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October 28, 2017 2:49 am

Road Rehab Continues

Tuesday, August 25, 2015 @ 3:55 AM
Road work from earlier this year - photo 250 News archive

Road work from earlier this year – photo 250 News archive

Prince George, B.C. – Road rehab continues in Prince George this week.

The following projects will be completed over the next seven to 10 days and will happen during the night shift in order to minimize traffic disruptions:

* 3rd Avenue – Victoria Street to Vancouver Street
Estimated cost $64,000
* 4th Avenue – Victoria Street to Queensway
Estimated cost $163,000
* 5th Avenue – 5th Avenue and Ospika Boulevard intersection
Estimated cost $92,000
*15th Avenue – Bypass to Johnson Street
Estimated cost $80,000
*15th Avenue – Victoria Street to Alward Street
Estimated cost $395,000
*Brunswick Street – 4th Avenue to 7th Avenue
Estimated cost $90,000
*Redwood Street – 15th Avenue to 17th Avenue
Estimated cost $70,000
*Spruce Street – 15th Avenue to 17th Avenue
Estimated cost $80,000
*Carney Street – 1st Avenue and Carney Street intersection
Estimated cost $90,000

Asphalt milling started Monday with paving scheduled to start tomorrow. All work is subject to weather conditions.

Road rehab started back in May with a total budget of $7 million.



I see all the low income areas of town, where they keep their studs on year round, are a priority again…

Pg101, so what your saying is that the city should not invest money into the hoods, so the rundown places can be further run down?

@ He Spoke – exactly. They aren’t allowed to have nice things

I’d rather people keep their studs on year round than not have them in the winter.

The ultimate troll!

IMO the city needs to get some line painting done on the road to the airport from Highway 97 south. When you are driving at night to the airport it is like a wagon trail with no markings. You would think if you want to attract tourists you could at least make the road from the airport safer and attractive.

Why would the city paint lines from the 97 south to the airport. That’s not even in city limits? Have to get on the provincial government for that one I think.

Well if it’s not City property then whoever is responsible for that section of road our MLA should see that it is maintained properly.

In regards to the repaving is there a special skill set that is missing? How hard can it be to have man hole covers level with the pavement. Seems to just be trading one set of pot holes for another.

The paving has to be done first, then the manhole frame and cover are raised to the new pavement height. Sometimes the two do not happen at the same time, which means one has to drive carefully to avoid the drop.

There are adjustable manhole risers these days which saves time and long lane closures. It is not difficult, but the two cannot be done simultaneously. The raising of the cover/frame has to happen after the paving.

Here are some choices:

Pave over and ignore
Pave over and dig up later
Raise manholes with precast grade rings or brisk
Raise manholes with rubber or plastic rings
Raise manholes with rigid steel or cast iron risers
Raise manholes with adjustable manhole risers

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