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October 28, 2017 3:02 am

Harris Adjusts to Life Away From the Campaign Trail

Monday, August 10, 2015 @ 3:50 AM
Cariboo-Prince George MP Dick Harris announces his retirement last year - 250 News archive

Cariboo-Prince George Conservative MP Dick Harris announces his retirement last year – 250 News archive

Prince George, B.C. – You can excuse Dick Harris for feeling a tad out of sorts these days.

You see after seven straight election victories and more than 20 years as an MP, he’s finally standing on the sidelines during an election campaign.

“Yes, I have to admit it’s kind of strange to be sitting back and watching this time around,” says Harris. “And of course when you hear things that are going on so far in the country and issues that are being raised, you just have this oh, I know what to say or how to respond to that feeling. But I don’t because I’m not a part of it anymore.”

He admits it will likely take him a while to get those feelings out of his system.

“On the one hand I’m very happily approaching my retirement and on the other hand I suppose once a politician you always will be watching the news everyday, seeing what’s happening,” says Harris. “I hope that doesn’t last too long with me but it likely will be around for a while.”

So what does the future hold for Harris?

“As you know about 13 years ago we bought a place in Osoyoos, we knew (Harris and his wife) that it was going to be our retirement place and for the last couple of years we’ve been using it as a place to go and relax when we weren’t in Ottawa and not in Prince George.”

And after working for 55 years he’s looking forward to spending more time with family.

“Of course when you get to my age, a legitimate senior, what becomes very important to you is your family, and in particular your grandkids and I’ve got a bunch of those and I’m going to be enjoying them more than ever before.”


Enjoy every minute of it Mr. Harris!

Don’t worry Dick those feelings will leave when you cash the first pension cheque. :) Enjoy!

” ”

my mama told me if you have nothing nice to say…………….

He hasn’t been doing much of anything for the last 4 years…
even less the last year…
even moved away from PG so he hasn’t even been here…

don’t get that comment wrong,
I have met Dick on numerous occaisions,
I actually like Dick as a person.

He spoke….. yer momma lied.. same thing bout Santa.. And how old are you now???

It will take time to get used to not be a Harper parrot . But don’t worry Bob is taking up the slack .

‘And after working for 55 years ‘ – oh lol, here we go… let’s exaggerate just how long we’ve been ‘working’ in the system for the memoirs. Sorry Dick, you can’t include your lemonade stand as a job.

Thought he hit retirement in 1993…

Whats to adjust, he road this gravy train for years doing nothing and now Todd Doherty is looking to do the same. All Conservatives are a tragic misplaced joke.


Dick Harris, about 13 years ago we bought a place in Osoyoos.
If Dick thinks that by retiring at Osoyoos he may live longer, don’t count on it. The heat there will dry him and his wife out like an old prune, even the rattle snakes leave in the summer and head north to get away from the unforgiving heat. Satan used to vacation there but quit going due to the excessive heat.

If he’s had a house there for 13 years and he spends time there to relax, I presume he fully appreciates the climate and that he enjoys it.

As for life span, there seem to be loads of people living long, enjoyable lives in places much hotter and far more punishing that Osoyoos. I think Dick will be fine, LOL :)

How does doing nothing now a change for the nothing he did for 20 years.. Besides wasting all the tax payers money on travel?

$505,000 on just travel expenses last year for Dick Harris. Wanna be Dick might have a bigger family and cost even more.

“$505,000 on just travel expenses last year for Dick Harris.”

Helping out the airlines to improve their bottom line! You see, the flip side is mostly positive and look at all the frequent flyer points earned every year! Viva Mexico!

Okay, see what I did there ? I lied. Apparently the combined total of office, travel, employees was $515,000. I apologize.

I thought Dick was charged more for taking up two seats. :D

Digitus, it is easy to get confused with all those dizzying numbers!

“Don’t worry Dick those feelings will leave when you cash the first pension cheque.”

Better take a wheelbarrow along to pick it up because it is going to be monster cheques from now on! Don’t get a hernia, eh!

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