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October 28, 2017 3:14 am

Funding Announced for Two Major Terrace Area Transportation Projects

Tuesday, July 28, 2015 @ 3:49 AM

Terrace, B.C.- Two major transportation projects in the Terrace area have been announced.

First, the federal government will be injecting $17.5 million while the Province will provide $19.5 million for a project that will eliminate the last level rail crossing on Highway 16.

The crossing is located about 28 kilometers west of Terrace and   east and westbound traffic can be held up for some time as long trains   cross the highway as they make their way to and from the Port of Prince Rupert.

The project will see about 2 kilometres of Highway 16 realigned and a grade separation to carry traffic over the CN rail line.   The current crossing has a series of rumble strips in east and west bound lanes as they approach the crossing which has flashing lights and crossing arms. 

The second project will see the Northwest Regional Airport expanded. This project will add 1,573 square metres of new space for check-in counters, baggage security system, baggage make-up area, airline offices, cargo facility and passenger security screening. 

It also included renovations to 1,110 square metres of the existing building to join the existing airline offices, counters and security boarding area to create one large security boarding area.   There is also funding included for upgraded parking. 

The airport project has an estimated cost of $16.4 million, with the federal and provincial governments each providing $4.4 million and the Terrace-Kitimat Airport Society covering the balance.


Not 28 kilometers west of terrace . You could say 28 miles or the be exact 27.8 miles is where the level crossing is .

Bet they leave the Rock Cut, just down the road from the tracks, as is.

The original plan was to cross over the tracks at mile 30 where the tracks go through the rock cut . Then build road along the river side of the tracks joining up with the the highway at the 27.4 level crossing . That was way back before they ran out of money . I don’t think there is another way to do it .

Why even bother with it? Facts are there is almost no vehicle traffic between Prince Rupert and Terrace anyways.

Its a very scenic highway and has good wide shoulders… but in reality one might pass another vehicle in the opposite direction every 20km or so. We have a town of 5000 and a town of 20,000 separated by nearly 200km. I’ve waited for a train there before, and if you are at that point on the highway, then whats an extra 5-minutes max for a wait?

We could use the infrastructure far more for a few more passing lanes on the hills further inland IMO.

I find it unacceptable that one goes into a hospital, like the Fort St James hospital, and find that it has no air conditioning, and its like an oven even on a moderate day when its only 20c out. How anyone recovers in a place like that is beyond me… how we can have hospitals that have no air conditioning or proper environmental controls in this day and age… priorities of governments elected by the Vancouver-Victoria majority?

The highway infrastructure I think would be great would be a Bella Coola to Houston connector if even just as a summer highway. Start with the Dean River road North of Anahim Lake up through to a potential ferry crossing of the Nechako Reservoir, and on through to the Northwest via Houston. This would make for some great wilderness circle tour potential and create some vital links to remote resource rich parts of our province.

Why even bother ? Well Bob was on hand to take credit in terrace ( skeena riding ) ? B.C. transportation minister Todd Stone and Prince George MP Bob Zimmer were on hand to announce the respective $19.5 million and $17.5 million contributions to the re-aligning and grade separation for a two-kilometre stretch of highway. Must be an election year . Bob doing good works in terrace ? Poor pg . Bob , why are you not working for your own riding ?

That is a lot of coin for 2 k of road, must be gold pavement going in.

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