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October 28, 2017 3:39 am

Major Incident at the Connaught Motor Inn

Sunday, June 28, 2015 @ 3:16 PM

Prince George, B.C. – Police have confirmed there has been a major incident at the Connaught Motor Inn.

Mounties are not releasing any further details at this time as the investigation is in its early stages.

However calls to 250 News says there was one person injured. No word yet on the extent of those injuries.


Who owns the Connaught Inn , I have to wonder if the out of town owners know their Motel has turned into a dump?? It used to be one of the nicest Motels in P.G. now it looks like it has turned into social housing its not zoned for that, where are the Bylaw people why are they not on this , its close to a School and residential neighbourhood, who the residents still do not know what is going on with Police knocking on doors at 4 in the morning. Maybe someone can clue people in , how bad is it?

I can’t believe it’s still open. My gut tells me that it will be the next ‘accidental fire’ in town. You can only hold a building/land that size for so long and not make any money. I can’t even remember the last time that I have seen anyone stay there (aside from random tree planters and johns with hookers).

Seems to mr it’s been under renovations for years.. I am afraid it will soon be a real eyesore for our city.. Not helping much with downtown revitalization. I see financial combustion in its future.

At a loss again . I can’t seem to find the significance of Connaught and why it is used for a hill ,beautiful view btw , a street and hotel . There must be a reason , right ? Connaught , doesn’t sound native . Native of Scotland perhaps .

The son of the original owner now owns it. He siphoned off the money a few years ago and doesn’t have the money to pay for upgrades or to pay for any work that was done. I would be surprised to see anyone from PG doing work there. He definitely isn’t like his dad.

The Duke of Connaught and Strathearn, Governor General of Canada Oct 1911-Nov 1916.

Cheers , digitus, thanks a lot . Who’d have thought some pg guy had a thing for the duke ? That names got change written allll over it .

It was named for the Duchess or Duke of Connaught back in 1913 when the GTR had the survey work done and the city layout done in Ontario someplace. Same as Duchess Park in the Crescents area and all those streets. It was called Connaught Park in the drawings.

We originally had a honest to goodness square at the end of George Street, but someone in their infinite wisdom took it out to put the city hall there. That is why the streets in front of city hall are all crooked, because it used to go in a full diamond pattern with the town square where the lawn for city hall is now.

I can see now why it’s named after him . I think Arthur would have been better . He put the run on those Fenian invaders . They won’t be back . Did he get a mention at the support the troops week train ride , hotdog , hamburger feast ?

@Ataloss…yup, sounds pretty honkey. What should it be changed to ?

Arthur !

Golden Raven Motel

You know , like the movie .

ImFrank; If the original owner of the Connaught Inn is still alive , he needs to step up to the plate and fix his Motel. If my memory is correct the owner had more than one son. The Neighbourhood is not going to put up with this going on and nor should the City this is Motel is a nightmare and needs to be dealt with,the bylaw office is going to get a call in the morning and I hope I am not the only one calling as it seems their has to be a complaint be for they do something. Is the owner of the Motel the one running it? or is he sitting in the Sun some place . If B.C. Housing is and welfare is using this Motel for no Income people you better check it out , they deserve better.

It’s a really nice spot , I wish I had the money to buy it . Is the AMPM still across the street ? And car wash ?

i bike past there in the morning and it smells

I see the police there all the time, why is it news this one time?

I never see anyone there. Looks like an abandoned building to me. Motels generally have visible activities. Even single room motel-like housing has some visible activity.

What is the zoning and is it being used for the zoning? If it is, and taxes are being paid, it is quite possible that nothing can be done unless safety codes such as fire codes are not being met.

Pretty sure there has been fires inside the Connaught many times since it was handed over to the son. That place is no different than the crap hole little motel near 17th Ave that was eventually shut down by the city despite renos. Maybe whatever happened at the Connaught will make the city take a look at the real problem.

I drive by there multiple times a day. This morning, per usual, there is garbage piled up all over the place around the bin. I am pretty sure that they have long term “tenants”, lots of the patio doors open but no vehicles. Often see people on bikes roll up, knock on a door, grab something and wheel off. This place is horrendous.

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