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October 28, 2017 3:27 am

Single Vehicle Crash Causes Power Outage

Sunday, July 12, 2015 @ 10:58 AM
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Prince George, B.C. – Over 1,200 BC Hydro customers are without power following a single vehicle crash this morning in Prince George.

It happened just before 10 am at North Nechako and Preston Road.

The cause of the crash is unknown and there are no reports of any injuries.

BC Hydro estimates power will be restored by 1:30 this afternoon.


The CEO of Uber has told Elon musk . If you can produce 500,000 driverless cars in 2020 , I will buy all of them . This driver should have had one . It would be great if one were passing out from illness to tell the car to take one to the hospital . It’s coming and its coming fast . Just not fast enough for this latest crash .

How many such accidents have there been at this corner?

How do we know that this was not a mechanical failure? How will driverless cars respond to mechanical failures?

Just imagine a driverless car with the lines recently painted in PG.

From what I have observed over the decades, car accidents at that corner on North Nechako Road are usually due to excessive speed.

Gopg2015 you need to watch a fifteen minute video on Ted.com . It’s by the Google head of autonomous cars . Look up . How a driverless car sees the road by Chris Urmson . It will put all of your fears to rest . It might even raise hopes . Autonomous cars are not coming , they are here and here to stay .

Atalosss o a computer driven driverless cars will not have accidents if they go mainstream, I guess you have never had a computer failure?

About Musk

Musk and his Tesla and SolarCity companies have already pocketed $4.9 billion in taxpayer-financed subsidies, and even long-elusive profitability has not ended the handouts.”


Let me guess . You don’t like Elon musk because he is a successful Canadian ,right ? Or you just don’t like success in general ?

And your link . It a big fat liar .

most dangerous and prone to failure part of a car: THE DRIVER

bring on the autonomous cars, semis, buses and everything else on the road. the sooner we can take ego, testosterone, inattention and all the other frailties of humanity out of the equation, the better!!!

That was a mature response, about what I expected.

This corner has a long history behind it. Time for the City to attempt to remedy this situation. While straightening out the corner is not practical, maybe rumble strips on either side leading in to it might help. Some people just wont slow down. At least try to fix it before another innocent person dies there.
While I cannot recall the name of the young girl who perished there before, there are many who do. Most likely, these people would agree that a solution to the speed related accidents here is long overdue.

Read about the 2013 Spanish train crash in Santiago de Compostela – 200+ passengers with about a third dead and many seriously injured.

Read about the train crash in Brétigny-sur-Orge, France about two weeks prior to that.

Both are part of an extremely automated railway control system superior to most North American railway control systems which allow those trains to go the speeds they travel. They are calling the Spanish incident “human error over decades.”

If override systems are not implemented by a driver, then it is not a driver error. It is, however, still a human error since trains are not controlled and tested by self-directed robots yet. Whether it is a mechanical failure at time of manufacture, a maintenance error, a failure to do continuous quality control, all are human errors.

When something goes wrong with a single passenger vehicle and even a passenger bus or a logging truck using the same automatic “driverless” system, how many incidents will it take before vehicles are not only recalled, but are rendered undriveable unless a driver override can be used because the failure is in the electronics and/or algorithms which control various actions of the vehicle.

We all know about recalls. We do not even have to go to other personal and business computer failures. Nor have we thought about terrorist hackers yet who can render an entire computer controlled system useless.

Having millions of vehicles on the road, all relying on maintenance schedules being met by the owners to the same stringent level which aircraft have to meet – yet still have mechanical failures – is unimaginable for me and hopefully anyone who is safety conscious.

So, we move from “drivers” who will no longer make error because the system will not allow them to, to manufacturers and maintenance technicians who will be the ones making the human errors.

BTW, my airbag “idiot” light comes on every now and then. Apparently nothing wrong with the airbag. Has anyone ever had an electrical/electronic problem with a vehicle? Generally the most difficult thing to fix. Sometimes one just lives with it. And if that was the wrong advice by a mechanic, then die by it, which then becomes whose error?

If driverless vehicles come to Prince George (or any other northern city) the infrastructure has to be brought up to date first. Proper lane painting, straight traffic signs, well maintained curbs (not broken and never repaired in 30 years, and so forth. Snow removal has to be done promptly and properly!

Overall, I would still prefer driverless vehicles over the ones that are driven on the road by too many drivers who speed, pass when it is unsafe, change lanes without signalling, tailgate, don’t pay little or no attention to stop, yield and merge signs, talk on the handheld device and text while holding the ‘smart’ phone in their lap out of sight!

It least a driverless car won’t be able to give one the outstretched (I am number one!) middle finger!

Bring them on!

Who will the police and ICBC blame in an autonomous vehicle accident? The vehicle manufacture, the computer manufacture, The computer programmer? I know the answer, Harper.


I think the above short report from Lloyds brings the whole notion of autonomous vehicles down to reality. It speaks about the increase in incremental introduction of automatic features which will likely make driving safer but not driverless. They mention that predictions are for as early as 2020 to mid 21st century.

I think the latter sounds reasonable.

Seamutt:”Who will the police and ICBC blame in an autonomous vehicle accident? ……I know the answer, Harper.”

I agree! For the next three month! After that, who knows? :-)

Gopg . You think the latter ? Think again . They are already on the road today , legally in many U.S. States and spreading rapidly around the world . There is no stopping it .

They are also replacing mine ore haulers with driverless haulers in a huge way . Here’s just one Jaybridge automated mine haulers .

On a funnier note . I have yet to see painted lines on haul roads .

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