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October 28, 2017 2:04 am

Navy Vet Joins Race in Northern Riding

Tuesday, October 13, 2015 @ 12:22 PM

Prince George, B.C. – A retired Canadian military veteran has joined the race in the Prince George-Peace-River Northern Rockies riding as a candidate for the Progressive Canadian Party.

Barry Blackman served 18 years in the Canadian Navy, including a stint in the Gulf War, and says his biggest battle right now is to help improve the economy in northern, B.C.

Barry Blackman - photo submitted

Barry Blackman – photo submitted

“Basically we’ve got forestry left,” he says. “The Town of Tumbler Ridge, all the workers are migrating out because there’s no work here. It’s a big issue, unemployment in Tumbler Ridge is around 60%.”

So what’s Blackman’s solution?

“In a downturn like this we should be training, we should be building our infrastructure, like hospitals, schools, maintaining the highways, building projects.”

Though retired from the military, he is currently a heavy equipment operator who joined the race just before the September 28 deadline.

Meanwhile Blackman’s party, the Progressive Canadians, are running only a handful of candidates this election.

The other candidates in the riding are incumbent Conservative Bob Zimmer, Kathi Dickie of the NDP, Green candidate Elizabeth Biggar, Liberal Matt Shaw and Libertarian Todd Keller.


Perfect ! A real hawk . Not a chicken hawk .

I thought there is a deadline date for ‘registering’ to be a candidate?

There is a deadline date, this candidate is only now getting some recognition, seems rather late in the game.

The Canadian Progressive Party, has Seven Pillars of Prosperity

1. Facilitating post secondary education
2. Realizing opportunities
3. Harnessing renewable resources
4. Meeting differing needs
5. Serving the World
6. Allying for peace and stability
7. Bringing new hope.

Seems Blackmans solutions are more in line with the Liberal party of deficit spending.

Not really a Hawk.

Barry Blackman served 18 years in the Canadian Navy, including a stint in the Gulf War, and says his biggest battle right now is to help improve the economy in northern, B.C.

You have no shame Palopu . You must be living next door to Dick in the OK snuggled up to the USA border . You righties don’t seem to give a dam about the north where we live . I haven’t read one idea or solution to help guys like veteran Blackman from the right .

Your right Palopu, he is not as far right as Harpers government.

Barry is right where the Conservative party started. Since Harper has taken the party into back rooms and turned in into right wing Reformers. And alienated so many of their voters. He is a logical vote for people who don’t want to support Harper.

The other place disenfranchised Conservative voters are going is to the liberals.

It’s nice to hear all the talk in PG about the Election.

Time for change

As usual my point was missed. I listed what the Canadian Progressive Party stood for, and referenced what Blackman says he is advocating for in this election. There is a significant difference between the 7 Pillars and what he is talking about. He is basically talking about deficit spending, which is what the Liberals stand for.

And yes the Cdn Progressive Party is right of the Conservatives, and run by Sinclar Stephens, who started the party, but can’t seem to get it off the ground.

Total number of votes in the last four elections.

2004-Candidates 16, Votes 10,733
2006- 25, 14,151
2008- 10, 5,920
2011- 9, 5,790
2015- ?

Total 36,544.

Should read the Canadian Progressive Party is left of the Conservatives. Red Tories if you will.

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