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October 28, 2017 2:24 am

Seabridge Gold Connects With Communities

Thursday, September 24, 2015 @ 3:49 AM

Prince George, B.C.-  Seabridge Gold  has all the permits and  approvals it needs to  move forward with its  KSM gold mine project  in the northwest,  but while it waits  to find the right investor to help  move the $5.2 billion dollar project forward, it is  helping along communities in the region.

This week, Seabridge  gave out grants  to 10 non profit organizations  in the northwest. The cheques ranged  in value from $500 to  $1,500  to support local programs and initiatives.

“We have a community sponsorship program with the company  and that is part of  Seabridge’s  commitment to ensure local communities benefit  from the KSM project even though we haven’t entered into construction” says Elizabeth Miller, Seabridge Gold’s  Manager, Environmental Affairs.  Miller says  the grants  had been made available in a less formal way in the past “Essentially different organizations would come to us on a one off basis,  just as an example, we sponsored  last year,  $10 thousand dollars for the Smithers arena,  in the past  we have given money to the Northwest Community College  for their trades program” and there have been  other grateful recipients such as  festivals and hockey teams.  “This time we thought let’s ask the communities themselves on where they would like those dollars spent.”

So,  in July of this year, a newsletter was delivered to every mailbox  in the  region.  That newsletter not only provided an update on the project, Miller says  it also asked for  nominations from the community on where they would like to see Seabridge Gold  community sponsorship dollars go.

The nominations resulted  in the following grants being awarded:


  • District of Stewart – public golf facilities: $1000
  • Coast Mountain School District – Educational program technology: $1000


  • Gitxat’in Elders Society – Elders society outreach: $1000


  • Terrace Hospice Society – Outreach and education: $1000
  • Terrace Peaks – Gymnastics Club upgrades:   $1000


  • Smithers Ski and Snowboard Club – Course maintenance: $500
  • Bulkley Valley Research Centre – Education and outreach: $500
  • Bulkley Valley Childcare Society – Children’s educational program funding: $1000
  • Smithers Library – 3-D printing technology: $1500
  • Bulkley Valley Search and Rescue – Search and rescue supplies: $1500


This kind of grant program is  a  part of the company’s social license “It’s a part of it” says Miller, “but  I guess, realistically, we are in the community, we do want to sponsor the community and help out with community initiatives.”

It is estimated the KSM  mine has  38 million ounces of gold,  and 9.9 billion  pounds of copper.  What sets this mine apart from many other projects is its predicted lifespan.  The mine, ( located about 55 kms northwest of Stewart) would take 5 years to construct, and would be in operation for another 52 years beyond that.


wow, 62 billion dollars worth of metals.

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