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October 28, 2017 3:38 am

RCMP to Launch Summer Roadchecks July 1

Monday, June 29, 2015 @ 12:08 PM

Prince George, B.C. – An annual summer campaign aimed at keeping drunk drivers off the road launches July 1.

Police plan to enforce the CounterAttack program, a partnership between the B.C. government, ICBC and police, across the province.

Photo courtesy ICBC

Photo courtesy ICBC

ICBC statistics show that in North Central B.C., an average of 13 people are killed in impaired-related crashes during the summer months every year.

Provincially, that number jumps to one person killed every three days.

ICBC has also released some of the top excuses given by impaired drivers to police at CounterAttack roadchecks:

“My girlfriend was too drunk to make it home from the bar, so I’m going to pick her up.”
“I’m an idiot!”
“But I have a driver’s licence, no one else had a driver’s licence!”
“I don’t feel drunk!”
“I’m only two blocks from home.”
“Mom told me to bring the truck home.”
“I had to pick up my husband.”


Excuses for ICBC rates going up..
1. To pay the huge salaries to our managers
2. The prov gov needs to take more money from ICBC to make the financial situation of the gov look better
3. Just because

As for anyone that gets caught drinking and driving.. The government thanks you for your donations for being stupid.

I have no doubt the police will do their best to catch as many fools as they can…..
now if only the courts and governments would back them up with some serious fines…
these $167 fines are a joke…. but a zero on the end of that and it might, just might get their attention…
and all the other fines could use a zero added to the end as well….

I’ve never quite understood the rational of public service announcement warnings that police will be doing roadchecks. Just lock down a street randomly without a preemptive announcement and I bet they’ll catch a heck of a lot more people.

Brother Gecko: I guess they are just giving the public fair warning and a reminder to not even think about drinking and driving.

Yeah… advertising that you are going to do your regular job seems a bit strange…why tell everyone ? catch the idiots and dont spend any money on advertising it.

You know I’m starting to hate as much as impaired drivers? These idiots with the super loud vehicle exhausts, and the harleys.

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