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October 28, 2017 3:38 am

Another Derelict Property in Council’s Sights

Monday, June 29, 2015 @ 3:59 AM

laundromatPrince George, B.C. – City Council for Prince George  said it was going to  go after  owners of  derelict properties,  and tonight will be asked  to  put the heat on  the owners of the property on George Street known as the “Laundromat”.The property  is owned by Commonwealth Campuses Inc,  and was purchased  with a loan from the Northern Development Initiative Trust  around the time  that  the Prince George Hotel was purchased, then flipped to the City.

That P.G. Hotel  property  is now  home to the Wood Innovation and Design Centre.

NDIT provided a $150 thousand dollar loan to Commonwealth Campuses in late 2009 to  buy the Laundromat, at 231 and 233 George Street, the loan was contingent  on  Commonwealth Campus providing “evidence of a commitment from B.C. Housing for a five year lease on the property for transition of displaced residents of the Prince George Hotel.”

BC Housing looked at the Laundromat property and did not pursue it.
About 6 months later,  Commonwealth repaid NDI Trust $155,288.58. That was $5,288.00 more than they had borrowed which constituted interest and fees.

Tonight, Bylaw services will be calling on City Council to  order Commonwealth Campuses Inc to :

• demolish the damaged structure, including the foundation;

• remove all debris from the demolition to an appropriate disposal site; and

• fill in the opening in the ground and level the site;

The call is to have the work complete by August 3rd,  and  the  company would have until July 17th to call  for  Council to reconsider the  order.



It is also about time for the City to look at 2023 Laurier Crescent. It is a 2 storey, flat roofed building with boarded up windows on the first floor and broken windows on the second floor, dark vertical wood siding, and likely should be condemned as a habitable building unless they do major refurbishing.

It has been there for over a decade and is visible on the right hand side as one drives towards downtown and transitions from 5th avenue into 4th avenue.

The land is assessed at $102,000 and the so-called “improvements” at $5,200 which is $9,500 less than in 2014.

To me the nature of the improvements are not an asset, they are a liability. It is high time that the City helped the owners along and demolished the property.

Yep, I can’t fathom how that building is still there. And it’s been way more than 10 years, I believe its been abandoned for closer to 30 years.

That would have been a sweet deal with BC Housing if they had got it. Someone really knows how to work the system….almost. Although they did make $500k flipping the PG Hotel to the city with money borrowed from NDIT so they’re still ahead.

OMG that building at at 2023 Laurier Crescent is still standing? I moved away from PG 6 years ago and it was an eyesore then. Yes city council needs to move on that property as well.

Honest question here. Why has it taken the City so long to do this. It would have been one of my first efforts to revitalize the downtown. Mayor Green, I am looking at you.

“Sights,” not “sites.”

Editor’s note: Thank you for the correction. Adjustment has been made.

Come on folks the city is too busy renaming parks and eliminating local history. They have priorities and commonsense is not one of them.

“Come on folks the city is too busy renaming parks and eliminating local history. They have priorities and commonsense is not one of them.”

Why this is still being talked about so negatively is hilarious to me. And all we did was acknowledge there was history here long before Europeans came and decided to burn their buildings and move them to shelly.

Also, it was the previous council who did not act on the derelict properties. This council has done a great job so far.

The TRUTH based on the accounts of the newspapers of the day which can be read on line at the Prince George Public Library.

The federal government wanted to populate the west. They promoted the building of a railway to connect the country to the west coast. There were Indian Reservations in the way, around 100 of them across the country. One was in PG. The Indian Act allowed for IR to be exchanged for money. The deals were between the local Natives and the Feds. In our case, the deal was made for $125,000. The Natives also received new buildings at the new reservations. It took 2 years from the deal to the time that the buildings were ready. By then, some decided they wanted to stay. A couple of buildings were burned to get them to load their stuff on the river boats(s) used to transport them to the new IR. After they all left, the rest of the village was burned.

The village was likely built by the feds and or the HBC in the first place. That location was not the location of their village when Europeans and others first came through.

TRUTH is being lost right in front of our eyes.

pgjohn “Also, it was the previous council who did not act on the derelict properties. This council has done a great job so far.”

Six members of the “previous” Council sit on this Council. Any one of them could have brought it up at a Council meeting for action. None of them did. Six votes = majority. These members distanced themselves from Green during the last six months so they could save themselves politically and the voters voted them back in. Approval rating in the tank, incumbency rate about 70%. I think that’s referred to as insanity.

Is it insanity, or is it just simple politics.

Ironically the building burns down on July 16th.

I think the restaurant is going to be rebuilt next to Nancy O’s, But what is going to happen with the other one???? Looks like a accident waiting to happen.

What about the mess next to the old Ric’s. That should be cleaned out.

Editor’s note:
That building next to the old Ric’s Grill is also under demolition order.
-Elaine Macdonald-Meisner

“This council has done a great job so far.” Agreed!

How would we know if councilors in the past tried to put items on the agenda but had no success?

Abandoning a sinking ship is not insanity.

I think council is doing a great job. They can’t do everything at once. We do have another 3 1/2 years to go at least I am not dreading it. We see council more around the city and they are actively engaged with the public. I don’t always agree with what they do but at least we are given a voice. As far as the abandoned, it is time for PG to grow up and deal with them. If they were kept up fair enough, but they have not.

Hey folks. I never voted Lynn Hall in but I did vote shari green in last time and have felt so embarrassed about it that I didn’t vote this time. Now, here’s the thing. I know Rome wasn’t built in a day, I see mayor Hall is starting off on the right foot. He is coming to the public and I believe he truly is listening. He spoke to a few people on one of his visits out and brought up their idea in council and the mere fact he mentioned and acknowledged their suggestion indicates to me that he may be genuine. I have problems with his name “Lynn?” but that is my own immature issue I have to deal with. I think he could turn out to be great. Let’s watch and give him the benefit of the doubt. If he starts to make progress, give him another four years to really get going. They don’t have “Carte Blanche” when they get into that seat. Let’s give him a chance. I’m going to.

western3, that’s a pretty lame excuse you used for not voting. Probably 60% of the people regret at some Point of time for whom they voted for, but they keeping on voting, you don’t give up because your dissatisfied with your candidate. As for the name Lynn, it’s just that a name, would you find it more suitable if he had been nameed let’s say Number Seven.

Number 7. Like Mickey Mantle ? ( George Costanza)

How did the Commonwealth Campus (the property owner) get money from NDIT to buy this property in the first place if he had no intention of fixing it up or did he mislead NDIT and others who bought into the scheme? Smells a bit of insider influence from one of the largest donors to the liberals in northern BC.

If the property owner had no intention of revitalizing this property, how on earth could NDIT approve giving him public dollars to finance what appears to have been a private land speculation deal? Wasn’t the property owner also the guy saying just a few years ago that he was going to bring big changes to downtown and rid the place of run down buildings like this one.

Maybe the truth will come out during the court case involving the property owner and NDIT. Interestingly enough even though the case centers in PG and involves two parties that are based in PG, they somehow managed to shuffle the case off to Kelowna. Perhaps so it is conducted out of the “public eye” in Prince George where it actually might get some attention. Somebody has some explaining to do. Who at NDIT signed off on the loan anyway?

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