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October 28, 2017 3:28 am

Puntzi Lake fire Impacts Properties

Friday, July 10, 2015 @ 8:50 PM

Williams Lake, B.C.- The B.C. wildfire Management Branch has confirmed  four properties  have been consumed by the  Puntzi Lake wildfire.One resort, two permanent homes, one seasonal home and multiple outbuildings on a total of four properties have been consumed by the flames.  All  affected property owners have been notified.

On July 8, the CRD expanded an evacuation order to include approximately 50 properties along the northern, western and southern shores of Puntzi Lake.

An Evacuation Alert which is along the northern end of the lake and south of the fork on the Puntzi Lake Road down to Highway 20 remains in effect.

The Puntzi Lake fire remains at approximately 1,200 hectares.


Very sad, we used resorts on Nimpo Lake while fishing for many summers while renting boats and flying into Hotnarko and Gatcho lakes from the float planes off Nimpo. Many good memories in the area.

Cost of wildfire suppression per year in BC

2013: $134 million
2012: $155 million
2011: $48.8 million (was a cool wet summer)
2010: $212 million
2009: $382-million (record breaking)

Anyone care to call me on my prediction that we will set a new record this year that will exceed the $382 million spent on wildfire suppression in 2009? Yup, global warming is starting to have a direct cost to us taxpayers now… and we have no one to blame but ourselves for voting in a pro-fossil fuel industry Harper and Christy Clark governments.

Oh, by the way, the listed costs do not include the value of all those hundreds of thousands of hectares in trees / lumber up in smoke and ash.

I’ll call you on one of your numbers Sophic . It’s not hundreds of thousands of hectares . It’s millions of acres . Closing in on three million acres . Two of the mega fires have just over night burned together and are getting bigger fast out in sask .

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