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October 28, 2017 3:18 am

Drivers Urged to Watch for Motorcyclists

Tuesday, July 21, 2015 @ 10:34 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Every year, in the North Central region of B.C., 20 motorcyclists are injured and three are killed in crashes in July and August .

In  nearly 80% of crashes  where a motorcyclist is seriously injured,  it’s the  drivers of vehicles who are at fault.

As is the case  with  many  crashes, distracted driving and failing to yield the right-of-way are the top contributing factors for drivers in crashes with motorcyclists.

Vehicle drivers are  advised to watch carefully for motorcycles  especially at dusk, at night,  in heavy traffic and bad weather.  Other tips call on drivers to:

  • Look twice for motorcycles at intersections and be ready to yield the right-of-way when turning left.
  • Give lots of space when passing a motorcycle and allow at least three seconds following distance when you’re behind a motorcycle.

  • Make eye contact whenever possible to let motorcyclists know that you’ve seen them.

There are  tips for motorcycle riders too:

  • Make sure  you are wearing safety gear  designed for motorcycle riding, and a safety approved helmet

  • Choose gear that gives you the best chance of being seen—bright colours and reflective materials. Do your best to stay out of drivers’ blind spots.

  • Prior to reaching a curve, plan your path through it. Reduce your speed and adjust your lane position. Always look in the direction you want to go.

  • Read other drivers’ language—never assume they’ve seen you or will give you the right of way. They may not accurately judge your distance or speed of approach.

  • When approaching an intersection, adjust your lane position and reduce your speed so you’ll have time to stop if you need to.

On average, 350 motorcyclists are injured and 13 are killed in car crashes in July and August every year in B.C, more than 60% of those crashes  happen in intersections.


Motorcyclists also need to be careful. I was just on the highway this passed weekend and it was unbelievable how careless many motorcyclists were. Crossing at double lines, or even passing me when I was passing someone else.

If motorcycles where invented today they would not be allowed.

I will watch for them if they all get their exhaust inspected so they are not so loud that you cant hear emergency vehicles. I keep hearing “straight pipes save lives” a load of bunk.. you arent saving anyones lives when the emergency vehicles are blocked by traffic because you cant hear them due to the stupidly loud exhaust…Also nothing better than being woken up at 4am by some person on their “hog” ripping down the street… try some consideration people.

Loud pipes do save lives except when you get hit by a tired driver who got no sleep the night before because you have loud pipes.

Ski51.. I always wondered what blind people thought of the straight pipes.. our intersections have the audible signals to cross the street but they cant hear them when those bikes are at a intersection waiting for the light to change.. There is a noise limit for vehicles.. I know if I drove my car with open headers I would be pulled over and ticketed immediatly… why do bikes get a free pass I wonder ?

Just found this for BC

Class of Vehicle Maximum Allowable Sound Pressure Level DBA
Light duty 83
Gasoline-driven heavy duty 88
Motorcycles 91
Diesel-driven heavy duty 93

I watched two events unfold in the past two weeks on our roads, both involved motorcycles & both could have had drastically different outcomes if the timing had been different by one or two seconds. First was on the Sea to Sky where two bikers riding what I assume is the latest in motorcycle technology weaving in & out of traffic at speeds that must have been approaching 100 mph. The slightest miscalculation & both would have been a smear of blood & guts down the highway. The second was 2 days ago by the weigh scales on the Hart. A young guy on an enduro style bike was almost wiped out by an older gent in a mini van who was quite obviously not paying attention, luckily for him the kid on the bike was & reacted quickly & correctly to being cut off. Both events reinforced a few things for me, that life altering events sometimes can happen fast, that driving whatever vehicle of choice is a privilege & a responsibility, not a right or rite of passage & that life is too damn short & sometimes fragile.

Seen a dude on a bike yesterday, cigarette hanging out of his mouth. Didn’t see his ashtray!

Not only bikes, but parents should watch out when crossing walks with little kids. Parents these days… teaching their little small ones who can barely walk to cross a crosswalk.. When my kids were small, we packed them across in order to get over the crosswalk fast fr crosswalks can be dangerous, especially with cars as fast as they are now. See too many parents hand in hand with their lil tykes taking their time crossing. They may have the right of way, but certainly not to take forever

If motorcycles are allowed 91 decibels then most are compliant http://www.sengpielaudio.com/TableOfSoundPressureLevels being a long time motorcyclist ,4+ decades, most motorist do not perceive a motorcycle as a threat so pull out in front of them, a cement truck ….not so much.
Loud pipes, yes they do make the texting motorist look up and around to see what is about, kinda like a cement truck.

‘In  nearly 80% of crashes  where a motorcyclist is seriously injured,  it’s the  drivers of vehicles who are at fault.’ – I call BS. 90% of the motorbikes I see drive like total tools, weaving in and out of traffic, accelerating like idiots all over the place.

Oh, and like another user pointed out, when did it become legal to have deafening exhaust systems on bikes, and vehicles? Why aren’t the police ticketing violators instead of targeted little road blocks?

I was passed 3 times on the blackwater by fools on their bikes, on the weekend, not a cop in site, not once. They patrol the beach one long weekend a year, never to be seen again. Start ticketing these idiots.

I’ve lost all compassion for motorbike riders, I suspect they are the reason behind most of the accidents they are involved in.

The motorcycle is one of the last few great lifeguards in the gene pool . Repeal the helmet laws . Bring back the beanie and free tats for bikers .

My wife and I rode for 4 years and I admit in spite of my age rode like an idiot upon occasion. Very tempting to use all that power. Maybe younger riders possess more self control. That said, 99.9% of the time I rode properly, and a ride without a near death experience was the exception, not the rule. And it’s only going to get worst with all the texting going on. After my wife almost getting creamed by a garbage can that came out of the back of a pickup, we called it a day and sold the bikes. Now she drives a truck and me an SUV and I get my kicks mountain biking in the summer. If I’m going to die, I’d like it to be my fault.

I agree with seamutts comment. And ataloss, it’s not called a donor-cycle for nothing.

“Straight pipes save lives” guess that’s the argument forwarded by motercycle riders for loud exhaust pipes. Friend of mine has informed myself and others that there is a ” Koops Bike Shope” in town that sells long flexible neon orange whip flags?.. Why not make it mandatory for motorcycle riders to have these on their bikes at all times ? Cut down on noise and better visual on moter cycle riders. Could work.. What about a trail period on this suggestion… ?

They keep coming off at 160 km/hr and clash with my black leathers, black helmet, black bike. Now keep an eye out for me will-ya. Sheesh, it’s almost like you’re expecting some bikers to make visibility their responsibility.

As a motorcycle enthusiast, I take exception to some of the comments. I do not subscribe to the “loud pipes save lives” or to the weekend warrior attitude. I wear proper riding gear, high viz vest, and light colours to be seen. Drivers also have to remember that motorcycles accelerate faster and stop faster then cars. Unfortunately we are harder to see, and that is why we have to ride defensively( at least I do) as if I have a target on my back. All we ask is that you share the road! We all have families to go home to. Look twice, save a life!

I think we should set up a meeting where you bike haters can come face to face with those you hate. It pretty much doesn’t matter what bike riders wear, idiots in cages are fn blind when it comes to bikes and have no respect for a bikers safe zone.

Dumbfounded do you mean like not sitting close to their fender in traffic ? Or moving to the right of the lane when they clearly want to get by so they can see the oncoming traffic without crossing the line ? Or when youre coming out of the curve to the straight , ease off till it goes by ? I don’t hate anyone . Okay I don’t like idiots on bikes or otherwise . I think you should lead , follow or get out of the way . If any of you come up on my bumper and you want to get by because I’m going too slow . As soon as I get to a safe stretch , I’m always going to make it easy for you to get by . Throttle down and moving over .

Motorcycle riders need to take it upon themselves to make sure they are visible. Black bikes, black leather and black helmets may seem fashionable but they dont make you very visible. Louder than stock exhaust is OK, but straight pipes are not acceptable in my opinion. LIVE TO BE SEEN

We all have to share the road. There are bad drivers and bad riders. Nobody has the right to break the rules of the road, and if you do, then you must accept any consequences. Far too many people drive/ride like the rules dont apply to them.

Drive to the conditions, pay attention and be aware of others. Seems simple, but clearly there are many who shouldnt hold any license at all.

Car, truck or bike…if you tailgate me, better be paying attn because I will give you a wake up call. On your cell phone? I will rudely get your attention and you wont like it. I have gone 15 years without a ticket, 19yrs since being in an accident, and never had an accident that was my fault. I want to keep it that way, unless you want to go under my back bumper in which case that will suck for you.

Being an avid motorcycle rider for many years I put on lots of lights and always watching for the person running half way trough a intersection before stopping and making eye contact. It is amazing how many people are still on cell phones these days. Just have to drive with much more caution than you have to in a car/truck this is double fold in the rain. My Harley is louder than Honda’s I had but can not say that really makes a difference as many people have there music loud anyways.

Ski, you crack me up! LMAO
Wathdog, you said it all, good on yuh!

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