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October 28, 2017 3:42 am

Make Plans to Beat the Heat

Wednesday, June 24, 2015 @ 3:54 AM

beattheheat.Prince George, B.C.-  Summer may have officially arrived last Sunday, but  this weekend will  see it take off !

(at right, children frolic  at the  water park  at  Lheidli T’enneh Memorial Park – photo 250News archive)

“There is an upper  ridge of high pressure building that will move over the  area, starting late Friday and through the  rest of the weekend” says Environment Canada Meteorologist Andre Besson.

He says it is going to be  a very  warm couple of days “We can expect temperatures to climb from Friday onwards through early next week, with highs around 30 degrees forecast for  Sunday and Monday.”

Those  highs could mean new records  could be set  says Besson “Usually  at this time of the year, we would get temperatures  around 23 degrees, so  the forecast  is significantly higher than what is normal.”

When the  real heat hits,  folks  tend to head to the river to cool off,  but  both the Nechako and the Fraser are still running   high and fast,  so  extreme caution must be exercised  near  the river banks.

Don’t expect this to be a major heat wave though, as Besson says it may not last long “We do expect the upper ridge of high pressure to  stay over the southern regions, but there is  some uncertainty  about the northern part of the province as to how long that feature will stay over the area. But we can say we do expect this upper ridge of high pressure to   impact the Prince George area until at least Monday.”


Start buying land. In 30 years, we will be viable to grow grapes in Prince George.

leave your pets at home when it is hot – yesterday i had to admonish 3 separate vehicle drivers for leaving their dogs in their vehicles – you are NOT doing your animals any favours by taking them for a drive (unless you are headed for a walking area). i, for one, will be patrolling parking lots over the weekend looking for “hot dogs”. let us leave the police to do criminal work rather than having them out all over town rescuing animals.

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