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October 28, 2017 3:16 am

Regional District to Weigh In on Postal Service Cuts

Friday, July 24, 2015 @ 3:55 AM

Prince George, B.C.- The Regional District of Fraser Fort George  will be sending a letter to Canada Post,  asking  the mail  service to reconsider some it’s planned cost  cutting plans.

The RDFFG is concerned about plans to reduce hours of service at a couple of  rural post offices.  Canada Post had sent letters to the  Directors  for Crescent Spur,  Upper Fraser and Dome Creek, advising that ” A careful review has determined  that we have a very little customer traffic” at the  three post offices,  Canada Post is  “considering reducing and changing the open hours  to the public on weekdays.”

Although Canada Post says it will be holding discussions with the  local representative of the Canadian Postmasters and Assistants Association,  the Regional District is calling for more than  that.

The Regional District  will be calling  on  Canada Post to hold community meetings in those communities where services are at risk of being reduced so the residents  who  would be impacted by  the changes have an opportunity to express  how they feel  about the  changes.



If they are going to still keep these offices open but shorter hours, that makes sense to me. It’s a better option than completely closing them.

is it not an act of terrorism when a false flag operation is conducted by anyone including the RCMP and the owner of a shed?

This is all connected to the Harper government driven globalist agenda for TiSA. They have to ready the red meat for the feeding frenzy so it all happens seamlessly like that was the natural order of things.

Yes the TPP Trans_Pacific partnership is scary for the criminal ‘International Settlement Courts’ that we surrender our sovereignty to as if to prop up the new Empire transformed from the political to the hidden that pull the strings of, and put limits on, the political… thereby ruling once again by decree from far off litigation that is conducted behind closed doors and secret tribunals, and that have the legal authority to put limits on our sovereignty as intended by our duly elected representatives.

Look at Greece and the EU. Its a mess. There is no solidarity there for anyone other than the banksters. With the TTIP they wish to make this transatlantic and further empower the settlements courts of the bankster. Has anyone ever asked if these settlements courts have representation from other stakeholders like for example sovereign governments, society at large, social or environmental considerations… nope its only the fast flipping quarterly capitalism that is represented as the sole representative to what constitutes executive law via their settlement courts positions.

When Stephen Harper said we wouldn’t recognize Canada when he is done with it, and at the Canadian G8 meeting he has evolved to a new ‘enlightened sovereignty’… the same threat that runs through both is the intention to surrender Canadian sovereignty for proper regulations to protect worker rights, benefits, and the environment… to surrender our sovereign right to regulatory independence from a Canadian perspective. Will we even need politicians anymore?

All these other agreements were trade agreements. TiSA is about surrendering our national rights to the service industry. This makes up about 80% of our economy, so it should be a big deal, and people should be thinking about what the Harper government is committing us to.

This deal will see Canada surrender our national sovereignty over regulations to the important industries like banking and finance, air and maritime transport, package delivery (as in privatization of national postal services), e-commerce, telecommunications, accountancy, engineering, consulting, health care…. there will be poaching across a wide range of service sectors with large state sponsored corporations coming over from places like Saudi Arabia, buying up the Canadian Wheat Board Assets, or from places like Turkey and Mexico, and Israel using hidden unaccountable ‘settlements courts’ to twist their way into every corner of our economy strangling the home grown Canadian industry… sector by sector… and how would we ever know for sure these ‘settlement boards’, quasi supreme courts of the globalists agenda, are not corrupted themselves when everywhere else we look in high finance… the pool in which they draw… is so corrupt they would sell their own grandma’s pension to flip their ponzi another day.

Most of the sectors covered under the TiSA agreement have standstill clauses meaning signatory governments would be bound by agreement to no new regulations in that industry, none that are not TiSA approved (ie the lowest common denominator). ‘Enlightened Sovereignty’ folks.

So yes cut Canada Post service to the bare bone and prime it for a captured market that can be monetized into a privatization scheme for globalist insiders. Imagine the potential when gaining control over one countries supply line to information….

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