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October 28, 2017 3:17 am

And the Survey Says?

Thursday, July 23, 2015 @ 3:54 AM

stockcityhallPrince George, B.C. – The City of Prince George  is launching a  survey next week to gather feedback  on customer service.

“Along with the City’s Neighbourhood Conversations and other upcoming initiatives, this is a great opportunity for citizens to have their voices heard” says Mayor Lyn Hall “We want to receive all kinds of feedback so that a wide variety of experiences can be reviewed.”

The results and comments  gathered through the survey will  help Administration make  improvements to customer service.  It will also  help  staff address  specific concerns  people  may have.

The survey will be launched early  next week and will be conducted in-house.

The study will involve reaching out to 1000 customers who have contacted the City over the  past  year and include both a phone and an online survey available at www.princegeorge.ca as well as a printed survey form, which can be picked up from the Service Centre on the main floor of City Hall.

The Customer Satisfaction Survey will run until mid-August and results will be posted on the  City’s wedsite.


Can you fix the traffic problems that PG is having?

Traffic problems? We don’t have any, once in a blue moon may have to wait for two lights to get through a intersection but that’s it. Then you watch the news and laugh at the hours the lower mainland minions spend in traffic jams each day..lol

I actually do not care whether they have any traffic problems in Abbotsford or not! As for P.G. and traffic problems: There aren’t any.

Wow, I am impressed, rather than traveling off to China in pursuit of Harper’s national agenda and dream, this group at city hall seems more interested in what is going on in Prince George. Now that is a refreshing change!

out of 80000 people in PG… only contacting a thousand???

The reason for contacting 1000 people is as stated on the 11th line of the news article as pasted below:

“The study will involve reaching out to 1000 customers who have contacted the City over the past year ”


I am looking forward to receiving a call since I have had mixed success in dealing with the city through it’s “Service Centre” at 250-561-7600.

P val Your not that well informed on traffic in the Fraser Valley. I can drive to Vancouver in 50 min and I’m driving the speed limit. There may be some 5 o’clock gridlock in the down town streets but with a million people trying to get to their home its a normal situation.

And don’t be so naïve. I can remember a Friday free for all when the entire conversation was about bad drivers and rules of the road in PG that most didn’t understand. And you have to wait for the change of two traffic lights tells me you had better change your driving habits.

The traffic in the Fraser valley is not a problem for me. I have driven for many years and in many different environment’s so its a piece of cake all you need to do is grow up and learn to drive by the rules and you will be OK..

Our daughter lives in the West end and works for Canfor. she gets to work in about 20 min down below SW Marine Drive. Some gridlock eh.

PG has only 72000 people living in it and its shrinking. That’s a city hall stretch 80000.

Can bylaw services actually do something about illegally parked trucks in residential areas?

Dumbfounded, they probably can but probably won’t! I’m guessing that this would be like watering lawns during watering bans, improper storage of garbage, etc.! They would likely only offer some sort of warning rather than writing a ticket or calling in the tow trucks!

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