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October 28, 2017 2:06 am

Man Cave Auction Goes Tonight

Saturday, October 10, 2015 @ 4:02 AM

Prince George, B.C. – The North Cariboo branch of the SPCA has teamed up with Wood Wheaton and Prince George Motors to host the inaugural Man Cave Auction, a fundraiser with all proceeds going to animals in need.

Branch Manager Jamie Walsh says “it’s an evening event so there’s dinner and an auction, a live and a silent auction performed by auctioneers from the States.  So  Rick and Kelly Dale from Ricks Restorations are going to be here performing the auction.”

“We have some pretty big, big items that are going to be available there”, things like Westjet flights to anywhere they fly, chartered fishing trips on Vancouver Island, Seahawks packages, entertainment equipment, hunting and fishing gear, sports memorabilia and more.

And there will be a couple of Las Vegas entertainers on hand, “De Niro Guy” and Jack “Nicholson” Bullard.  The original Mantracker, Terry Grant, will also be on hand.  Walsh says “they’re all in support of the SPCA, they supports the SPCAs wherever they are.  Everybody is on board here to help the shelter out and its just to raise funds and raise awareness to help us take care of the animals that come through the shelter every single day.”

The Man Cave Auction is being held at the Civic Centre and Walsh says “we estimated to sell about 500 tickets and we’re well underway to do so, so it is going to be a larger-scale event.  Tickets will be available at the door and you can also buy them at Wood Wheaton and at P.G. Motors.  They’re $100 each.  That includes dinner and the potential for prizes and live and silent auction items.”

Walsh says while Man Cave Auction may sound like a male-oriented title there are plenty of items in the auction that will be appealing to women.  She also says the hope is that this auction can become an annual fundraiser event.

Doors open at 6 tonight with cocktails at 6:30 and the auction program beginning at 7:30pm.


A good event indeed, but why does it cost so much just to get in the door? I would like to attend & bid on an item or two but can’t do that & shell out 100 bucks just to get in.

It’s for a charity and if you’re worried about the $100 you sure wouldn’t be buying any items.

$200/couple? I know of better places to get value for my money. The meal is going to cost $20/person without wine and little value for that money.

The rental of the space and other associated venue costs will mean that 50% of the ticket price will actually go to the BC SPCA.

One could gift the BC SPCA with $100, get a tax receipt, and spend the other $100 on a pleasant night out to a restaurant where one knows what they will be getting.

If part of the $100 ticket price is a donation, it should be identified and be tax deductible.

I noticed that the logo on the Facebook page is missing the BC part of the SPCA. Is this a canned event that is sold to other SPCA’s in the USA and Canada?

The actual BC SPCA logo is very small and placed alongside the sponsors.

From the SPCA Allegany county, New York

October 16th & 17th – 21st Annual Theme Basket Auction – at the Wellsville Elementary School – Look for the Kid’s Corner and the MAN CAVE – new this year!

Popg lighten up, its for fun and a good cause, ever priced a good night out lately.

A good night out is a very subjective thing. What one person loves, another detests when it comes to that.

For instance, I prefer an intimate atmosphere when eating out, preferably with my wife, and perhaps an intimate group of close friends. I do not like sitting in a large hall with high ceilings at a round table of 10 meant for 8 people or less with tables so close together that it is difficult to avoid bumping into chairs from the tables through which one has to weave to get anywhere. I dislike the lack of elbow room, room for all the proper plates, glasses, cutlery, napkins on the table arranged in such a way that people who do not know any better do not have to ask who the bread plate, white, red and water glasses belong to.

I prefer to have a meal I choose from a menu on the day I go out and not have to eat one of two or three choices as may or may not be marked on the tickets or promotional material. I also do not enjoy standing in line at a feeding trough, to try to pack bread, butter, salad, main course, etc. especially when one does not have an overview of what is coming up further along the line.

That is not fine dining or any kind of reasonable, enjoyable dining. No matter what is served, without accounting for liquor, it is not worth more than $20 to $25/person to me at best.

We used to frequent places like Umberto’s Il Giardino’s, in Vancouver, which I understand may be opening up again. Those types of restaurants which are bustling yet comfortable and warm and especially a place where one is recognized by the maître d’ and can get a seat even when they are supposedly booked solid. It makes one feel special when they recall your past choices and can make suggestions of what is good from the kitchen that evening. It is that special service which makes it fit that best practices standard rather than minimal standard and is worth the price one has to pay for it.

So back to the matter at hand.
1. $100 donated to the BC SPCA directly without first going through the hands of anyone else who takes from that ticket prices whether food, entertainment, auctioneer, civic centre, etc.
2. $100 to pay for a wonderful meal for two in a restaurant of one’s choice at a time of one’s choice, with table guests of one’s choice.
3. As in both cases, additional $ for any wine and/or other alcoholic beverages to accompany the evening.

BTW, a good night out with a meal and some jazz/blues/soul can be had at some very inexpensive places. Of course, at the moment that is difficult in PG since the choice of evening entertainment has dropped drastically since I first arrived here in 1973. One of the best is still Books and Company on Friday nights.

Skylark’s in the Fairhaven district of Bellingham WA is one such place in a city with a high ratio of college and university students which generally leads to some great entertainment venues. Sad to say that is not the case in PG.

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