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Friday Free for All – June 12th, 2015

Thursday, June 11, 2015 @ 11:59 PM

Another  week comes to a close,  and look,   the month of June  has nearly hit the halfway mark!  How time flies.

Today is your opportunity to speak up on the issues that matter to  you.

It’s time for the Friday Free For All.

You pick the topic,  but there are three simple rules that must be adhered to:

Keep it clean

Keep it legal



L E T   ‘E R    R I P !!!


“That’s just the way we do things here.”

‘Creative’ contracts not uncommon for MPs, ministers, says former Duffy aide

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http ://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/creative-contracts-not-uncommon-for-mps-ministers-says-former-duffy-aide/article24895403/

Double standard: MPs spare themselves same spending scrutiny given senators

Only one reason not to open books for auditor general, says ex-Mountie: ‘You’ve got something to hide’

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http ://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/double-standard-mps-spare-themselves-same-spending-scrutiny-given-senators-1.3104216

“OTTAWA — Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau said Wednesday he’d support an auditor general review of all MPs’ expenses. The Conservatives responded that they would support it too, and the NDP insisted they would also back a call for a comprehensive audit of spending claims.

But none of the parties pledged to bring forward a motion inviting the AG to audit the Commons.”

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http ://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2015/06/10/auditor-general-mp-expenses-senate_n_7554152.html

just heard a loud thud/crash sound out from window, i live near Van Bien/Superstore, then fire and ambulance engines, hope it wasn’t too big of an accident

“The Conservative government is downloading billions of dollars of health-care costs on the provinces, says the parliamentary budget officer, making federal finances sustainable over the long term but leaving provincial governments to stare down severe financial pains in the coming years.”

Ottawa’s overhaul of health-care funding has left enormous ‘fiscal gap’ for provinces, PBO warns

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http ://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/canadian-politics/ottawas-overhaul-of-health-care-funding-has-left-enormous-fiscal-gap-for-provinces-pbo-warns#__federated=1

(FSR – Fiscal Sustainability Report)
(PBO – Parliamentary Budget Officer)
(CHT – Canada Health Transfer)

“In FSR 2011, federal CHT cash was projected to average 21.6 per cent of provincial-territorial health spending over 2011-12 to 2035-36, then 26.8 per cent over the following 25 years and 38.1 per cent over the remaining 25-year period, as projected growth in provincial-territorial health spending continued its downward trend.

In contrast, under the assumption that the new CHT escalator formula is maintained indefinitely, the share of federal CHT cash in provincial- territorial health spending is now projected to decrease substantially from its 2010-11 level of 20.4 per cent (Figure 3-1). PBO projects that federal CHT cash will average 18.6 per cent of provincial-territorial health spending over 2011-12 to 2035-36; then 13.8 per cent over the following 25 years; and, 11.9 per cent over the remaining 25 years of the projection horizon.

To put this projected decline in context it is helpful to compare the share of federal health cash transfers in provincial-territorial health spending over a long historical period. Over the period 1968-69 to 1976-77 under cost-sharing federal health cash transfers amounted to 36.1 per cent of provincial-territorial health spending on average (Figure 3-2).”

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http ://www.parl.gc.ca/PBO-DPB/documents/Renewing_CHT.pdf

Charles good find on the transfer costs between federal and provincial governments. We see it all the time in business where two companies have shared ownership… one, usually the union company, gives subsidization to the other (often non-union or overseas) in the form of a break on transfer pricing and the pick up of the full costs of ‘shared costs’ like management overhead, shop costs, administration ect ect. Its a way to make one profitable at the expense of the other, and in the case of government its about fixing ones own budget at the expense of someone further down the line like the provinces, the municipalities, but ultimately the taxpayers.

I think its a form of corruption when not done upfront. In Canada today it seems to be the one thing that unites all conservatives… the sand bagging of one entity through efforts to undermine its sustainability, so as to influence an often hidden competing agenda.

Anyways I’ll match Charles with a few significant links of my own for today.

Proliferation of nuclear weapons use on the battle field now the norm and endorsed through apathy from the institutions that should be the safeguards.
http ://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/06/10/neo-middle-east-a-look-at-current-strategic-analysis/

Tar Sands Sell Out – is the title of this next one. A European perspective from the Guardian web site… although full of facts, most might not be new to anyone that follows the patch, but the format of the web page is really neat and probably the way top quality web news will be delivered in the years ahead.
http ://www.theguardian.com/environment/ng-interactive/2015/may/28/carbon-bomb-canada-tar-sands-fort-mckay-town-sold-itself

Why the Ukraine Crisis is the Wests Fault – a spot on analysis of the situation in Ukraine.
https ://www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/russia-fsu/2014-08-18/why-ukraine-crisis-west-s-fault

So Harper had a bad week. He is an all or nothing kind of politician and revels in the extreme position on most every issue. For Harper every issue is about game theory politics first, and policy second… and even then he fails at both.

He starts the week off bad saying nothing but good things about his greatest ally who was using tactical nuclear weapons in Yeman… a dirty war awash in war crimes… a war the Saudi’s started and now are faced with military bases and outposts in Saudi Arabia under Yemeni occupation, and the royal family fleeing from scud missile attacks.

Then Harper flies into Kiev in full chicken hawk strut claiming he alone will veto Putin ever joining the G7 again, and promises Canadian police trainers for the ‘private militia’ partners of the Kiev regime… fascist organizations by OSCE and EU standards (the same ones his cabinet members were doing fund raisers for in Toronto).

Harper says nothing of the atrocities against minorities (police were beating pro democracy protesters during his visit), or the declaration of Kiev that the Minsk deal is dead and they are planing another assault on the Dunbas region this summer that surely will only bring more suffering and destruction. He promises to take his message to the G7 meeting for the arming of the Ukraine and an escalation of the fighting.

Harper gets to the G7 and must have gotten the third degree by German Chancellor Angela Merkel… schooled like a small child in a toy store that can’t have the toy he wants (war with Russia and a G7 veto on membership). Germany doesn’t want a major European war on its border and wasn’t going to use its G7 host event to push that agenda.

The British press had a picture of the G7 leaders around the table that said it all. Harper looked white and clammy and uncomfortable like he had been shunned by his peers… Japanese PM sitting next to Harpers right is looking up into the rafters trying to avoid the eye of Merkel that was giving Harper the look that she means business… Obama to Harpers left is turned away from Harper engaging with Merkel… and Cameron across the table taking it all in with a stern look across the table in Harpers direction.

In the end Harper agrees to an end to carbon energy in 100-years, rather than the 50-years Europeans were pushing for… maybe wishing he could take his ‘shared interest’ argument (to keep Putin out) back.

Then he is off to Poland and spurns the Polish dignity by treating his visit to a Canadian war ship in the Baltic’s like a war zone visit… rather than stay in a hotel like other foreign leaders when they visit… and none other than the Polish PM calls a news conference and gives away Harpers little secret. Even with the promise of a war ally should Poland decide to take us to war with Russia, even then Harper’s attempts to control everything backfires and makes him look ever more the inept partisan fool.

The guy is a walking disaster representing Canada abroad. All pro war, say nothing that shows integrity when it comes to so called allies committing atrocities… and politicizes every opportunity abroad, rather than just have good foreign policy that speaks for itself.

Good to see more garbage bins around town this summer. I see the city even has one set up at the Foothills bridge for the first time ever. We still got a ways to go to keep up with our neighbors in the North though. Places like Vanderhoof its hard to find a gum wrapper on the ground within 20km of town.

Related to the garbage and illegal dumping… I see the local band has put up a gate at the end of the North Nechako Road just after the reservation closing it to through access from the Takla Forest Service Road to McPhee Rd. Its too bad as that was a great circle tour on a nice day, but apparently this was done in an effort to curb the illegal dumping out that way since the regional district went to a pay dump model.

So pay to dump adds up to more restrictions on access to the back country… gates and fences up everywhere it seems in recent years.

The idea of a right of way just gets no respect anymore. I was out for a walk with the kids last weekend out near Edgewood and seen a young kid on a bike with a serious injury from someone that booby traps the trails in that area. I remember when I was a kid we had the same problems in that area and its probably the same guy doing it to this day. Nothing worse than someone that sets traps on the trails for other users… I think its akin to terrorism, and if caught those types should get the full force of the law applied against them.

I almost forgot… predictions for the US presidential race seeing as that gets its official start this weekend in Iowa.

I think Hillary Clinton is done. Her issues around her missing Secretary of State emails, and her Clinton Foundation donations will sink her in a general election and the democrats are wising up to this. Bernie Sanders carries a duel Israeli-American citizenship, so I think that sinks his bid once that gets more widely known.

I think for the democrats their best bet is Jim Webb as a democrat from the South like Bill Clinton was, but more akin to a Ronald Reagan demeanor. I don’t think he can take the general election though, as I do not think Americans will elect another former Senator to the President after the Obama disaster. If he can get Elizabeth Warren as his running mate he may have a chance though….

For the Republicans they have a field full of extremists and no clear front runner. I think upon closer scrutiny most will fall to the wayside early and I think if they are to challenge for the general election they will have to find a moderate that can win independents. I think their guy for that is Governor Kasick from Ohio… he has had a successful executive term turning around the 7th most populous state in the Union and is a straight talking republican from the north version of the democrat Bill Clinton from the south, but without all the personal corruption issues that Bill Clinton has.


I was just reading on facebook that there may have been a building fire at the ne Remax (former shooters) location last night. Anyone else have info on that?

ok now for something local

To some of you cycle riders out there that use the bike lane on Foothills or any other bike lane, stop riding on top of the white line,
you have 4 feet next to the curb use it.Why should traffic have to move over because your being a idiot.

Eagleone, didn’t know they blocked that road, but for good reason. I was out there in the fall, noticed two large piles of garbage dumped on the side of the road just past the reserve. I do believe the CO’s located the dumper and either charged or/and made them clean it up. I’ve picked up garbage out there, old tv’s fridges etc and taken them to the dump.

Anyone else having a problem with these vehicle recalls? Got a new power assist motor on the car, got it back, hood latch wouldn’t work, steered bad to the left.After a lot of calls, and after they tried to upsell on a wheel alignment which it had not needed, still not right.

Doneright, I’ve seen them riding the line too, those are the ones who feel they’re invincible, and yes absolutely foolish thing to do.
What I can’t understand are mothers pushing baby strollers on the street with a sidewalk beside them. Mothers are supposed to protect their children and not put them in harms way.

For every cyclist I see riding on the white line, I see a hundred clueless drivers straddling it. Especially on corners, where you will notice all the white lines have been worn away.

Posted on Friday, June 12, 2015 @ 6:46 AM by doneright

ok now for something local

To some of you cycle riders out there that use the bike lane on Foothills or any other bike lane, stop riding on top of the white line,
you have 4 feet next to the curb use it.Why should traffic have to move over because your being a idiot.


A, the bike lane is a joke, full of debris and gravel. And B, we’re well within our rights to use the roadway.

So its keep right except pass, or when riding in a bike lane?
Kinda hypocritical ax

Posted on Friday, June 12, 2015 @ 7:49 AM by interceptor

So its keep right except pass, or when riding in a bike lane?
Kinda hypocritical ax



Keeping right except to pass is a regulation as is the right of cyclists to use the roadways. Given the lack of driving ability of most drivers in this city, I’m sure a lot of cyclists would prefer to use the bike lane but, like I said, it’s a joke. No one wants to bike over gravel,broken glass and other assorted garbage. I get the impression the city found some grant money and slapped some paint on the ground in the shoulders of Foothills to get that money.

In regards to the litter around PG, people just dont care. If it’s not overflowing out of their cans on the street or blowing out of the boxes of their trucks, then they are just tossing it out the window of their vehicle. This is evident everywhere in town.
Cyclists vs vehicles.. I fear that someday soon this will end on yet another senseless loss of life. Too many drivers out there cannot keep it in their lane, cuclists crowding the white line because the bike lanes are not safe to ride on (especially Foothills) many bike lanes are either full of potholes, loose gravel and/or garbage.
Was reading the article about renaming Ft George Park. Editor had to sensor many posts and close the comments because of racist/childish behaviour. NO SURPRISE there. Too many people on this site without any respect of others. This is supposed to be a site to voice your opinions, not hack all over others for having an opinion. If you cant obey common decency, then maybe you have no place voicing your drivel in public. Go downtown with a bullhorn and tell that to people in their faces so they can see who you are. Some people get pretty tough while they hide behind anonymity. Hoghly doubt they would say half of it in public..
Have a great weekend, lots of upcoming events in town. Get out and away from the computer!!

Eagleone, we can only hope that internationally no one is taking Harper or his saber rattling and strutting seriously!

doneright, RE: ring the white line, you beat me to it.

I was going to mention the same thing. I have noticed more bike riders on Foothills riding on the white line than anywhere else.

Parents dropping off your kids at school. Please park, everyday the ones that just pull up and drop their kids off block people in who have parked to drop of their kids or pick them up. Why should us that park have to wait for you? Why is your time worth more than mine? At west wood some lady drives A save on van and she constantly blocks others in. Show some courtesy for others please.

No disrespect but when someone is not allowed to read the archived copy of the Fort George Herald for November 18, 1911 something is wrong with our system

Posted on Friday, June 12, 2015 @ 8:28 AM by slinky

No disrespect but when someone is not allowed to read the archived copy of the Fort George Herald for November 18, 1911 something is wrong with our system


Who’s not allowed to read it?

we will be free of carbon fuel by 2100. Well, I will be long dead, by then. Maybe my grandchildren will still be around. The youngest one will be 89 by then.

The eve of the year 2100,

Will we be free of carbon fuel. I doubt it. Will our world population be 30 billion. I doubt it. It would be my opinion, there will be some form of world catastrophe that will devaste human population in the next 85 years, which will reduce the world population to less than 10 billion. The idea of increasing production to make more money will be the thinking of the 20th century. Our resources are finite. we will learn to get more from what we have. We will also be mining our landfills for resources. Gasoline and diesel, will not be purchased like it is today. It will be by permit, where every adult over 18 will have the right to buy up to a certain quantity of fuel per year. So if you want more fuel, you will be buying on the black market. We will discover that the climate change and or global warming was a spoof. But will continue on with restriction because of the finite resources. We will be spending more time to put food on the table, because the economy will curtail to a crawl. most of Africa will be devasted, and world aid programs will be a distant past. All of Europe will be one country. Yes, Greece will be a have not province. All of the small countries in south east asia will be one country. Food and Water will be the most valuable resource in the world.

harper strutting ?he lumbers around like the clumsy oaf that he is . ” All hair and pudge . ” That’s what Obama said . So true .as for staying with the boys in the navy rather than a hotel in Poland . That’s a no brainer as well considering the company the man keeps .

I see the anti Harper crew is alive and well to-day.

Ever notice that those who complain about the transfer of health money to the Provinces never make any reference to how the money is spent by the Provinces. If you want to save money lets get more bang for our buck at the Provincial level, and in addition find a way to reduce the number of people who abuse the health system.

Giving the Provinces more money for healthcare is akin to giving them a license to print money. They will blow every bloody dollar, and not in a responsible manner.

Cutting transfer payments forces the Provinces to be more diligent in spending, and also brings the waste of money to the Provincial forefront where it should be.

Only a bunch of lefties, with no concern about financial responsibility, would support giving Provinces millions of dollars, without any controls on the spending.

@ hespoke your distopian future ain’t gonna happen . By 2100 there will still be plenty of oil left because we will have stopped burning it for the most part seventy years sooner in ~ 2030 . Tonyseba.com View his book trailer . It about two minutes long . Did you know that New Brunswick is in negative population growth ( birth rate ) as are most European countries . Japan is also falling in population dramatically .

The foothills bike lane is strewn with gravel thrown on it by the dirt bikes and quads that ride the path beside it. It’s rarely swept and the MVA permits a cyclist to use the road if the shoulder is not safe.The bike lane at the start of foothills is narrow and covered in garbage and the other end it’s broken pavement. There is no other route down from the Hart for cyclists. If you find it hard to safely pass me on foothills on my bike I’ll stop riding it and drive my gas guzzling truck down foothills at 80km and see if u can get past me then. Surely passing a bike safely doesn’t put that big a dent in your time to get to work?

It isn’t anti-harper crowd, it is just a couple of trolls. I noticed my posts on yesterdays hot topic were deemed quite acceptable, whereas the same old sniveling whiners were turfed!

Bernie Sanders does not have Israeli citizenship so that isn’t going to be a factor in his presidential candidacy. NPR reporter Diane Rehm raised the issue on the basis of a Facebook post. Rehm has now retracted the claim: http://money.cnn.com/2015/06/10/media/bernie-sanders-dual-citizenship-israel-wamu/.

“No disrespect but when someone is not allowed to read the archived copy of the Fort George Herald for November 18, 1911 something is wrong with our system.”

Are you talking about the digitized newspaper collection at CNC Library?

Yes the digitized version. Posts were removed in reference to it on the article. Along with a lot if other people’s. Touchy subject I guess

“…without any controls on the spending.”

The final price of a new (a decade in the making) F35 fighter plane is reported to be 165,000,000.00 (165 million US) which translates into about 200 million per copy! Harper wants quite a few of these so cutting transfer payments for healthcare to the provinces by the Harper Government may assure having some money for a down payment.

“Only a bunch of lefties, with no concern about financial responsibility”


As opposed to the righties currently in power who have such a tremendous track record with respect to fiscal accountability. You are a riot sometimes Palopu, LOL ;)

The Bank of Canada knows what’s coming, saying on Thursday interest rates will “normalize” (that means ‘go up’) and people who borrowed too much could be screwed. In the event of an economic shock, the bank adds, “the impact on the economy and financial system would be severe if it were to materialize.” This is because, “In the event of a deeper and more widespread shock to incomes, highly indebted households with limited liquid financial assets could have difficulty servicing their debt.”

The most likely catalyst is a jump in unemployment, the kind now being felt in Alberta – where people have the greatest debt (250% of average incomes, vs 164% for the country as a whole). Of course, real estate is at the epicentre of this borrowing orgy, since we’ve used cheap money – not income gains – to buy ever-pricier homes.

How’s that for fiscal responsibility ? Stay away from tnl@tb .

On healthcare, ever wonder why BC with a population of just over 4 million has in excess of 6 million care cards out there.

It has often been said that we get the government we deserve. We all have the opportunity to vote but sadly a majority do not bother. Until apathy takes a back seat to responsible citizenship we will stll stumble along this way.

Have a great weekend.

On the issue of mothers with strollers walking on the street instead of the sidewalks, I suggest you try to do that before you complain. Some of the sidewalks have such a slope on them (appapently to help the rain and melted snow to run off) it becomes virtually impossible to either walk or push a stroller on them. No, I am not a mother.

will read Tony Sebas book and get back to you! The numbers in the trailer are a little out of context though, given that the green energy is still far more expensive than fossil fuels.

@cougs79 tony seba Twitter account has a link 5ds ago it’s 23~ long it covers some of what’s in the book. As for fossils being cheaper than solar . That’s a yes and no . Island nations not cheaper . Europe not cheaper . Also coming soon , bladeless wind generators . They are going to be much , much cheaper than any of the others . Did you know that 50% of the cost of grid fed power is for delivery . That’s why big utilities are freaking out about solar .

Most of the sidewalks in PG are built with a back slope on them supposedly for rain and melt water to run off. Even sidewalks on a hill have a back slope, duh. I have been told they are built to some engineering standard but having been to a lot of cities all over the world unless I missed them this is the only place for back slopes.

Notice the many people walking, running, strollers, wheelchairs using the road instead of the side walk. When there is freeze and thaw I suppose some engineer thought the water would run off and the sidewalk would be bare and no frozen surface, wrong, the water freezes in place. Impossible to walk a sloped surface covered with frozen water. I suppose who ever thought up the back slope never walked on these ridicules sidewalks.

PG civil works quite building sidewalks with a back slope. Engineers get out from behind your desks and give them a try.

I’ve decided next election not to vote conservative. So, I can’t make up my mind between NDP and Liberals. I want someone to legalize marijuana so we can end the toll it takes on policing resources, court resources, human lives wasted in gangs, etc. Then maybe the judges will have room in the jails for impaired drivers.

Problem is, I don’t know which of them will win in my riding.

I noticed about 70 years ago some madman named Hitler tried to take over the world, and an “alliance” was formed with an unlikely group of countries – including Russia – and it lasted long enough to get rid of the threat. Ironically we’re now friends with Germany and the PM is itching to start a war with Russia.

Why oh why can’t the NDP and Liberals do the same for the sake of the whole country. Why do they insist on letting vote splitting hand the crown back to PM Harper. I only have two answers – either they are so personally selfish their own political ambitions supersede the good of the country – or Harper isn’t a madman and they know it, so an alliance isn’t critical to save the country, they’ll just keep on keeping on until one day the luck out and beat him and get to form their own minority government.

Nice to see the Conservatives and Harper topping the polls as most favoured political choice and for Prime Minister as well. The drama teacher is proving to be the clueless dunce that he is and Mulcair has been shown to be nothing but a blowhard, that will promise anything to earn a few more lemming’s vote. CPC majority in the fall. Next.

NMG:-“As opposed to the righties currently in power who have such a tremendous track record with respect to fiscal accountability. You are a riot sometimes Palopu, LOL ;)”
Considering the worldwide recession we’ve recently been through, Harper’s government has a very good track record with respect to fiscal accountability. If his government had not deficit spent in those times there would’ve been a great deal more hardship for far more people. And those who are now accusing the Conservative of fiscal irresponsibility for not maintaining balanced Budgets would’ve been after them mercilessly for putting ‘money’ before ‘people’. The true measure of their fiscal responsibility is the fact that they not only have lowered taxes, they’ve kept them low.

ski51:-” I want someone to legalize marijuana so we can end the toll it takes on policing resources, court resources, human lives wasted in gangs, etc. Then maybe the judges will have room in the jails for impaired drivers.”
All the ones that get behind the wheel when they’re high on pot.

The Fort George Herald for November 11, 1911 is available online at:


However, page 2 is missing and a duplicate of page 1 appears instead. It is not very good quality, but is just readable. The only item I found interesting is the one on the old reserve, I did not realize it was so large. It is on page 3 and says,

“The policy of the Government regarding the settlement of the old reserve, which streches from the north fork of the Fraser River to the provincial boundary in the Yellowhead pass, for a distance of three miles on either side of the Fraser River and its headwaters, has not been announced. This reserve excludes even pre-emptors from the soil. There are many squatters on the land already, and petitions have been sent to Victoria requesting a decision upon the policy of alienation. The Herald beleives (sic) that were the government to throw the reserve open for pre-emption in the spring, that the valley would be a thriving vista of agricultural activity before fall.”


No one hurt in accident. Some moron hit a parked car and fled but as smart as hitting a patked car left their front plate as evidence lol

“The true measure of their fiscal responsibility is the fact that they not only have lowered taxes, they’ve kept them low”


It could be argued that this type of action is irresponsible if it means having to cut programs and services that Canadians expect their government to provide.

I just posted a comment about the availability of the Fort George Herald for Dec. 11, 1911 and it was immediately removed. I do not understand why as all it contained was a url to the web page and a quotation from the text, also from the web page. Could someone explain as it does not appear to contravene any of the three restrictions.

My apologies to News2560. My browser appears to have brought up an older version of the Friday comments for some reason. When I refreshed after posting my query it brought up the one with my post. Strange behavious!

The June 11 Citizen their science columnist, a devout warmer beyond reason stated some mistaken information about so called climate change. I always like the way warmers use the term climate change as if they deny that there was such a thing as climate change before Mann. Oh about man caused global warming there has been no warming for almost 20 years despite a rise in C02. Another thing mans contribution to atmospheric C02 is only 4% being overwhelmed by the 96% of natural C02. That part was left out of the article, why?
He causally mentions that yes C02 has fluctuated over geological time but does not mention that C02 in the past has been many times higher than now and there was no so called runaway greenhouse effect as he alludes to with a Venus effect which I will get too. Also C02 in the past has been much higher with lower temperatures than present and lower with higher temperatures than present. Oh plants evolved when C02 levels where much higher than now that is why plants in an actual green house just love C02 levels around 1000 ppm.

Now using Venus as an example is just plain wrong and notice atmospheric pressure on Venus is left out. Why is Venus so hot well because of its extremely high atmospheric pressure. Atmospheric pressure on Venus is 92x higher than earth. The temperature on Venus can be largely explained by adiabatic lapse rate not C02 concentration. The C02 effect on Venus is only dozens of degrees not hundreds as stated in the article. In the article there is also a statement that there is no logarithmic effect well that is totally wrong. There is an logarithmic effect up to 1000 ppm and then becomes more linear but still an effect.
Another mistake in the article, that visible light reaches the surface of mars unimpeded, when actually no direct sunlight reaches the surface because of cloud density and because of the 100% cloud cover 65% of sunlight is immediately reflected back into space.
Lots of money to be made with the green blob and do not use wikipedia for climate science information.

Jimmy Hughes…. what are you flappin’ your gums about? The latest numbers, as of today, show a 75% probability that the CPC would win a Minority Gov’t if the election was held today. Plus they’ve been steadily tanking in polls since the 1st of May, with no reason (so far) for them to increase any time soon.

Meanwhile the NDP is bypassing the Liberals.


The province is now enforcing the laws in respect to left lane hoggers. They apply to highways with a speed limit greater than 80km/h. If the traffic slows down due to congestion to 50km/h or slower drivers are encouraged to use both lanes in order to allow the traffic to flow.

Both the Hart Highway (70km/h) and Foothills (80km/h on one stretch) are therefore excluded as their posted speed is not above 80km/h.

Not a word about those left lane hoggers who will not allow a driver to switch from the right hand slow lane to the left lane in order to access a left turn exit lane!

A PC minority government is a possibility only if the center and left (Liberals and NDP) refuse to form an official coalition after the election and thereby allow Harper to rule some more. A merger of the two is not out of the question. Politics can be (and usually are) full of unexpected surprises.

ammonra; including a url in your comment could be the reason why your comment did not post to this discussion thread. A comment containing a link to a website or page normally goes directly to the 250news site’s spam folder, and must be manually reviewed and approved by the site moderator.

I am posting a comment that refers to a link in my next comment below, this is how most of us get around the spam filter on this site. Hmm… I just used up one of my 10 alloted comments per day helping you… but I do so gladly :-)

A recent G7 summit, where seven of the world’s most influential countries met, has produced a ground breaking and historic “decarbonisation agreement”. No thanks to Canada and Japan, who behind the scene, worked hard to water down the original agreement; which was to eliminate the use of fossil fuels by 2050.

Still, for a Big Oil & Gas backed Harper government to agree to “deep cuts” in fossil fuel use and carbon emissions by 2050, and total elimination of fossil fuel use by 2100, it is an historic event. In a public statement at the G7 summit, Stephen Harper was forced to admit that oil and gas really has no long-term future because they threaten the health of the planet.

Imagine that… a global warming denying Canadian government, so out of touch with the rest of the world, now admitting that it can no longer deny the facts and truth; that our use of carbon producing fossil fuels is causing climate change. Does this mean our government is now willing to allow Canada’s scientific community to talk freely and openly about the reality of the world’s most intensive carbon emitting project; the Alberta Tar Sands? Not likely… no, we will still have a government that will stubbornly hold onto the development of a fossil fuel industry that has “literally no future”. So go ahead and vote these A-holes in again, and watch as every year, Canada falls further and further behind the rest of the world in the race towards an economy that is alternative energy based.

www. cbc.ca/news/politics/prime-minister-stephen-harper-agrees-to-g7-decarbonization-by-2100-1.3104459

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The province is now enforcing the laws in respect to left lane hoggers. They apply to highways with a speed limit greater than 80km/h. If the traffic slows down due to congestion to 50km/h or slower drivers are encouraged to use both lanes in order to allow the traffic to flow.


I think your source (CBC I’m guessing) is incorrect. There is no number attached to the ‘keep right except to pass’ law. Black letters on a white background indicates a regulation.

Not that it really matters, the average PG driver can’t read anyhow.

@ammonra there was no Fort George Herald printed on Dec. 11, 1911. In 1911 it was published on the 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th of December.

Neighbours… isnt it great when you have nice neighbours.. we used to be surrounded by them… then one moved.. and now we are stuck beside ignorance.. we live on a culdesac so parking is very limited… the new neighbours had a car parked in the culdesac for a month… the rest of us called and complained to the city and they got a warning ticket on the car.. they did nothing..then the bylaw officer went to their house warning them they would get a ticket if they didnt move it soon.. the lady lied saying it wouldnt start so the bylaw officer gave them a week to move it. I nicely talked to the neighbour and he said they would move it that night.. well almost a week later they moved it. but then the showed up with a truck and trailer and they blocked my driveway and the public walkway… I had to wake them up at 7am to move it so I could get my vehicle out..they moved it..then once i had left they parked it in the exact same spot.. glad it was moved before I got home.. and by moving they parked the truck and trailer on their front lawn. then today they pulled up in one of their trucks.. stopped in the middle of the road and unloaded a bunch of stuff.. didnt pull into the driveway which had lots of space.. but decided to be ignorant and block the culdesac again… I know when the immigrated to Canada they had to take our drivers exam..so they know the laws.. but just feel they are above them i guess.

So all of you with great neighbours..make sure you appreciate what you have. We sure miss what we had and hate what we are now stuck with.

Sophic sage the fossil fuel thing is going away long before 2100 but not because of regulation or carbon taxes . It comes down to thermodynamics and eficiency . The fossils are finite but solar and wind are eternal . The fossils are not even a source of energy as they like to frame it . It’s more akin to an accumulator (battery ) of solar energy . That aside , they can’t compete with the solar business model when you combine it with storage . The price of systems will half once again like it has about every two years or so . Right now .50 cents . At .25 cents a watt it’s game over . The other part of the equation is the EV. Tesla offers a car that has Infinite warranty mileage even for taxi fleets . How can they do that ? Simple , they so seldom fail . There are only 18 moving parts , as opposed to the 2 to 3 thousand in a gas car . I bet most will ride in a tesla taxi in the near future . So don’t worry it’s going to come down to green , green back that is .

“A PC minority government is a possibility only if the center and left (Liberals and NDP) refuse to form an official coalition after the election and thereby allow Harper to rule some more. A merger of the two is not out of the question. Politics can be (and usually are) full of unexpected surprises”


Very true. Wouldn’t that be something else?

Liberal Democratic Party or Democratic Liberal Party….either name sounds good enough to me!

The old blue mare aint’t what she used to be!

Gotta go, have a great weekend!

Google tesla taxi’s . Taxi companies are already leading the way . Not in pg yet . Montreal has started .

Ataloss, are you not at all concerned about the energy that will be spent, the mining that will be done, the manufacturing that will take place, all to produce enough material for all of the batteries and solar panels that you rave about?

How clean is the production of a battery? What about solar panels?

What do we do with all the worn out batteries

Me, I’ll stay on the hydro grid, thanks!

Thanks for the additonal info Ataloss. Those on this site, who ridiculed and teased you for your position on green renewable energy, are in denial. Our future will be decidedly green, even the Harpercrite government is now admitting it.

For the ones who are looking for sources of information confirming the thuggish manner in which the Lheidli Tenn’eh were removed from their village at Fort George Park I give you the following link:

www. princegeorgecitizen.com/news/local-news/city-s-100th-anniversary-built-on-village-s-ashes-1.1785428

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Are you sure you two wouldn’t prefer to just have your own little blog? Fanboys.

Last week my husband and I were driving into town via the Cameron Street Bridge. Once on the bridge we encountered 2 adult males riding their bicycles and each towing a child carrier in our lane. With oncoming traffic approaching, we had to almost come to a stop with traffic behind us because of them. These 2 adults chose not to ride over the bridge safely on the pedestrian crossing, choosing instead to expose both themselves and their small children to a dangerous situation on the bridge that was very busy with traffic in both directions. What were they thinking??

At hart guy . Geez I just notice your avatar was two words . Am I worried about the mining ? No , it can be don’t very cleanly . A great many mines are going solar . The cost of diesel and transporting it is pricing it out because of the plummeting price of solar . Another big kick will be batteries . Battery production is so clean that the factory must be as clean a lab . Same applies to the panels . The batteries are living their half life to store solar all over the world . Crashed EVs batteries are in huge demand . At the end of use they are almost completely recyclable . Wouldn’t it be nice for you that when the grid goes down , that you are still up and running . I know I sure am .

Brief description of process to extract REE(rare earth elements). Battery manufacture one of the end users of these products and the rechargable batteries cannot be made without them.

“The bastnäsite ore was finely ground, and subjected to froth flotation to separate the bulk of the bastnäsite from the accompanying barite, calcite, and dolomite. Marketable products include each of the major intermediates of the ore dressing process: flotation concentrate, acid-washed flotation concentrate, calcined acid-washed bastnäsite, and finally a cerium concentrate, which was the insoluble residue left after the calcined bastnäsite had been leached with hydrochloric acid.” Don’t think I’ll drink the water around there.

Until very recently China produced over 95% of the worlds REEs and they are known the world over for environmently safe mining practices-Not. Molycorp has spent a ton to get a mine in Nevada back up and running after being pressured by the US government, it was shut down because the whole area was becoming a toxic nightmare and I think the EPA is looking the other way when it reopens.

“The PV cell manufacturing process includes a number of hazardous materials, most of which are used to clean and purify the semiconductor surface. These chemicals, similar to those used in the general semiconductor industry, include hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrogen fluoride, 1,1,1-trichloroethane, and acetone. The amount and type of chemicals used depends on the type of cell, the amount of cleaning that is needed, and the size of silicon wafer [4]. Workers also face risks associated with inhaling silicon dust. Thus, PV manufactures must follow U.S. laws to ensure that workers are not harmed by exposure to these chemicals and that manufacturing waste products are disposed of properly.

Thin-film PV cells contain a number of more toxic materials than those used in traditional silicon photovoltaic cells, including gallium arsenide, copper-indium-gallium-diselenide, and cadmium-telluride[5]. If not handled and disposed of properly, these materials could pose serious environmental or public health threats. However, manufacturers have a strong financial incentive to ensure that these highly valuable and often rare materials are recycled rather than thrown away.”

gallium arsenide, copper-indium-gallium-diselenide, and cadmium-telluride….Yummmm dish me up a big plate of that.

Well its a good thing all of those acids you list can be recycled, right sparrow?

“Diffusion dialysis is ideally suited for recycling a broad spectrum of industrial acids and acid mixtures. Successful applications range from simply hydrochloric or nitric rack stripping solutions to mixtures of nitric and hydrofluoric acids, ferric chloride etchants, fluoboric acid and sulfuric acid anodizing solutions.”

www. purecycle.com/prodfin.html

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sparrow; you might want to stop trying to make alternative energy sources look bad, when those sources will never be the large scale planet killers that fossil fuels are!

Can be recycled, but are they and at what percentage? And what about the products that can’t be recaptured and recycled— tailings pond–river–shut down all the mines FFS—ring a bell?

Wood pellets are used for power production in Europe under the green and renewable banner but on this side of the pond we get to breathe in all the VOC’s given off in the drying process and released into our airshed.

It is the greenies, the ones from the Lizzie May It’s Wine O’clock Somewhere Let’s Party party, that are saying that oil is all bad while they are all good. Clearly not the case, can only sweep so much under the rug before you got big lumps in your living room.

The white lines are a smoother surface to ride a bicycle on than the pavement so that is why I ride the line even where the bicycle lane portion isn’t full of potholes, sand, gravel etc.

Doneright, what do you think? Breathing heavy on those exhaust fumes makes people lead a riskier lifestyle?

Sage using the CBC as a reference now that is funny. I sent that the outfit firing people for weird and unlawful activities? Sage where did the government deny global warming, can you pick it out? The world has been warming since the little ice age and is not yet as warm as before the LIA. Though there has been no statistically significant warming for almost twenty years now. The question is how much influence by man if any at all. No one knows.

Telsa is that the outfit that sell expensive toys to the rich where the taxpayer subsidises the rich.

Ataloss lead acid batteries would be much less expensive than a telsa subsidized potential bomb for your solar system.

Ataloss you are ignoring the solar boondoggle in Germany. Hey can you show me mines powered by solar. Can you show me wind farms built by wind farm energy, how about solar. Hey 50% Transmission loss really, again show me I can’t seem to find it in my copy of power system operation. Can’t seem to find it in my copy of dynamics of interconnected power systems either. I think you meant 5%.

Obviously I got the dates mixed up.

The issue for November 18, 1911 is at:

ht tp://pgnewspapers.lib.pg.bc.ca/fedora/repository/fgh:1911-11-18/-/Fort%20George%20Herald%20-%20November%2018,%201911

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