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October 28, 2017 3:16 am

Site C Road Contract Awarded to P.G. Company

Saturday, July 25, 2015 @ 5:30 AM

Prince George, B.C. -A company from Prince George has been awarded the contract to start road work to the Site C dam project. 

A.L. Sims and Sons Ltd from Prince George has been awarded the $7.9 million dollar contract that will see the following work done:

  • Upgrading and paving 1.6 kilometres of 240 Road.
  • Upgrading and paving 900 meters of 269 Road.
  • Widening, paving and partially realigning 5.6 kilometres of Old Fort Road.
  • Installing street lights at various intersections along Old Fort Road and 240 Road.

These roads serve both the community and provide access to the Site C project. The road work and paving will result in a smoother riding surface, improved safety and dust control. Wider shoulders will make the roads safer for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. Street lights will enhance safety through improved visibility.

This is the first contract that the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure has awarded in association with BC Hydro as part of the Site C project.

Work is expected to start this summer and be completed in September 2016.


Sweet I’m glad their not from Vancouver or other parts of Canada! Way to keep it sort of local!

Sort of local would be right. Looks like these roads are in the Fort St John, area.

If there is work to be done regardless of Site C debate, then this is best case scenario (local company doing the work). Infrastructure upgrades in that area have been ongoing and this is specific to a larger project Palopu, meaning a local company is doing work that could have been awarded to someone else.
Also this is the tip of the iceburg and Sims may be able to wrangle up some more business as a result of this job. Hopefully they can subcontract any required work to other PG owned and operated companies specilizing in those fields.
This just means some of the Site C/Peace country $ is being earned by locals and hopefully spent in Prince George…as long as the workers and owners are happy to do the work this is great news I’d say :)

hopefully Site C project hits the rocks.

hopefully Abbotsford runs out of water.

Forget site C – let’s build nuclear power instead. Put it in Abbotsford.

PS – congrats to Sims, this is very good news!

Retired 02. For once we agree. Site C can at best be described as a very bad joke.

Building a huge dam to generate power we don’t need is almost impossible to imagine. **Only in BC eh;**

Speak for yourself. We definitely need to destroy that pristine valley to provide power for self driving electric cars to save the planet from global warming and humanity.

Digitus Impudicus you have run out of grey matter. We don’t need the power so why build this dam. It is for export to our friends to the south. And besides you couldn’t gain by it as I said you need some grey matter.

Sure I’m ok with nuclear power at least we are not exporting our pollution. I could probably get a job operating one of the plants.

Actually Retired – it’s also for the one million new expected B.C. citizens that we apparently need to keep our economy growing. If we kept our population static there’s a lot of things we wouldn’t need to do.

That’s right Retired 02. There are a couple billion Asians that desperately want to live in the GVRD.

And yes 02, I agree. You do come off as rather Homer Simpson-ish.

Because your such a sensitive, crotchety old coot, that doesn’t know dick, with comprehension issues, sometimes it’s fun to answer your ridiculous posts.
Jeers !

A total disregard for our country’s legal and judicial system, just like the Harper Government. Awarding contracts when important matters over the Site C are before the courts is a slap in their face. IMO, High School Christy, is just bungling along because she needs to be seen as doing something, yet not knowing how to do it.

By 02’s last comment he is more Archie Bunker than Homer Simpson. Deciding who will be a good neighbour by their colour is a little racist and against the law old timer.

As for the power being needed for electric vehicles that is so 2014. The newest thing is to get an IMAGINARY electric car, say a pretend Chevy Spark EV like Sofa has. No power of any kind required to make or run the thing and you can take it with you when walking, biking or riding the bus.

Those wannabes driving Toyota Prius and Nissan Leafs are such posers!

More sarcastic comments from “lonesome” about someone else’s comments… so predictable. Hey lonesome sparrow, can’t imagine why you are so lonesome, maybe your negative comments, dripping with sarcasm, reflect your personality?

Always the same guys on here arguing and solving the world’s problems.

You folks ever thought of all getting together at a coffee shop to shoot the shit?

I’d buy tickets for that.

You’d probably all wind up best friends lol…

You have been asked numerous times if you own a Spark EV. So do you own one like you said or is it more BS you made up to give your post the illusion of being somewhat credible? “Look at ME…I drive an electric car(unavailable in Canada) so I am better than the rest of you people that have internal combustion cars and trucks and therefore support big bad oil and Harper”

Once again the question was…Do you or do you not own a Chevy Spark EV? Simple yes or no question.

Great idea BCGrog, and the first shooting the shit topic would be about the mining industry, bet you wouldn’t be a ticket buying bystander on that one.


I’d be there! Defending my living thanks!

Do you think you could handle the truth when I pull out reams of evidence showing responsible environmental and social progress in mining?

Where and when?

Hahahahha always a hoot Sophic you big ol’ lefty socialist liberal!


Will have to leave it to HG for a bit after tomorrow. We are just in town on a “PG holiday” to give the housesitter a break then back to work in BC wine country. Don’t think the Big Grumpy Couch will miss me:P

@ss Simple question got ya stumped?

SS does not reply when she knows she doesn’t have the truth and facts and just tries to ignore you. She will just pop open another bottle of wine and look the other way hoping one day you will forget.

Actually sparrow, Hart Guy and slinky… I haven’t been responding to that question because I realize I screwed up. Maintaining my anonymity on this and other sites is important to me. There are too few charging stations in PG and only a handful of Chevy Spark owners so…. how about I say I DO NOT own one?


Charging stations and number of owners are moot points if the EV vehicle is not available on this side of the border. “Pant On Fire” moment for you and reason enough to question the validity of future things you post….lowered your soapbox by quite a bit.

Back to the original topic…I wonder what the talk was when WAC Bennett was building all the hydro electric projects way back in the 60’s…it clearly was way more power than what was required at the time to meet demand. Might be interesting to dig up the letters to the editor from that time period to see what the 02’s and Palopu’s of that era had to say. We are still seeing benefits of his decision to build these projects every month when the hydro bill hits the inbox….among the lowest hydro rates on the whole continent.

Lonesome; I actually know a couple of people in PG who own Chevy Sprints, Seattle is not much farther than Vancouver don’t you know? And as for me knowing a couple of people in PG who have Chevy Sprints, it’s NOT because I own one!

Can someone point out actual information about not requiring site c in 8 years time. Quit the rhetoric and show facts.

I guess GMS, peace canyon, mica, revelstoke where never required.

I am all for nukes but more expensive than hydro.

Seamutt. If there was a case and a need for Site C. The Provincial Government would not have circumvented the BC Utilities Commission.

If the Americans, and many Canadian Provinces, Korea, China, India, etc; etc; etc; are using natural gas to produce electricity, why is it that BC with huge reserves of natural gas chooses to build a dinosaur dam to generate electricity. We supply the gas for other Countries to use to produce electricity but we cant do it ourselves. Hmmmmm.

Site C is another foolish decision by the Christy Clark Government.

Sparrow. I was around when the Wacky Dam was built, and guess what. There was a compelling case for the construction of this dam, and I supported to Governments decision.

If there was a clear need for Site C, and if the Government could show this need, then I would also support it, however they cant show any need at all. What we get from the present Government is smoke and mirrors, gooblygook, and hyperbole.

“I would far sooner have an Asian next door then someone like dickus impossible. Why don’t you go out and get a life instead of harassing those of us that that have forgotten more then you will ever know, Bush Bunny
This coming from a guy that doesn’t know the difference between the meanings of the words: “THEN” and “THAN”.
I enjoy reading the items and following the debates on this site, but, why do you keep engaging this man? Ignore it, it will go away.

By the way. AL Sims & Sons is an excellent company. Congrats on the successful bid.

Wow, 14 years in power and what has this BC Lib-Con government accomplished? Anything major other than the Winter Owelympics? No wonder they are so desperate to get something… anything going. That kind of desperation usually leads to poor decision making and choices.

You know what they have accomplished Sophie??? they have defeated the dippers 4 straight times…and kept them from taxing us and our next 10 generations into the poor house….as for being anonymous….I’m sure you can stay that way if you never leave your mommies basement!
As for Palapu’s comment about us exporting our gas so that it can be used to generate electricity elsewhere…Do you honestly think these other countries would be burning fossil fuels to generate power if they had the Hydro electric potential that we have in BC? Not a chance! They would be building dams and harnessing as much of that clean power as they could!

Ha, ha, same old pattern; say something disparaging about the government, get personally attacked by it’s mindless minions. It would be nice if someone could answer my question though, other than the Owelympics, what other major thing has this Lib-Con government accomplished in the last 14 years?

SS Sprints make more sense than a Spark EV, the Spark also came out with a gas pot available everywhere. A company in Quebec imports Spark EVs but the Volt or Leaf are more popular

Sophic.. Do you even know where the 240 road is or Old Fort..?

Other than the Owelympics, what other major thing has this Lib-Con government accomplished in the last 14 years? Don’t know about you, but I cannot think of one significant thing!!!

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