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October 28, 2017 3:03 am

Libertarian “In It To Win It”

Sunday, August 9, 2015 @ 3:45 PM

Fort St. John, B.C. – Todd Keller is hoping to strike gold when Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies voters head to the polls October 19.

The gold miner is hoping to do so under the banner of the Libertarian Party of Canada.

Todd Keller - photo submitted

Todd Keller – photo submitted

If elected, the Kelowna native and Fort St. John resident wants to “advocate for sound money and individual liberties.”

He says that includes “strengthening property rights and the right to defend yourself and your property.”

Keller is also campaigning against the government’s anti terrorism law, Bill C-51.

“It stands a better chance of being used against the average Canadian than terrorists.”

In the past, Keller ran a gold brokerage in the Yukon, before moving to northeast B.C. to work in oil field services.

But due to weakening oil and gas prices he says he’s been “forced to accept a seasonal dream job back in placer mining” in the Yukon.

And though the Libertarians have never elected an MP, he says he’s “in it to win it,” claiming the party is “riding a wave of an uptick in popularity” with new leader Tim Moen.

Keller joins incumbent Bob Zimmer as the only declared candidates in the riding (Liberal Matt Shaw is expected to be acclaimed Thursday).


Ah, yes, “… advocate for sound money”. Gold, perhaps? The ONLY way any money can ever be made ‘sound’ is to properly relate what’s really behind it ~ the ‘real’ credit of society ~ to the ‘financial’ credit which is supposed to be an accurate numerical reflection of it. But currently is not. And that’s true no matter whether money is made of, or backed by, gold, or anything else.

Yes and Harper is an advocate for driving us deeper in debt..his sound money is borrowed..lol

ALL money is borrowed at present, PVal. Such has always been the case. If it were not so, we would have no need of money whatsoever. For it is merely an accounting/demand system that allows for a difference in time in making transactions.

If Harper did not, as you say, “…drive us deeper into debt”, if he instead had insisted that the federal government’s budgets be balanced all through the recent period of worldwide recession that began in 2008, this would only have further unbalanced the budgets of Canadian individuals, businesses, and other levels of government, such as the Provinces. An already bad situation would have been a lot worse.

No government ever likes to run unbalanced budgets. But under the current financial set-up, which is in place worldwide, not just here in Canada, the alternatives would be far worse. We are fortunate here in that the Harper government has not got itself into a position where it has to raise taxes. Doing so would further exacerbate the whole process of an early return to an economic recovery.

Harper hasn’t run a balanced budget in years…but he keeps saying he has… Also he has put canada 150 billion more in debt… Of course he hasn’t raised taxes yet..he keeps cutting money going to everything..seniors, veterans, cutting transfer payments to provinces… Fees have gone up, but that’s not a tax so that’s okay in your eyes.. Also like i have said before..cutting all this money from the provinces just makes the provinces have to find that money somewhere…any idea where they get it? I will tell you..by raising fees as well, cutting programs and funding and increasing taxes.. So realistically Harper has raised taxes..by forcing the provinces to.

But the Liberals did the SAME thing when they ‘balanced the budget’ under Paul Martin as Finance Minister, PVal. And what would the NDP have done if it were in office? There’s still only ONE taxpayer, and ultimately all the money that’s been borrowed and spent, no matter who’s in office, has to be paid by us.

Now the NDP has NEVER, not once in all its history, ever called for a close examination of anything to do with ‘money’ itself. The closest it got to that was a suggestion one time, long ago, by Ed Broadbent when he was its leader, that the government might take over a chartered bank. That was back when interest rates were in the double-digits, and businesses were finding it awfully expensive to borrow money, and home-owners, or would-be ones needing a mortgage, being hit hard too. Broadbent spent the next week or so retracting that statement. And no more was to be heard from the NDP on that subject again. Not that it would have made the slightest difference if they HAD taken over a chartered bank, or even all of them. For only the ‘administration’ of credit issue would have changed. The ‘policy’ governing it would have remained exactly the same.

The real problem is that there is a chronic insufficiency of actual money in the economy relative to all the price values of goods and services expressed in money. Harper has moved to address this by his emphasis on entering various ‘free trade’ deals, in the hopes that we can then increase exports to a larger amount than imports, and get someone else’s money, convertible into ours, for the difference. The Liberals and NDP will do no different, only both will drive up costs here with new taxes. Which will never bring in enough to rectify anything. You can’t make what’s insufficient into something that sufficient by simply re-distributing it. Which is all their new taxes will do.

Harper will waste another 9 million to protect religious freedom overseas.. Are you frikin kidding me? There was a time when religion and politics ran countries.. It was called the dark ages.. Who are we to tell some other country how to run when we have a disgustingly dirty backyard of our own to clean up. How’s the highway of tears investigation going Steve.. Oh wait it’s just about the murder of Canadians.. Never mind, nothing to see here.

I thought this story was about some guy named Keller
(who apparently submitted a selfie)

Posted on Monday, August 10, 2015 @ 11:40 AM by metalman

I thought this story was about some guy named Keller
(who apparently submitted a selfie)


At least he didn’t take the selfie in front of the bathroom mirror.

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