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October 28, 2017 2:53 am

2 Arrested After Salvation Army Broken Into

Wednesday, August 19, 2015 @ 11:46 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Two people are facing  charges following a break and enter at the Salvation Army’s 18th Avenue facility.

Early this morning,  RCMP officers  observed two people breaking into the  building,  and shortly afterwards, an adult male and an adult female were arrested without incident.

This morning’s break in  marks the fourth time the Salvation  Army facility on 18th has been broken into since August 9th.

Police say their investigation  also pegs the adult male as the prime suspect in the theft of a bike and cell phone from the back yard of a home on Freeman Street in Prince George.

The investigation into the previous break-ins at the Salvation Army is continuing.

The 25 year old male and 20 year old female were released on conditions for a future court date. They are both residents of Prince George and both known to police.


How low on the scum-meter do you need to be, to think that stealing from those who provide for the needy doesn’t register as a bad idea in your brain function?

Crack heads steal anything from anyone.

LMAO they are responsible for multiple thefts and so we release them, this will end well

Some people voted I dislike this…. wow. What are they thinking? That this is fine.

I actually feel bad for the RCMP, they have to follow the law and certainly know that releasing these criminals is an endless cycle. I lay the blame on bleeding hearts on the left thinking they can save these fools! Quite honesty, where is the outrage on this? Seems to me the left will lose their minds when it comes Harper, Duffy or God forbid an improperly placed election sign but not one *&@ is given when theft is treated like a joke! So in the end, while a thief is enjoying my 60′ flat screen… I’m being victimized again by my insurance company.

The RCMP did their job to apprehend these cowardly crooks. Unfortunately, our legal system has them back out on the streets to offend again before the day is over.
Public floggings should be instituted for crimes like these. At least some justice would be served, with a health dose of embarassement for the offenders. Instead the will be brought to court for a slap on the wrist and away they will go to perform a home invasion and rob some elderly citizens.
Our justice system needs to put JUSTICE ahead of the bleeding heart tactics that further enable crooks… In my opinion.

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