this fire needs to step aside and take some responsabilty for the millions of dollars spent on a few short term jobs and a few more million in lost fibre value to the public of B C On a side note yes the creator of this fire needs to be delt with also.

Seems to be, your a lot more experienced at fighting forrest fires than the person in charge of the fire fighting team. Pretty brave to make a comment like that.

Well when Christy Clark said they are throwing everything they had at it. Why was there fire fighting helicopters sitting at the airport the entire time.Yes they were able to fly. They did not want to spend the extra money on us up here in the north?

The armchair experts on this site arent even qualified to do cold trailing yet alone action or direct emergency response..

Good job fire crews..!

And here I thought them there firefighters read these comments and learned from them. Duh! LOL
In other words, a little bit of knowledge is dangerous.
But, I think Metalman got it right.

Need to spend money as a WMB employee with purchasing authority? Wait until fire season then you can go wild with that purchase card. Just need to put the purchase under a “fire” and questions are usually not asked.

This wasn’t a planned slash pile burn, if it was the cops wouldn’t be looking for information from the public. I’ve heard that it was a group of teens that started up a slash pile and it got out of control from there, but I have no idea if there’s any truth to that.

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