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October 28, 2017 3:12 am

One Year Later, Phase One of Mt. Polley Clean Up Complete

Wednesday, July 29, 2015 @ 9:33 AM

Williams Lake, B.C.- The  Province says phase one of the  Mt. Polley  clean up  is  complete.

That  phase,  focused on stabilizing Hazeltine Creek to ensure it would be safe over the winter months and  through  the spring freshet.

The phase one report (available here)  says ” All deliverables for phase one were completed by the end of  June.”
The Province has created a video showing the extent of the remediation work completed over the past year which can be viewed above.
According to the Ministry of the Environment, the following work has either been completed or “suitably initiated”.

* Safety (e.g., woody debris removed from Quesnel Lake)
* Containment of tailings
* Monitoring
* Protection of archaeological resources
* Protection of fish
* Erosion mitigation
* Water treatment
* Reporting

Phase two will continue to focus on remediating the impacts of breach through summer 2016 and beyond and will include an ecological and human health risk assessment. Ongoing impact assessment, monitoring and mitigation activities will also occur. First Nations and local communities will be active participants throughout this phase.


In the other story, the minister her self encourages people to visit the Likely area, yet in this news story it states; “…and will include an ecological and human health risk assessment.”

How responsible is it to encourage people to visit the area, when an ecological and human health risk assessment has yet to be done?

Has been ongoing, no issues can be found. Salmons runs not impacked, matter of fact with all the organics washed into the lake for food the fish are biggest ever seen.

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