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October 28, 2017 3:12 am

Edmonton Company Awarded a Site C Contract

Thursday, July 30, 2015 @ 3:52 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Morgan Construction and Environmental Ltd (MCEL) out of Edmonton, has been  awarded a contract  for  preparation activity on the north bank of the Site C dam.

The work  will include:

  • constructing approximately seven kilometres of access roads on the north bank of the Site C dam site,
  • excavating about two million cubic metres of material,
  • producing and stockpiling approximately 100,000 cubic metres of aggregate material for use by other contractors at the dam site, and
  • clearing and grubbing of approximately 55 hectares.

Morgan Construction and Environmental  Ltd describes itself as “an oilfield  construction company”  that has more  than  half of  century of  working for resource  corporations.  According to the company’s website,  MCEL  has experience in  projects of all sizes,  and says the company excels in “completing our tasks within scheduled timeframes, on budget, and with the utmost workplace safety.”

Work under this contract is expected to start in early August and be complete by the end of June 2016. This work will make the site ready for the  start of the main civil works in early 2016. is required to prepare the site for the start of main civil works in early 2016.

The awarding of this contract is one of several  announced by BC Hydro.  The others  are:

  • L.Sims and Sons Ltd  for  improvement of public roads accessing the dam site
  • Paul Paquette and Son’s Contracting  to clear the south  bank  of the dam site
  • ATCO Two rivers Lodging Group Ltd named preferred proponent for  Site C worker accommodation contract


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-Elaine Macdonald-Meisner


yes Clark you are right , site C will create jobs…just not for BC workers!
the proof is above….. Alberta gets our money and the jobs.

Typical response from the NDP cheerleaders…The premier has something to do with Hydro taking the low bidder with the best qualifications? You could have checked the careers page at Morgan and see the local job opportunities. You could phoned one of the three job recruiters and found out many dozens of jobs are available for the site prep.

Contractor.. And how do you know they where the lowest bidder? Or that they have the best qualifications?


Before people go off on some ridiculous tangent about who can work where in Canada either as a contractor or as individuals, let us all understand that this is still one country.

I think if we put our collective anecdotes together we all know of people as well as companies who have moved to a Alberta for jobs, who have been commuting to Alberta for a job, who have been working in Alberta for seasonal jobs such as clearing seismic lines over the winter and returning to BC in the spring to fall for hand falling and fireline work.

And some of us also recall the return of workers and families when the oilfield work in Alberta dries up for a decade or so.

From the above linked article:

“Within Canada there are no restrictions on labour mobility. People move freely between provinces to find employment, to retire, to attend school, or for other reasons. The past few years have seen mounting anecdotal evidence that strong demand for workers in Alberta is impacting the BC labour market by luring younger, often skilled workers from this province. Some employers in BC report they have been losing employees to our eastern neighbor. Looking ahead, this trend is likely to contribute to a tightening of the BC labour market as economic growth gradually accelerates.

“The data tracking interprovincial migration patterns confirm that British Columbians are now re-locating to Alberta in significant numbers. In addition to higher-paying jobs, we can assume that lower housing costs are also playing a role in attracting younger BC families to Alberta.

“There is another dimension to Alberta’s impact on BC’s workforce, however. This takes the form of people who continue to reside in British Columbia but work and earn their living in Alberta. This short report examines both elements of the outflow of workers – interprovincial migration and out-of-province employment by residents – to evaluate to what extent is Alberta is serving as a drain on the pool of young, skilled workers in BC.”

Specific to the contract under discussion here, does anyone know where the people and any subtrades that work for the company come from? How many have BC Passports, Newfi Passports, Saskatchewan Passports? In 2009 it was 1.2% of the Alberta workforce from BC, 3.2% from Saskatchewan, 1.1% from New Brunswick, 1.2% from Nova Scotia, 1.8% from PEI 4.0% from N&L. Considering that BC has a population larger than Alberta and PEI has a population a fraction the size of Alberta, Alberta must be robbing PEI dry.

But hey, when it comes to BCLibs bashing, who cares about small details. The same typically goes for BC NDP bashing.

contractor …
You Need Help!

Not surprised, all those pre-election fund raising dinners in Alberta for the BC Liberal Party needs to be acknowledged and “thanked” somehow… IMO.

Once again Hydro is letting contracts while the issue of whether or not this project will go forward is before the courts.

It would be nice if the court could find Hydro in contempt, and throw the book at them.

Nothing worse that an arbitrary decision by a publically owned entity, that fly’s in the face of our Justice System.

Who the hell do these Hydro people think they are. Have they forgotten that they are Civil Servants??????

Like the Olympics, it’s gonna happen Pal. Take a puck size valium and enjoy. You have been against the airport runway, LNG development, site C, CN center, Northern sport center, UNBC, Winter games and that’s off the top of my head. Are you for anything? Do you want the north to grow at all? What’s you major malfunction private palpou?

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