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October 28, 2017 4:02 am

P.G. Slips In MoneySense Rankings of Best Places to Live in Canada

Monday, June 1, 2015 @ 4:08 PM

Prince George, B.C. – When it comes to the best places to live in Canada ( according to MoneySense magazine) Prince George has slipped to #163 of the 209 communities assessed.

Last year, Prince George came in at 148th place and the slide could be, in part, due to the addition of nine new communities for the annual assessment.

The annual community ranking looks at several factors, including average incomes, crime rates, unemployment rates, population growth, property taxes, and amenities.

With all the factors considered, only one B.C. community made the top ten, that was North Vancouver, which ranked 9th overall.

Prince George   did score a positive note for having low property taxes, and that the annual crime rate dropped by 4.8% over the past five years. According to the survey, the population in Prince George has increased by 2.4% over the past five years and the median household income is $78,039.

The highest ranking BC community north of Williams Lake, was Fort St. John, which came in 47th overall. That’s a major improvement from the 96th position it sat in a year ago.

So from Williams Lake to Fort St. John, here’s how communities ranked:

Community 2014 rank 2015 rank
Williams Lake 186 189
Quesnel 160 193
Prince George 148 163
Ft. St. John 96 47
Dawson Creek 73 113
Terrace 110 122
Prince Rupert 195 197


The best place in Canada to live? According to MoneySense, it is Boucherville Quebec which is given credit for being a small community with low unemployment, high incomes, affordable housing and a healthy population growth.

The city that is sitting at #209 of 209? That would be New Glasgow Nova Scotia. The report says that Maritime community has had a 1.9% drop in population, unemployment is estimated to be 10.72% but on the positive side, scored marks for having affordable housing.


So how far down the “best places to live” ranking would a city like Prince George have to move before it is considered among the worst places to live in Canada?

Best Places to live, and worst places to live are just two ends of the same stick, and yes, Prince George is much closer to the end where the worst places to live are ranked. Hope the people over in Hell Yeah Prince George facebook group don’t get wind of this study.

So there you have it cow pie Pal.

I would think that we would have been higher on the list, what with not having Retired 02 living here! ;-)


The only thing PG scored good marks on was Low Taxes? Oh my.

Abbotsford has fallen to 150th place based mainly on the smell of cow poo, mushroom compost and car exhaust.

No cheer in Pepe le Pew of the Fraser Valley tonight.

How the hell would you8 know sparrow you have never been to Abbotsford.
You have been in the bush all your life. You smell the dung on your shoes and think the rest of us live the same way.

I have driven past there lots of times with the windows TIGHTLY rolled up.

I always keep my foot in it…in the right lane….from Odourford till I get across the Port Mann to avoid getting tagged by a stray bullet from the ongoing gang wars.

Hate to be negative but both Ft St John and Dawson Creek are holes. Crappy little towns with ridiculous housing prices and a transient population full of scumbags. Lived in FSJ for four years and I ain’t never going back.

Prince George has the edge in almost every single category that matters IMO…..

I would agree completely with Mercenary. You couldn’t pay me enough to live in FSJ or Dawson Creek. PG is MUCH better IMHO.

How North Van can rank better than West Van is beyond me. To me it is just one of the many cases which shows how nonsensical the criteria are.

In fact, it is just one more example how lousy ranking systems like that really are without more context.

But, hey, its got the gossip going again. That is all that counts.

PG is a nice place to live in the summer months. Say April to October. The other 5 Months not so good.

1. Problem with PG is the roads suck. They puddle, they lean left, right, up and down, they are covered with potholes, and last but not least for the most part you cannot see the lines.

2. Taxes are high once you factor in the additional costs of garbage, roads, and snow removal. Not sure if the above example in regards to taxes include utility fee’s and single line item taxes, like snow, and roads.

3. Prince George is a gouger City. They bilk you at every opportunity they get, and seem to think that they have the right to do so. As an example, we put in a hotel tax under the guise of being a tourist tax, when in fact the people in the surrounding area ie; Burns Lake, Ft St James, Endako, MacKenzie, McBride, etc; are the ones that have to pay this tax over and over every time they come to town to shop through out the year.

4. Vehicles are more expensive in Prince George than in Quesnel, Williams Lake, and Vancouver.

5. They were shafting us on gas until Costco brought them into line.

6. Groceries are very expensive, and one reason is transportation, and the cost of gas, however even as the price of gas goes down, the price of groceries goes up.

7. No politician, Federally, Provincially, or Municipal really gives a s..t about what it costs citizens to live in this City. They are too busy being high rollers, and don’t have time to see what’s happening on the ground.

I could go on but you get my drift.

8. Even dick the mp rents in pg .
Even half of PGs brain trust doesn’t believe in pg enough to invest in a house there . I bet he knows something that you don’t . Why do you guys vote for these guys ? At least one of your own would spend their checks in your riding .

Here’s what retired02 does everytime: take potshots at PG until someone talks back and then gets all defensive and butthurt about their gangland. Can anyone tell me why we give this idiot the time of day?

R2 is so 604 .


If Dick bought a house in Williams Lake, or Quesnel, you would still be complaining that he spends no money in Prince George. Harris lived in Prince George for many years with his family and it was only in the latter years he was gone,.

People vote for the Conservatives, because the alternative is unacceptable.

No, the alternatives keep splitting the vote, so the Cons get in. Once the alternatives do the obvious the Cons are gone for good.

Palopu . Read my post all the way to the end and you’ll find your answer to your complaining assertion . And pay attention to this bit . ” At least one of your own would spend their checks in your riding. ” He still does spend money in pg . Money to get himself re-elected but the little slice of that for PGs in the vast riding is sadly also gone . Only you cons can’t seem to fathom that you’ve been had . Sad . Impudus D put it best . You voted Harris over and over and got dick .

interceptor, talk about having blinders. I guess you don’t read the crap that some have given me and the remarks made about where I live. The very first posting I made I got all this negative crap from the morons that live in PG.

My family and I lived in PG for more the 30 years and know what Prince George is like and I don’t make negative remarks just to show how smart I am. We now have a new home and we love it as well. So keep your sh**t to your selves an d you’ll be OK.

Hey sparrow you impress me, you can drive a car?

Kind of a theme running through 02’S post, almost every sentence is literally sprinkled with “crap” or “sh*t” Sure can tell what is front and center in his thoughts…the manure spreaders must be working overtime in the smelly little burg of Habitsford as clear sunny skies and fresh air rule the day in Prince George.

And you can read and write.

now a quite few people who returned to Prince George after finding other pastures not quite as green as they thought. Retired02 may be suffering from homesickness. He just can’t get Prince George out of his daily thoughts. It happens to a lot of people. Let’s show some compassion! Perhaps by not taking his bait?

Bue skies and crystal clear breathable air again today, just one more day out of many! The forecast is for a warmer than average PG summer this year! Just bought some more maple charcoal for the barbeque – drop in Retired02 when you visit PG! We will sit under the big umbrella and have a steak and some locally brewed great beer together!


Ataloss, When we lived in PG I was 250 now I’m 604. I have once quoted the reference made about PG and now I’m a piece of sh**t . Like I have said I also know a about PG but its a community where people live and work so why would I make negative and stupid remarks it would make me no different then those that are continually degrading the community I now live in

Sparrow, Retired 02, Mercenary et all….. grow up. Seriously.

Who care what a magazine says or doesn’t say about where you live. If you love it in PG. That’s awesome. If you live elsewhere and enjoy it. Bravo. Slagging another community because somebody didn’t rank you favourably is beyond childish. My 10 year old niece has better manners.

Brother Gecko; Well said!!!

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