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October 28, 2017 2:48 am

Conservatives Losing Support in B.C.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015 @ 4:00 AM

Prince George, B.C. – A new poll by Insights West suggests some bad news for the ruling Conservatives.

The results, based on an online study conducted from August 20 to August 24, 2015, among 815 adult British Columbians, showed if an election were held today, 41% of decided voters in British Columbia would vote for the NDP in their constituency, 24% for the Liberals, 22% for the Conservatives and 12% for the Green Party.

For the Conservatives that’s a 7% drop since an Insights West poll conducted in May, a 6% increase for the NDP, a 1% drop for the Liberals and a 2% increase for the Greens.


The lead for the NDP is consistent across both genders and three age groups. The NDP polled particularly strong in Metro Vancouver with 43% support compared to 25% for the Liberals and 23% for the Conservatives.

On Vancouver Island the NDP led with 39% compared to the Greens in second with 32%.

(Vice-President Mario Canseco says the sample size was too tiny to look at northern BC noting the fluctuations would be too big).

Approval ratings also favoured the NDP, with leader Tom Mulcair scoring 55% (+3), Green leader Elizabeth May 52% (+8), Justin Trudeau 51% (+5) and Prime Minister Stephen Harper 28% (-7).

When asked who would make the best Prime Minister Mulcair is now in first place with 27% (+5), followed by Trudeau with 20% (+1), Harper at 19% (-8) and May with 9% (+3).

“One of the big problems for the Conservative Party is the fact that three-in-ten of their own voters from 2011 are already looking elsewhere,” says Canseco.


The RCMP should reopen its investigation into the Duffy affair and question the prime minister, multiple senators, and senior members of the PMO’s current and former staff in light of new evidence, says an expert in high-profile criminal investigations.

Re-open criminal investigation and question Harper, says policing expert


Oh the power of suggestion and the manipulating power of polls. Who is Insights West? People are not stupid, which was proved in our last BC provincial election. :)

On the other hand, Clarke won!

Whoever wins, can we please not blame the victor for the woes of our economy, for at least the first year? Our economy is already swirling the bowl. Don’t think its going to matter who is leading in Ottawa.

The same polls who predicted a landslide NDP victory in the last provincial election?

“On the other hand, Clarke won! ”

Although the polls were wrong in the last provincial election. I hope voters realize that the BC Liberals have no affiliation to the Liberal Party of Canada. Our BC Liberals are conservatives.

What do you think Pal? Give us the facts please.

That’s right Charles . Looks to anyone that wright committed perjury . The RCMP must need permission from Stevie to press charges against his minions .

Charles. Lori Shenher ex Police Officer is no expert. In fact she describes herself as more of a writer than a police officer. So, so much for that line of crap.

In the last Federal Election the results for BC were.

Seats. Percent of Popular Vote.

Cons. 21 45.5
NDP. 12 32.5
LIb. 2 13.4
Green 1 7.7

So its pretty obvious that the popular vote (much like polls) have little to do with the end result of an election.

As an example the Liberals got 13.4% of the popular vote, but only elected 2 MP’s in BC, while the Cons with 13% more of the popular vote than the NDP elected almost 50% more MP’s than the NDP.

So the polls mean little, unless you know who they are phoning and when they are phoning.

Polls in Quebec show that the Conservatives are gaining ground, and are also holding their own in Ontario.

This elections has just begun, so hold on to your hat. Now that a **common sense** judge has postponed the Duffy trial to November, we can get that charade off the table and get down to some serious politics.

The latest angus Reid poll has even starker numbers for Stevie and the harperettes . Orange wave anyone?

“Now that a **common sense** judge has postponed the Duffy trial to November”

My, My. How the mighty righties hate the public knowing what goes on in the upper echelons of Harper’s Conservative Party.

Too funny using the present tense.

ammonra. You of all people should know that this trial is about Duffy. Even though he is a buffoon he is entitled to a fair trial. This trial so far, has been all about politics, and not about the 31 charges that have been laid against Harper.

The Judge decided that his court was not going to be used for political purposes.

Frankly I could care less what the public knows, and in fact believe that they should know as much as possible. However when looking for information that is not tainted by politics, I avoid information from vested interest groups, especially those on the left that for all intents and purposes have nothing to do all day but slag the Government in power.

Lets talk about how much Mulcair liked the policies of Margaret Thatcher, or how he jumped from the Liberals to the NDP, with a job application in between to the Conservatives. Perhaps we could discuss how he says one thing in French in Quebec, but another in the rest of Canada. Or perhaps we could look at his ability to handle finances, etc; etc; .

Mulcair is the Uriah Heep of Canadian politics. Wringing his hands, and giving the impression he is a humble person, with the best interests of Canadians at heart, while all the while scheming to get himself the best deal in Canadian politics that he can, so he can live comfortably on his many pensions and perks.

Palopu:”This trial so far, has been all about politics, and not about the 31 charges that have been laid against Harper.”

Now, together with the Harper cartoon in today’s paper, it is getting really interesting! Tell me more of the 31 charges which have been laid against Harper! I am waiting!

ammonra, you state:

“My, My. How the mighty righties hate the public knowing what goes on in the upper echelons of Harper’s Conservative Party.”

Wouldn’t you agree that it would be nice and in fact it should be demanded that our mainstream media reports more than their just their left wing view and their anti-Harper diatribe!

OMG, Duffy and $90,000.00! How about Mulcair’s NDP stealing almost $3,000,000.00 of taxpayers money!

There is so much crap going on with the NDP and the Liberals, but the leftwing mainstream media is too gutless to report it! Ammonra, that should outrage ALL of us!

Wouldn’t you agree???

Palopu:”…this trial is about Duffy. Even though he is a buffoon he is entitled to a fair trial.”

So Harper in his infinite wisdom appointed a buffoon (Duffy) to the Senate and at least two other questionable ones? What does that say about intelligent decision making? When Duffy was the star fund raiser for the Cons he was a hero and an indispensable asset! From a hero to a zero – just because he was strong armed into accepting a cheque? I don’t call it a bribe because if it legally was then the one who offered the bribe ought to be on trial as well. Looks like there are more Con buffoons than just the one you like to pick on!

“Left wing mainstream media”, “gutless”. What a crock. I have lived in BC for 40 years, which means I have witnessed the same media attacking the NDP on numerous occasions. Could it be, gasp, that they are just doing their job and reporting what has been said and done whether you or I like it or not?

As to the money you say the NDP owes, you are perfectly well aware that this matter is not over yet. It was a biased and partisan Conservative stacked parliamentary committee that decided they owed the money, probably as a reaction to themselves being accused of misusing MPs funds during the in-out scheme of a few years ago. You do remember that, I take it, although you never, ever mention it. Whether a court would say the NDP owes any money is not known because Harper won’t refer the matter to the RCMP. Probably because he knows what a bunch of self serving rubbish the mighty righty mantra about it is.

To Palopu, all those subjects you mention have been discussed. If you want them discussed some more then do so. Nobody is stopping you. How do you know that the judge adjourned the Duffy case because he didn’t want his courtroom used for political purposes? The news reports were that the prosecution have another case scheduled and could not proceed. The only person to suggest that is false is you. Where does your information come from. Do you know the judge? Can you read his mind? Is it just your wishful thinking. Incidentally, adjourning a case for that reason would be a straight political act by the judge. He would be stopping a criminal trial with the purpose of affecting an election, and I do not believe that is the case.

The 31 charges should have read against Duffy no Harper as you all know.

Harper had a choice appoint Duffy the buffoon to the Senate or appoint an NDP’er. He chose the buffoon.

I love all the “righties” complaining about what the mainstream media reports on..same excuse Fox news pundits use. I guess if it walks like a Duck and quacks….

Harper has left 20 senate seats vacant. Rather than appoint a buffoon he could have left one more seat vacant. He has never appointed an NDP’er so how do you make this stuff up?

Considering that the trial was supposed to be over by June 19th. We are way beyond that point, and it looks like it might drag on into 2016.

There are some other cases pending not the least of which is the trial of Liberal Senator Mac Harb, facing charges of fraud and breach of trust in relation to his expenses, which is due to be heard in October.

In my opinion the judge had to make a choice. Continue with the politically charged trial of Duffy, or get on with other more important trials and finish the Duffy trial in November after the election.

I cant read his mind to see how he arrived at this decision, however I can see why he would do that considering all the BS being spewed at this trial that has no bearing whatsoever on the charges against Duffy.

There were other considerations ie; the Prosecutor had other trials on his schedule etc;. However the judge for the Duffy trail was originally chosen because he was from out of town, and therefore able to handle this case without infringing on the time of other cases.

So, who knows. In any event we have seen the last of this fiasco until after the election. I doubt if we will hear much about the Liberal Senator. We can now get down to the meat and potatoes of this election.

With Bruce Carson’s trial to start on Sept. 8, Conservatives get no relief on ethical issues


Prince George. It was said with tongue in cheek.

Here are some meat and potato’s for you

On Friday March 25, 2011 the Canadian House of Commons found Prime Minister Stephen Harper guilty of contempt of Parliament.

Turned a 13 billion dollar surplus into the biggest deficit in Canadian history

Harper and his buddy Clement had lifted $50-million from the public purse – money originally allotted by parliament for alleviating congestion at Canada’s borders – and spent it in his Parry Sound-Muskoka riding on things like parks, walkways, toilets and gazebos. He would later claim the money was dispersed for the G8 Summit

‘Um it, it isn’t really high on our radar, to be honest … Harper’s coment on a public inquiry into missing aboriginal women

The list goes on and on

His only goal is to be re-elected he surrounds his self with his rich buddy’s and could careless about Canada and the people that live here.

Time for change

Can’t trust harper

Stephen Harper… He never was ready. Not fully baked.

Ouch ! Palopu is taking a beating today. Where is Veritas Doherty today ?

I for one will vote for the first candidate that acknowledges and commits the government works for the people, the people don’t work for the government. Seems they have all lost sight of this!

The lack of unity on the left will be their demise, just as it was to the right at the end of the last Liberal term.

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