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October 28, 2017 1:48 am

Hope Air Gets Boost From Province

Friday, October 30, 2015 @ 11:31 AM


Prince George BC – Recognizing  that raising a family is a difficult task MLA Shirley Bond says “lt is that much more difficult when you have to worry about how to get your loved one to the medical treatment they need.”

Enter Hope Air which arranges flights for those non emergency trips . Bond has announced the Province is putting $1.5 million dollars into Hope Air to ensure those trips continue.

Hope Air is not an airline it bills itself as a lifeline.  Hope Air  takes applications from families and arranges the flights.  Hope Air is a nationally registered charity.

In 2014, 5098 flights were arranged for BC patients. Patients of  all ages are eligible.

Nicole and son Simon were among those passengers.  Simon needed specialized surgery to correct an eye problem. “In oe year we had to go to Vancouver eleven times.  I don’t know of any family that could have afforded that.  Without Hope Air  it would not  have been possible.”



Good to hear.
Hope Air has done a great job.

How many millions does the province put into helicopter ambulance services for the lower mainland?

Thank goodness for HOPE Air! Had only briefly heard of this service until last June when my pregnant daughter developed complications and was required to be at Childrens Hospital the next day. I completed the application on line and within 15 minutes they called, talked to my daughter and a couple hours later her and her partner had reservations on the first flight out of Prince George the next day. What a relief at a time when emotions are runninng high and thoughts become fears. I have thanked them before and I will thank them again!!

I give up. How much?

Don’t understand the meaning of a question huh?

I have yet to see an air ambulance here, let alone working to transport patients off our highways to the hospital. Wonder how many folks die so the LMD can “have their Elite service”

I do have a great appreciation for Hope Air, those folks who run it are absolutely incredible to deal with. Thankyou government for supplying the much needed funding.
But seriously, is there some crazy reason we can not get an angiogram at our local hospital, no Northern Health competence here or what?

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