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October 28, 2017 2:01 am

What Happens if Canadians Elect a Minority on Monday?

Saturday, October 17, 2015 @ 10:00 AM

Prince George, B.C. – If we’re to believe opinion polls (and that’s a big if, remember the 2013 provincial election?), Canadians are getting set to elect a minority government.

If that happens, what next? We posed that question this week to UNBC Political Science professor Dr. Gary Wilson.

“It really depends on the nature of the minority government,” he says. “The Conservatives before were in a minority situation and managed to get support from one of the other parties and ruled as a minority with that support.”

However he admits that could become tricky for the Conservatives this time around considering the Liberals and NDP have vowed not to support them.

“I think whoever wins the largest plurality will get first shot at forming a government but if it appeared they didn’t have the confidence of the House of Commons it could very well revert to, okay, who else is going to give this a try and that’s where we’d see a coalition emerge.”

Wilson says that could result in a majority coalition between the Liberals and NDP.

“No one has really talked about that a whole lot in this campaign. In some ways they’ve ruled it out but there’s a definite possibility,” he says.

“And then of course the horse trading starts with who would be the prime minister and where would the cabinet positions go and that sort of thing.”

Regardless of who wins, Wilson is expecting an interesting vote Monday night, both nationally and locally.

“For the first time in a long time there’s a sense that there’s a possibility of change at the local level,” he says.

“Especially in the Cariboo-Prince George riding, and I don’t want to make predictions but just looking at the polls there is some anticipation that there will actually be a race this time which is really interesting.”

He says the big increase in advance voter turnout makes things even more intriguing.

“I’m optimistic that groups that maybe haven’t participated in large numbers before are starting to come out and vote,” says Wilson.

“I think that may be one of the reasons why we’re seeing this larger turnout at the advance polls and hopefully that extends to the regular polls on Monday.”


Harper has said that he has no interest in governing in a minority situation. So I guess Canadians win.

I cannot recall ever being this excited about a federal election. Must be a sign of age.
Tracy Calogheros would make an excellent representative for our riding. I will be in mourning if the conservatives win here. Heck I may even consider moving.

For the life of me, I don’t get the hoopla over Tracy Calogheros. Even
if I did support Federal Liberal idiot Justin Trudeau, Calogheros would
be the last person to get my vote. Obviously, I’m supporting Todd, Bob
and the Conservatives, but I do have tremendous respect for Trent
Derrick, Sheldon Clare, Elizabeth Biggar, Kathy Dickie, Matt Shaw and
others who I have chatted politics with over the past year and during
this campaign. They are all good decent people, Calogheros however does
not make the grade. She may talk fancy, but her reputation certainly
isn’t golden with many. This town just got rid of mean
spirited leadership a year ago, and here it is again in Calogheros.
A never ending game of political whack a mole!


Your comments are out of fear she is clearly the front runner. Just because she called out Todd for lying does not make someone mean spirited.

I guess you just can’t handle a strong willed woman. But that is the problem with the party you support. That’s why Canada is looking for change. She stands up to you old school Harper Cons and it makes you mad. Then you start personal attacks.

Time for that type of attitude to go. We don’t need it in PG.

For the life of me, I don’t get the hoopla over Todd Doherty. Even if I did support Federal Conservative idiot Stephen Harper, Doherty would be my last person to get my vote. I’m supporting Tracy, Matt and the Liberals. I do have a tremendous amount of respect for all the candidates, however opportunist Doherty does not make the grade. Disappearing Dick finally retired and now is the time for change.

Heave Steve in 2015. Vote Liberal and keep Harpers lackey (Zimmer) and Harpers Toady (Doherty) away from Ottawa.

Right on Veritas … totally agree. I will be voting Conservative too. None of the parties are perfect so it’s the lesser of the 3 evils. The Conservatives have done a great job at reducing our debt and my taxes. The Liberals want to spend more and put us further into debt. The NDP want to eliminate some of our tax deductions. Seems pretty simple to me who I’ll be voting for.

Give your head a shake, Dave! Todd Doherty obviously misspoke, it happens to the best of us, even you! It was clear to everyone, expect of course if you were wearing a Fed Liberal or NDP campaign button. He was responding to a question and answered it, but his answer was referring to the report that everybody had read. To call him out as a liar was disgusting and spoke to the true nature of Calogheros. IMO We don’t need that level of viciousness from our elected officials anymore, we all deserve better.

Can’t trust Dave!

Veritas, I’m sure you have seen the video, he leans in and yes I have read the tpp all of it in detail.

And it was I who said he was lying, she used the word “mislead”. Spin it how ever you want.

You old school Cons have bullied your way thru our town long enough. Time for some youth to take over.

You say we don’t need that level of viciousness but you spit it out in every post. You support a party that thrives off of attack adds.

You and your Harper Cons are scared for the first time in many years and are lashing out with personal attacks. almost all of the red the Tories will not support Harpers government. That is why you can now see how far right the conservatives have gone under Harpers rule.

Can’t trust Harper

The reality is there is a high probability of a Liberal Government forming next week.

If the people of Prince George-Caribou want their riding to be represented in Ottawa there is one clear choice, Tracey Calogheros.

Love her or hate her, that is our real choice. Nothing against Trent Derrick but he will not be heard from in Ottawa.

Calogheros will surely be heard not only because she is liberal but she has the gift of making herself heard. She is a bit of a pitbull I do agree, but she also has intelligence to go with it.

She the best under the cercumstancees to represent PG-Caribou.

Yes, he read the report! (eye roll) Its the ONLY report available, they all read it! Your argument does not hold water. Give this a rest, its absolutely ridiculous. Have a nice day!

Can’t trust Dave!

Dougherty did mislead people in that forum regarding TPP, but its not the deciding factor to not vote for him.
There are many reasons not to vote for him and his party.

Taking all into account, At the end of the day voting for Dougherty is a waste for PG- Caribou.

We have to make our riding heard in Ottawa!!!

If the local polling is accurate it’s Derrick who is the clear front runner in PG-Cariboo. I did read Shaw was leading in the Peace but not sure how current those figures were. Either way, be great to see these two ridings try something different for a change.

To the poster who commented the Cons have reduced debt: you’re joking right? A quick google search will give you the correct info, not the Conservative spin.

mythoughts writes:

The Conservatives have done a great job at reducing our debt and my taxes.


i beg to differ (you will probably have to cut and paste)…


happy voting on monday.

thank you.

Mythoughts: “The Conservatives have done a great job at reducing our debt and my taxes.”

This is either ignorance or sarcasm, because it has nothing to do with the actual truth!

Harper added over 150 billion dollars to our debt, that being the national federal debt! How can you possibly call that a reduction ???

Unless of course Harper has somehow reduced YOUR debt, your personal debt when you said “our debt”!

Winegard: Conservatives have abandoned military veterans

“That’s why I support the Anyone But Conservatives ABC — Canadian Veterans Campaign 2015, a group asking voters to support fair treatment and respect for veterans by endorsing riding candidates who have the best chance of defeating a Conservative candidate on Oct. 19.”

Dr. William Winegard is a WW2 Veteran, a Conservative MP for nine years, a cabinet minister for six years and a recipient of the Order of Canada.


Assuming Harper does not get the most seats, and he resigns, does anyone think that changes the dynamic of this scenario. Trudeau has made it clear he won’t hook up with the Conservatives – but what about Conservatives that don’t have Harper at the helm? I still think the Liberals are more comfortable with the Cons – what if the Cons still standing after the election are more of the politically middle variety and Mr. Harper has left the building. Lib/Con possible?

See personal attacks. It’s bad enough when Harper and Mulcair do it. But know itsnthier local teams. This is exactly what we are trying to get it of office.

Todd has a past to, you don’t Tracy using it to attack him

Todd you and your team should be a shamed.

I voted for Steven Harper. He is still the best of 3 evils. Liberals scare me with this spending money we don’t have plan. Backed by Justin having no experience other than charisma.
Mulcare being irresponsible about receiving refuges without proper security. Poor respect for businesses, He will kill any LNG projects as well as pipeline plans. He cant even do his own finances properly. He isn’t an option. Sorry guys if I pissed in your soup.lol

My wish is for a majority Liberal government!

Failing that I readily accept a Liberal-NDP coalition! After all, it appears that Mulcair was a provincial Liberal in Quebec for 13 years until he switched. Besides, both parties declared that the number one objective is to get rid of Harper. They also have a lot in common and share their concern about how Harper has made Canada into something that more than two thirds of Canadians do not approve of.

Either party can vote confidence in the other – so we will have either a Liberal or an NDP minority government!

I am and have been a strong Conservative all the way. I back Todd Doherty
all the way I have some friends that have been loyal liberals federally and some friends that have been loyal NDP Over the years we do not discuss politics and respect each others decisions. Today I am so delighted to hear over 12 of these people have made contact with me and advised me they are changing their minds and voting for Todd Yahoo. !!!!!!!
I have no trust in the other Candidates ……. And I am Metis as well,
Conservative all the way. I am very grateful for the Country we live in and our Prime Minister !!!!!!!!

Wow. interesting comments about Todd being an opportunist. The definition of an opportunist is “a person who exploits circumstances to gain immediate advantage rather than being guided by consistent principles or plans.” I am not sure that is what Todd has done.

Immediate gain, that is just funny! He has traveled more (within our region) than any other candidates. Talked to more on and individual basis. Yes, he has made a few mistakes. All the candidates have. I suspect had more signs stolen or damaged than any other candidate. He was attacked for his signs, now that almost seems silly. with all the signs of every candidate in this election. Oh my gosh are there a lot of sign from every candidate out there.

I am at a lot of events and Todd seems to be at all of them, always willing to talk to people. I have talked to Todd several times in the last few months and the values he has not changed since I met him 16 months ago. If there has one thing I might complain about him is he probably cares too much. All of you who really know him will know, I am right.

I know Dick endorsed him from the beginning, and to be sure I am not sure that helped Todd. Turns out from my viewpoint Dick was right.

Interesting commentary:

“Pierre Trudeau was a spending fool. He believed in a state-led economy, and the longer he lasted in office, the more statist he became. The Foreign Investment Review Agency was succeeded by Petro-Canada. Petro-Canada was succeeded by wage and price controls. Wage and price controls were succeeded by the single worst economic decision of Canada’s 20th century: the National Energy Program.”

The fact that this man’s son is even in contention to carry on his legacy is unbelievable.”

No kidding!

For the HuffPost loving lefties, here’s an interesting read on good ol’ Pierre!

http://w ww.huffingtonpost.ca/david-frum/was-trudeau-a-disaster-fo_b_985517.html

Hey Dave! Todd s Team should be shamed. Give me a break, look in your own back yard. Todd is NUMBER ONE all the way Vote for Todd Doherty!!!!!

I love it, an other opportunity for everyone on 250’s peanut gallery to throw pot shots at each other.

I love some of the stupid comments based on zero information of facts, such as the harper decreasing the debt, for instance. That honour, in recent 2 decade history, goes to the liberals and especially Paul Martin when he was minister of finance.

It is relatively well known that in good times on can pay down debt, and in bad times one spends in order to try to kick start the economy ….. that has been the wisdom over almost 100 years and it seems to have kept us out of a pre-WWII style depression.

with idiots for voters, how can one expect not to elect idiots to parliament?

Speaking of idiots reminds me of “the Donald” idiot narcissist in the US of A …..

I am starting to wonder whether the contrail conspiracies have some validity….. (For those of you who do not follow conspiracy news, they are supposedly part of a vast government spraying program by Big Brother to control us all). :-)

give the cons a good kick where it counts…….now I have to continue my searsh for that fix for Stoopid…..watch harper with the Crack brothers in Toronto..4;45….this is what you Con supports VOTE for …IDJIOTS ya all…..if is not stuck up there wiggle yer ears…….and JT will make a good PM …had the best Teacher his Daddy waz……LMB…

This is the first time in my life that the race is so close that I feel my vote might actually count. Win or lose, it looks like this is going to be a close, 3-way, local election.

Trudeau just loves Kathleen Wynne and he would love to do for Canada what Wynne has done/is doing for Ontario!

Unfortunately, what Wynne is doing is destroying Ontario! Is this what JT wants for Canada?


Can’t trust Trueau!

Trudeau also paints himself and the saviour of the “middle class”!

There is a plethora of information that suggests that Canada’s “middle class” is doing just fine, thank you very much!

The last thing that we need is someone who has never been “middle class” looking down from his lofty perch atop his trust fund and telling us that he’s going to save us!

Can’t trust Trudeau!

Wow, this is a tough crowd, I’m minus 8 and all I did was ask people’s opinions on a scenario. So, assuming Trudeau wins tomorrow, and Harper is gone, what will be interesting is not who Trudeau has to court to support him, but you might see the Cons and NDP tripping over themselves to get the job to back up Trudeau so that they can stay relevant. I expect a bunch of upticks come next week if you see a Lib Con scenario cause you heard it here first. Whatever these guys are saying today means squat when the polls close. Chretien couldn’t have been more clear what was to happen to the GST, but he had no problem post election coming up with some lame excuse to keep it. I say all bets are off Tuesday as to who backs up the Libs.

When was the last time we elected a party to run government which had a leader who was from the middle class?

What is you definition of middle class? Income below $100,000, education below University graduation? Parents both HAD to work to make ends meet? Sons and daughters followed in the same footsteps?

Chretien couldn’t have been clearer what was to happen to the GST, but he had no problem post-election coming up with some lame excuse to keep it.

I suppose he looked at putting back the manufacturing tax, which was removed to impose the gst as a visible tax, and took the advice of his minister of finance and other cabinet members and decided to keep it with new information.

Every single candidate, whether it is prime minister or local riding representative, makes too many so-called promises and continually a significant portion of the electorate is so stupid as to believe them.

Neither the people running for office, nor the people voting for them seem to understand the nature of the beast. A bunch of used-car salespeople who believe that a sucker is born every minute ….. when actually it is much more frequently than that…… LOL

Gopg . Yes the electorate is an idiot . Imagine thousands of people putting a tire salesman that doesn’t even live anywhere near the riding into the drivers seat . And Bobzie , unbelievable ! You know we are in trouble when ideology trumps logic .

Richard Harris was living in this riding when he was elected. He was involved with politics for some time. The same goes with Zimmer. He lived in the riding and was the president of the riding association.

Both were political, both lived 3,000 miles away from the place they worked. That is one of the problems of a country the size of Canada. I know several people whop do the same. They live both at home with their family and they live close to their job. They have activities in both places. Where the primary residence is, really does not matter anymore in today’s world.

Why do you think that travel costs for those who do not live close to a major airport such as Vancouver or Halifax are so high compared to someone living in London Ontario?

As I say, the electorate shows their stupidity the more they open their mouths or write.

Ataloss … have you ever travelled across the country from PG to Ottawa? Door to door 10 hours is not out of line …. that is one way ….

And if you think anyone can do really productive work on a plane, or walking with luggage, or riding in a cab, or waiting, then you really have never travelled often on business.

Take 30 trips back and forth across the country for a total of 60 flights at an average of 10hours/flight and you get 600 hours. Depending on the number of weeks vacation you might want to give to yourself, that amounts to about 1/3rd of the time travelling …..

Dick was living in the riding when he was elected . That is so lame . We paid his expenses to both live in Ottawa and his home in the OK . And now his gold plated pension . I guess in your eyes he’s a working class hero .

Define lame. The fact is, he lived in the riding and when elected he got an apartment in Ottawa. I mean, people from the hinterlands of BC get a place to live in Victoria when they become MLA. That is where much of the business of being an MLA happens as it does in Ottawa for MPs. One would be stupid to live out of hotels. Talk about spending money.

Perhaps you want these people to live on the streets under a cardboard box!!!

A gold plated pension??? … He is no different than anyone who does the same job …..

So now that we know that you have a problem with politicians in general and the lifestyle of two homes and tons of travel they have and getting a pension as well ….. how about we start dealing with your real issues.

Geez gopg . Settle down there buddy . I’m not blaming Dick . The point I’m trying to make is that , he gamed the system and won . His riding paid the price . Did you get value for price ?

So here is the scenario.

We have a bunch of people who work for us trying to keep a country clicking away like clockwork by giving direction to those who are employed full time actually operating the country.

The reason why that bunch of people do that work is because it is our country and we want someone to do that work for us, likely because it would be utter chaos to do otherwise at the moment.

The other reason is because for some weird reason or other we feel that it takes that many to do this task for us rather than simply picking one person and pronouncing him/her king or queen or dictator or some other such name.

BUT, there is a problem. We really do not want to pay those people to do the dirty work for us. You know, the work that is appreciated by some at some time, by others at other times, and then there is a crowd who will never appreciate any of it.

We can pay bankers, we can pay corporate CEOs and senior executives, and we can pay members of private and even public boards, commissions, etc. But when it comes to MPs and MLAs, the appreciation and generosity stops.

Why, we can even allow the Donald to build a Trump tower on Georgia Street and suck the rent money out of Canada.

Ataloss, I have finally been able to determine that you belong to that latter group that never appreciates anything.

Ataloss: “The point I’m trying to make is that , he gamed the system and won”

Your attitude comes out in those words quite nicely, thank you.

You do not even begin to understand what an MP from the hinterlands has to do to do the job in the same fashion as an MP living in an Ottawa, high density riding with a radius measured in 10s of kilometres rather than 1,000s of kilometres and within a bike ride of the Hill.

In fact, there is ample reason to look at the notion of a pay differential just for the geographical size of the riding and the distance of the riding from parliament. There is some that is there for travel and accommodation, but there is nothing for travel pay.

If a professional, tradesperson, or other type of consultant or contractor does work remote from the place of business they charge for the time on site, and typically for the out of pocket expenses for travel to and from the site, as well as travel time to and from the site. There is no recognition for that for MPs and MLAs.

There is no need to attack the person. Attack the system. Not only that, but begin to think how you can actually influence change.

Why is the “orange wave” now placing signs on irrigated areas throughout the city? The reason signs are not allowed is so they do not damage undergound irrigation lines but they are all the way around the corner at Domano Blvd and 16 West which is obviously irrigated as the water sprays there every morning in the summer.

“Pierre Trudeau was a spending fool.”

Who cares? He passed away a few years ago, may he rest in peace!

This is the election of 2015! The leader of the Liberal Party is Justin Trudeau, just in case some people are confused!

Has it now become a crime in Canada to be born into good circumstances?

Hopefully not! To all of those who are full of envy: Do you want YOUR children to be born into abject poverty?

Gopg , There is no need to attack the person. Attack the system. Not only that, but begin to think how you can actually influence change…… The only thing open to me to effect change is to donate to the party that represents my views and vote for that party or strategicly vote for a party that matches those views . Which I have done . PR ! I’ll vote for anyone that has that pass their lips .

Again gopg . I am not attacking your pet .Dick won the game . My hat is off to him . He’s either the smartest guy that used to live in pg or half of pg is ….. Not so much . Remember when the reform and alliance parties were railing away at those obscene parliamentary pensions ? That didn’t last any long than it took to slither up parliament hill . My aditude becomes clear to you . That’s a good thing . I’m all about the money . That’s why I’m Green . I’ll play the best cards I am dealt in the best way I can . Stevie can’t muster enough wool to blind me .

Ataloss I hear you on a lot of things, but you lose my vote the moment you say PR. Now that’s a way to enrich unaccountable windbags in Ottawa having them appointed by a party list based on minority percentages.

Every dead cat extremist party imaginable will come about to get a small percentage of the vote dividing people and becoming strategic canards for behind the curtain power brokers to manipulate.

Maybe one is on the potential Green list for party appointment. A concept that at its heart is dismissive of rural and regional representation.

Myself I think since all parties use the preferential ballot in their own local candidate selection process, and that this process requires a eventual elect of over 50% support, and thus always the consensus majority candidate, then it would seem that this is the most democratic and stable for of voting that would be most realistic as a compromise between all parties.

I think even the greens would elect more consensus based 2nd or 3rd choice eventual elected candidates with a preferential ballot, than they would through an, underhanded undemocratic party candidate list approach.

Proportional balloting idea is why I couldn’t ever vote Green.

I think regardless Harper is done in two days. Good riddance Harper. At this point unless he get a majority he will not be Prime Minister. The old party stalwarts of both the ndp and liberals have said they would not support a coalition government that includes Harper.

Harpers future as a leader in Canada is finished.

If the conservative get the most seats they will not be able to get the confidence of parliament unless Harper steps aside.

If the liberals or ndp get the most seats they will have immense pressures in their own parties not to form a coalition government with the Harper conservative.

We will have a Prime Minister in Canada, but it might not be on Tuesday, it might take a week or so to get it all sorted out, but it for sure will not be Harper.

those that vote for a conservative candidate, should realize at this point that their candidate if elected will be a back bench’er of an opposition party.

The only way to elect a coalition partner candidate will be to elect ndp or liberals for this rising. That matters IMO.

oh dam spell mistake… riding…

Hey you heavy hitters, pap, hart, soc,eag,ata, and any that I have missed,I have a question on the leagallity of the election.Should Elections Canada fail the electorate as they did in many areas across Canada during the advanced poll,by not having enough ballots, enough polling sites, enough polling staff,and the end result many people were not allowed to vote.So my question is ” If voters are waiting to vote at their polling station and the polls close and they are not allowed to vote do we have a legal election ?

I’m surprised eagle . I would have thought you ,like me , would be for more voices than the fewer we have now . It would spell the end to parliamentary dictatorship we have now . One day of democracy followed by four years of dictatorship by people whom are beholden too the people that paid the piper and not the electorate because we have no recourse .

What party is fetterly on? Cause thats who im gonna vote for

Keep an eye out for Steve –he may hide the ballot box when you come to vote.

poor gold miner – as long as you are in the line up at 7:00 pm you will be allowed to vote.

I doubt if you have a legal action poor gold miner. I think that the standard practice is to allow those people in the line to continue to vote. Anyone who arrives after the cut off would not be allowed to vote.

I doubt if they will run out of ballots, however if they did, then they would have to get some from some other polling station. Not likely they would all run out a the same time.

I see the **myth** of Paul Martin the Liberal as a dragon slaying deficit buster is alive and well.

My guess is that most people minds are made up for this election and not much will change them.

One persistent myth is that it was Martins huge budget cuts from 1995-97 that killed the deficit. In fact, those cuts (they represented a 40 percent reduction in federal social program money, compared to Mulroney’s 25 percent cut) almost brought the economy to a halt. A study by CIBC Wood Gundy concluded that Martin’s cuts reduced economic growth in Canada by a huge 3.5 percentage points through 1994-1996. The resulting loss in tax revenue almost eliminated the savings gained by making the spending cuts.

Paul Martin’s cuts combined with the zero inflation policy of the Bank of Canada helped to create a recession lasting much of the 1990’s. Pierre Fortin, former President of the Canadian Economics Association, put the cost of the cumulative unemployment caused by the cuts and high interest rate policy at about $400 Billion in foregone national income. equal to 30 percent of the losses in the Great Depression.

There is much more about the **Great Paul Martin** however if you are really interested you can look it up yourselves.

Sorry to have to bring facts into this Harper Carping site, however it is what it is.

Posted on Saturday, October 17, 2015 @ 10:18 AM by Veritas with a score of 5
For the life of me, I don’t get the hoopla over Tracy Calogheros. Even
if I did support Federal Liberal idiot Justin Trudeau, Calogheros would
be the last person to get my vote. Obviously, I’m supporting Todd, Bob
and the Conservatives, but I do have tremendous respect for Trent
Derrick, Sheldon Clare, Elizabeth Biggar, Kathy Dickie, Matt Shaw and
others who I have chatted politics with over the past year and during
this campaign. They are all good decent people, Calogheros however does
not make the grade. She may talk fancy, but her reputation certainly
isn’t golden with many. This town just got rid of mean
spirited leadership a year ago, and here it is again in Calogheros.
A never ending game of political whack a mole!
55% 45%

So tell me Furbink, what are your thoughts about Sheldon? You seem to get along quite well with him.

Who’s Sheldon???

If the City were that concerned about protecting the areas that are irrigated they should put signs up indicating which areas are irrigated.

During the year there are all sorts of signs going up for garage sales, open house, college painters, etc. It is not as if political signs are the only signs ever to go up.

BTW, if a sign does hit the irrigation pipe, it would simply be another hole in the pipe and would add to the watering. Those pipes are not pressurized until the system is turned on so, unlike the breaks in the water pipes leading to buildings there would not be damage which would require streets to be dug up to 8 feet or so underground, the leak found, and hopefully fixed.

On our street, which was developed in the late 1970’s, they have dug up 3 different locations within a 5 house section. One location was dug up twice. It looks like the recent one may be dug up again since they spray painted u/g pipe locations again.

As a point of interest. In the 2011 election the Liberals got 2,200 votes.

It would take a minimum of 14,000 votes to win. Perhaps someone can tell me where these votes will come from, Keep in mind most Conservatives will vote the same as they did last election, and at the very least the NDP vote will hold firm

Soooooo. Where will she get the votes from.???? Remember that Sheldon wants a share of available votes along with the Greens.

A lot of people are asking themselves that, Palopu. :-)

Of course, many are asking themselves who is Gordon Campbell.

Palopu, with that in mind, a post you have made many times over, things would never change …. Quebec would not have moved from the Liberals to the Bloc and from the Bloc to the NDP, and Alberta would never have voted in the NDP …. just some examples from recent history …

You need to come up with a better argument.

“Keep in mind most Conservatives will vote the same as they did last election” …. I think we will all keep that in mind ….. then we will look at it again on Monday night …. ;-)


39,778 votes in the last election. If the numbers are even close to that this time it will be a pretty thin spread.

The Conservatives according to all the polls have the most dedicated base of voters. Right now the Liberals appear to be leading in the polls with about 4% nationally. That’s not a very big spread when you consider the Conservative base.

Monday night will show us where the bear s..t in the buckwheat, in the meantime.

Where will Calogheros get her votes from??? NDP??? Independent?? Greens?? Conservatives??? Big hill to climb no matter how you look at it.

That’s right Palopu . Hold your nose and vote Tracy or you could be looking at four years of orange . Have you ever played chess Palopu ?

Will Buckwheat grow in pg ?

Posted on Saturday, October 17, 2015 @ 8:50 PM by gopg2015
“BTW, if a sign does hit the irrigation pipe, it would simply be another hole in the pipe and would add to the watering.”

That has been the mentality of this election. When the Conservatives place signs on irrigated lawn spaces it is “oh horror of horrors” they are the worst people on the face of the earth. They remove them and the other parties fill in the irrigated areas a few days before the election and it is meh, only water lines…

By the way at 100 pounds pressure the water blows huge holes in the lawn areas if there is a break in the line. Depending on the exact location of the break it could also form a sink hole underground if the water sprays downward. Just had a landscape fabric staple poke a hole in a pipe a month ago cost over 400.00 to fix, that is why the city added it to the sign bylaw.

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