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October 28, 2017 2:29 am

Economy the Focus of Candidates Forum

Thursday, September 17, 2015 @ 4:00 AM

From left to right, Tracy Calogheros, Sheldon Clare, Adam De Kroon, Trent Derrick, Kathi Dickie, Richard Jacques and Matt Shaw – photos 250 News

Prince George, B.C. – It was standing room only for the first all-candidates forum of the election campaign at the College of New Caledonia last night.

Organized by the Stand Up for the North Committee, invites were sent to all candidates in the Cariboo-Prince George and Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies ridings, though four of them did not attend.

It was standing room only Wednesday night

It was standing room only Wednesday night

Those included both Conservatives candidates – Bob Zimmer and Todd Doherty, along with Green candidate Elizabeth Biggar and Libertarian Todd Keller.

The evening was framed around the following question: “What are the key economic issues facing Canadians and what should be the direction of the economy?”

In the Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies (PG-PR-NR) riding, NDP candidate Kathi Dickie remarked “we’re blessed by our natural resources” but victims of the “boom and bust economy.”

In response to that, she said the government needs to “diversify our economy” with a focus on value added.

The other PG-PR-NR candidate, Liberal Matt Shaw, said things have changed dramatically in the region since the 1970s when “we’d get jobs in the mills, and bam, we were all members of the middle class.”

He added those days of easily buying homes, raising kids, and going on vacations has transitioned to a world today where families must work “flat out, paying massive taxes” to get by.

In Cariboo-Prince George, Liberal Tracy Calogheros noted unemployment in the region is above the norm at 7%, even higher for the youth and aboriginal populations.

Her solution was her parties recently announced infrastructure program, which she said “is historic, both in the amount of money that’s being proposed to be spent across the country ($125 billion) and targeted to be spent by Canadians in the manner in which they choose to spend it.”

Independent Sheldon Clare said the key to improving the economy is to diversify it.

“That is a critical element of what has to happen. Governments have traditionally put a lot of their eggs in one economic basket and we cannot continue to do that.”

As examples, he suggested the country take “a solid look at building up our non-renewables” and providing more support to forests and for agriculture.

Adam De Kroon of the Christian Heritage Party said it was time to “stop exporting raw resources (logs).”

“Currently B.C. exports a massive amount of raw logs to countries like China who then further refine these resources. We should do that here.”

NDP candidate Trent Derrick, said his party would lower the small business tax from 11 to 9 percent.

He also said Canada’s economy has become “a one trick pony” subjected to boom/bust cycles and as a solution suggested Canada focus on the value-added sector.

Green candidate Richard Jacques agreed diversification is the way to go, noting he’d seen the devastation mill closures had had in Fort St. James.

He also reinforced his parties opposition to pipelines.

Stand Up for the North has scheduled another all-candidates forum at CNC for October 7 when the focus will be on Bill-C51 and the rights of Canadians.


Editor’s Note:

While Conservative Candidate Todd Doherty was invited to attend this debate,  his team sent  a reply (Sept. 5th) expressing his regrets  for not being able to attend as  he was attending  other events in other communities within the riding. He  is scheduled to take part in a debate at UNBC on October 8th at the Canfor Theatre  at UNBC.

Elaine Macdonald-Meisner


Well, I guess if you want to be a successful politician like Dick Harris, the trick is to not be seen in Prince George.

Wonder why the 2 conservative candidates seem to be running scared..

If you check out Doherty’s Facebook page you will see that he was in Williams Lake and Quesnel yesterday. He is not running scared he is running to represent the entire riding not just Prince George.

Sure, the info and request to candidates was sent out well over a month ago. Run and hide is the Harper rule. The event was well attended and good format for questions which is always the best way to conduct these events, everyone that was on the list go their question to the candidates. The Stand Up For the North organizers did an excellent job. Next one in Oct on Bill C 51, should also be interesting.

I’m sure they knew of this debate long ago, they didn’t just call and say can you stop by today.

The Conservatives have been told not to participate in public forums or talk to the media by their handlers.

They must not beleive in Harpers message and or Harper has no faith in his candidates.

It’s easier to lie to people one on one then stand up at a podium and talk to the people of the riding.

If you vote for Todd you are throwing a vote away, since he has already been leashed.

He will not represent us he will do as he is told from the PMO. And our region will suffer for it.

@oneup482 Its no use trying to explain to the lefties, its way too complicated and lacks the self serving reasoning they need to fully understand. I saw Doherty’s Facebook as well, and it clearly says he was in Williams Lake campaigning with his wife Kelly. And Bob Zimmer was in Fort St John… also campaigning! The Conservatives have been prepared and scheduled for months, unlike all the johnny come lately candidates scrambling to get some exposure. Having a solid plan and sticking to it is a quality, I expect in my elected official. They only thing to avoid here is ridiculous assumptions and nonsense comments!

Also I hear both Conservative candidates have confirmed for the local Chamber of Commerce/Citizen debate, so prepare to get your mind around that one lefties… I know its completely mind blowing! ;)

Once again we get the BS from posters who don’t know what they are talking about. As I mentioned in another post. Candidates can attend any candidate forum they choose. It seems some chose not to attend this one. That’s their choice. They make the decisions as to what they will and will not do during an election campaign.

To suggest that they will not attend any forums, or they are being leashed etc, is just hogwash. I suspect that they will attend at least 4 forums before this election is over.

So we have these inane statements based of personal feelings and wishful thinking, totally devoid of any investigation and facts.

Lets see how many forums are actually attended by the end of the election,.

I have attended a number of forums over the years, and can tell you they leave a lot to be desired. If you want to find out what your favourite candidate stands for, give him a phone call, or better still get on his committee’s and get involved in the election. Phone or visit any candidate you choose I am sure they will be glad to hear from you.

Hear are some statements from last nights forum that we hear all the time and mean absolutely nothing.

1. Diversify the economy.
2. Infrastructure spending.
3. Building up our non renewables. (What does that mean)
4. Boom and bust economy. Focus on value added products.
5. Stop the export of raw logs.
6. Lower the small business tax.

These are time worn phrases, however did anyone note that there is not a specific solution to any of the problems.??

There was a noted difference last night in the reasons given for why the 3 candidates from the PG Peace River Northern Rockies could not attend. The moderator said the Green candidate was unable to attend because she was sick. The Libertarian candidate said he had a prior commitment. The Conservative candidate did not bother to respond. Just plain rude in my opinion, he had lots of time to respond. The NDP candidate was the only one to attend, she came from Ft. Nelson.

The room was just packed, there were people sitting behind the stage, on the floor and out the doors and there was a side door open where there were lots of others. The prediction before the forum from Palopu that it wouldn’t be any use to attend ’cause it would be poorly attended was certainly not correct. I thought it was well organized. I heard some very informed questions from the audience.

I look forward to the other forums.

oneup482…. probably noticed too that Todd spends considerable time away from PG.. How often you hear of him attending functions in PG..


Here’s what we heard from Todd. And I quote. Oh wait he wasn’t there.

You all know they were given direction to avoid public debates and speaking to the media.

Own up to it, stop with all the excuses. Harper does not want his candidates talking in public.

He dictates everything his candidates are doing down to the smallest details. Even prepares quotes for them.

But we are to believe he didn’t know anything about dirty Duffy money even though it was going on in his office for months. All he has done is misled us.

Can’t trust Harper

They have no solutions, Palopu. The economy can only be diversified if there’s an actual consumer demand for whatever products are a result of this diversity, and one that can return the costs, continually, through prices. Infrastructure spending on the scale the Liberals are proposing will simply result in higher prices for all consumables now. Which will take all the $ 125 billion back, through price inflation, faster than the infrastructure can ever be paid for in taxes from money the public no longer has. Who knows what “building up our non-renewables” means. More mining perhaps? Where’s the market for MORE of what is hardly paying now? Value added is never defined by any of these people. Nor do they understand why we have a ‘boom and bust’ economy, or how to deal with it. If we stopped the export of raw logs, does this mean we can ‘force’ the customer to take lumber instead? Or does he just go and buy more of what he wants off our global competitors ~ who have no such restrictions, and are anxious to receive his money? Lower the small business tax? How many small businesses are even making enough in profit to be taxable? They have nothing to offer ~ any of them ~ except increased financial misery for us all.

HAS:-” I heard some very informed questions from the audience.”

But you didn’t get some very informed answers from these candidates. What would you have got if the Conservative candidates were present? The truth, likely. The only thing to do is to ‘stay the course’. It won’t work very well either, but it WILL leave you with more money in your pocket to live, so far as maintaining its purchasing power goes.

Debate on the economy a so called strong point for the conservatives.

7 consecutive deficits two recessions.

It would make sense that they didn’t show for those reasons.

But not showing because they were told not to show.

Harper has no trust in his candidates or they have no belief in his message.

Can’t trust Harper

Dave. Did you read VERITAS’s post. Both Conservative candidates will attend the Chamber of Commerce/Citizen forum. So, how do you explain their attending in light of what you just posted.

Seems you have no facts to back up your many statements . I expect they will attend more forums as the election goes forward.

As for the Duffy money, that issue has been put on hold until November, however we do have the issue of Mac Harb the Liberal Senator that paid back over $200,000.00 in expense money slated to go to court on fraud charges sometime in October. Perhaps we should discuss his case as opposed to Duffy. We can always go back to Duffy in November.

Dick Harris was good at hiding out..so Doherty and Zimmer are using his advice.

Dont you love the Cons… just read abou this…

A federal fraud investigator has been suspended without pay, after she leaked documents showing that investigators had to cut people off their employment insurance benefits in order to meet quotas.

Sylvie Therrien told CBC News that she and other investigators were given a target to recover nearly $500,000 in EI benefits every year.

“It just was against my values, harassing claimants… trying to penalize them in order to save money for the government. We had quotas to meet every month,” Therrien said.

Therrien leaked documents to the media anonymously in the spring showing investigators were ordered to find $485,000 in savings each year by denying claims

Socredible, what I did hear from one of the candidates was that the Conservatives are pushing the TPP. If if goes through, more jobs will leave Canada. Along with other free trade agreements, our government is giving away manufacturing along with jobs, which leaves us as drawers of water and hewers of wood. Hardly a formula for growing the economy.

Veritas – a Chamber of Commerce forum is a safe place for the Con’s to hide.

Palopu – Tracy Calogheros did provide a solution ($125 billion infrastructure funding). In times of recession, these are lifesaving solutions.

Palopu…. here is some info for you

Duffy.. 31 offenses including bribery… was suspended without pay for 2 years starting Nov 2013

Brazeau was expelled from the Conservative caucus following his February 7, 2013, arrest for domestic assault and sexual assault. Also cocaine possesion.

Wallin On November 5, 2013 the Senate voted to suspend Wallin without pay for two years for alleged theft from the public purse.

This is the topper…With the early call of the election on August 2, 2015, by Prime Minister Harper, Senators Brazeau, Duffy and Wallen recommenced receiving their salaries and benefits[3]

As for Harb, at least he resigned from the senate Mac Harb was charged by the RCMP with Fraud and Breach of Trust.

3 lying cheating Cons..who refuse to resign and are back at the tax payers trough.. at least Harb has the decency to step down…

Are you ready for the debates tonight . Elizabeth will be there the same way that the SNP were in the UK general election . The SNP cleaned up with the help of Twitter . Stupid Cameron shut the SNP out of the debates and paid the price . Tonight’s debate are round two for Twitter . She’s going to clean up on them . Thanks Liz you will always be the brightest in the room .

P Val: Palopu…. here is some info for you ….Duffy.. 31 offenses including bribery… was suspended without pay for 2 years starting…etc.

P Val, you are wasting your time because you missed this gem:

Posted on Thursday, September 17, 2015 by Palopu: “Lets try and stick to issues concerning the year 2015 and forward, and quit trying to find problems in the past.”

Ah, there you go PG… but then again Pal only said “Lets try and stick to issues” didnt say we had to… sounds like it came right out of Harpers mouth then changing his tune when it suits him.

Prince George. I didn’t bring up the issue of Duffy I merely responded to the posts already made and gave some material to think about. Mac Harb will be going to Court in late Sept. or early October this year. That can hardly be considered the past.

Its pretty obvious that the lefties are mining the internet looking for anything they can to diss the Conservatives.

Ibear. Isn’t it rather strange that first the Conservatives are slagged for not attending forums, and when that is proven to be unadulterated BS, the forums that they are going to attend are deemed to be a safe place for the cons to hide. Is this an admission that the other forums are being put on by the lefties?? If not, then why would either place be considered safe or unsafe. Perhaps you are just making words because you know how to operate a keyboard.

A good example of dredging up the past, and passing off stories like they happened to-day is P Val’s tidbit about Sylvia Therrien, being suspended by EI because she leaked confidential information.

This story took place in July of 2013, in other words two years ago. P Val conveniently doesn’t mention the dates. Furthermore she doesn’t mention that Therrien was subsequently fired for releasing this information.

So once again we get lopsided information from the left to try and bolster their sad, pathetic, campaign. Basically they are devoid of any constructive ideas. Spending $125 Billion taxpayers dollars on infrastructure without having any idea what is needed, where it is needed, and when it is needed, is a prime example of making dumb statements.

We already put billions of dollars into infrastructure every year and have been doing so for sometime. This is nothing new.

Palopu your ideology is affecting your reason . The world you live in is not just black and white or left and right . There is the far right and there is a far left . Then there are everyone else in between the two poles . Most of us are in the middle . Thankfully your rabid right wing thinking scares the majority of us in the middle . Your defence of the indefencible is ideologically driven . Your changing of the channel is amusing . Don’t wake up . It’s people like you that the rest of us need now that the lunatics that you support are not allowed to speak their mind in public . Btw droning on with talking points is not speaking ones mind .

Palopu I guess you didn’t hear about the bridge in the lower mainland that was closed this morning because they fear it’s going to collapse . We have one of the highest infrastructure deficits in the first world . Stevie should be ashamed of himself . He should know better than to put all the money into the tarsands when bridges are about to fall down .

“Palopu your ideology is affecting your reason .”

Harper has his followers. Politics and religions depend on them.

Palopu… when harper is saying he has the experience he is then saying look at his governments track record..and all I was doing was posting part of his track record.. which is consitant throughout his reign.. Lousy track record.. and he thinks its good.. thats how out to lunch he is.. harper just isnt ready.. and lousy haircut

Not too sure how the economy will get any better with Mulcair or Trudeau. They seem to be making a lot of promises to spend, spend, spend on special interest groups if elected. We all will be taxed to the point that our wages will be equivalent to minimum wage while trying to pay off an even bigger deficit!

Palopu said, “As for the Duffy money, that issue has been put on hold until November.”

Actually, the court case has been put on hold until November. The issue is very much alive and current. Evidence has been given during the first part of the court hearing and is public knowledge. If people believe that the evidence is valid as commentary for the election then they should feel free to raise it. It is called free speech. If anybody wants to refer to past events because they believe it is relevant to the election, then they should feel free to raise them. Just because Palopu says they are not relevant does not mean he is correct, it merely means he doesn’t want them to be discussed. I firmly believe that everyone should discuss whatever they want to discuss and raise any subject they want to raise, past or present.

Its almost impossible to make a statement that the left leaners can understand. What is their problem?

I never said the Duffy case was not relevant. What I said was that the case had been deferred to November, and perhaps we should discuss the case now before the courts which is the Mac Harb case. Of course Harb being a Liberal no one wants to discuss that problem. Surprise, surprise.

Ataloss. Your buffoonery knows no bounds.

PS. The only way Liz May would be the brightest in a room is if she was the only one in the room.

They all are so concerned about the economy, they want to give away millions to the refugees / illegal migrants in Europe…

Palopu.. Harb is under investigation.. He has been charged with fraud.. He resigned from the senate.. There ya happy.. But the 3 con senators are still at the trough while under investigation….that’s just wrong.. Or does is that fine in your eyes?

All in good time P Val. You might want to tell me how long Harb continued as a Senator before he finally paid the money back and resigned. I suggest he stayed on long enough to make enough money to pay back what he owed.

Prove me wrong.

Actually I agree that all the subject Senators should be fired.

Ammonra:”It is called free speech. If anybody wants to refer to past events because they believe it is relevant to the election, then they should feel free to raise them. Just because Palopu says they are not relevant does not mean he is correct, it merely means he doesn’t want them to be discussed. ”

Thank you! Just try to imagine how useless a leadership is if the other contenders are not allowed to bring up the past! No wonder the government scientists were muzzled!

Palopu. If you want to know look it up.. Google it..etc

Liz won the debate . She’s the only one that knew the facts . She was sure busy correcting Stevie’s out and out lies .

Tracy Calogheros and Sheldon Clare were the only two up there that sounded like they belonged there. Trent sounded weak and scared and will not draw the confidence of the voters.

As I have said before as of right now Tracy Calogheros is the strongest candidate running and my vote will go to her.

Ataloss. As usual you know nothing about Municipal, Provincial, or Federal Politics. Your reference to the bridge closure in Mission/Dewdney, and blaming the Feds is of course out of whack.

These bridges and roads are the responsibility of the Provincial Government not Federal, so get your facts straight. Perhaps if the Provincial Government had not spent $3.5 billion on the new Port Mann Bridge and the upgrades and approaches to the bridge on Highway 1, they would have had some money for bridge repair in other parts of the Greater Vancouver area.

Liz wasn’t is the debate, and for good reason.

Liz had all the facts or were you not watching . Your guy only lied . I don’t think anyone can take him seriously anymore . Or did you miss the Twitter feed from Liz ? She answered every question that was asked mostly in less than 60 seconds , with the right answer . How refreshing . No bs from her . That’s why she wasn’t there , in person but she was definely there .

The federal gov is to busy abandoning the provinces to care about the publics safety. Even though Harper has cut 36 billion from transfer payments he still can’t balance a budget.. 8 yrs deficit and he slamming Trudeau who openly admits he will run a deficit .. Much better than lying and book fudging the cons do every year.

Thanks for putting us in a recession Harper.

P Val. I took your advice and looked it up. It confirms what I suspected. Here’s the skinny.

** On December 6,2012 Mac Harb, Liberal Senator was named in relation to the Canadian Senate expenses scandal due to expenses for a property in Pembroke, Ont. He announced his retirement from the Senate on August 26,2013. On February 4, 2014, Mac Harb was charged by the RCMP with Fraud and Breach of Trust. The trial is currently scheduled to proceed on August 10, 2015 in Ottawa.**

He paid back some $231,000 in claimed expenses.

So there you have it. From the time he was named until the time he retired 20 Months. Then a further 7 months on pension before he was charged. So at the trough for at least 27 months after he was named.

The trial date was changed because of the length of the Duffy trial but should go sometime in later September or early October. If it does then you and Ataloss and some others can have a field day going after Harb and the Liberals. eh;

Palopu you do know that every time you fuel up ,that you are paying Stevie right at the pump for transportation (infrastructure ) right ? We’re all in this together or we used to be .

I see the winning post of the day was…Veritas at 7:17 this morning. An outstanding minus 27 ! So glad your on Jihadi Toddy’s side.

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