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October 28, 2017 1:45 am

Trudeau Poised to Announce Gender Equal Cabinet

Monday, November 2, 2015 @ 3:55 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Prime Minister designate Justin Trudeau will make history Wednesday when he announces Canada’s first gender equal cabinet.

“So having 50% of the cabinet ministers as women, which is a big step forward,” says UNBC Political Science professor Dr. Gary Wilson. “If you look at previous cabinets that certainly hasn’t been the case.”

He says this is something you see more commonly in Scandinavian countries and is designed to reflect the fact 50% of the population are women.

“Obviously, 50% of the MPs aren’t women so there will be some challenges in terms of who you’re putting in cabinet and that goes back to the whole issue of experience, but it’s a bold step.”

Wilson says one person we can expect to see in cabinet is Vancouver Centre MP Hedy Fry, who caused an uproar back in 2001 when she said racist cross burnings were taking place in Prince George (she later apologized for that comment).

“I don’t want to prejudge the prime minster on this, it’s really up to him, but she does tick a lot of the boxes in terms of her gender, her experience, that fact she’s from Western Canada.”

He says Trudeau will have other considerations too.

“Regional representation, ethnic representation, it’s a very difficult task,” says Wilson. “You also want to think about who are the right people for the right positions.”

With no Liberal MPs in northern, B.C., does he think Prince George and the region in general will suffer?

“Well in our Canadian system of government, cabinet is really important. It really serves as the engine room for policy and policy ideas,” he says,.

“I tell my students, our system of government is not very porous, so if you want to get things done, getting influence through cabinet is one of the few ways of getting policy ideas brought to the table.”

That’s not to say opposition MPs in the Prince George area won’t have any influence at all.

“These MPs of course will have opportunities to present private members bills or to speak with their colleagues. I mean it’s not like the Conservatives, Liberals and NDP members don’t speak to each other in Ottawa,” says Wilson.

“It may seem very competitive and confictual when we look at Question Period and people are shouting and screaming at each other, but behind the scenes you’ve got MPs from all different parties serving on committees.”


so this could well mean we have men or women posted to jobs they are no capable of handling.

I would hope he selects people to do a job that they are capable of not because of their gender

(Nov. 01, 2015)
“Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Canada’s prime minister-designate Justin Trudeau agreed to promote the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), both seeing the free-trade deal as beneficial to the region, Japan’s foreign ministry said in a statement.”

Japan’s Abe, Trudeau agree to promote TPP


(October 5, 2015)
“And he promised his government would put the newly signed Trans-Pacific Partnership to a “fulsome” discussion with parliamentarians and the public before making a decision on whether to vote for it.”

Liberals would put TPP deal to ‘fulsome’ discussion, Trudeau says while unveiling final platform


Where’s the LGBT representation? Or the short people? Do balding people get preferential treatment as well? How about the hipsters?

How about those with an “ironic beard” and/or a man-bun?

The TPP’s corporate sovereignty and intellectual property provisions are unacceptable. I am very disappointed that Trudeau is pushing forward with this.

As Charles pointed out, where’s the change?

It would have been truly interesting to see how Mulcair would have found a way to reverse his Party’s position and also be “all for” the TPP if he’d been elected PM instead of Trudeau. Rest assured that somehow he would have HAD to find it. Whatever ‘High Finance’ thinks is good for itself, is what will be done. No matter who WE put in to do it. When it comes to anything like that, there’ll be no change. What will be Trudeau’s next ‘distraction’ to set tongues all wagging over the un-important, like how many women are in his Cabinet, while what is important goes in the same direction those who control our money want it still to go? He’s undoubtedly already got a long list of them to choose from.

bcracer – that’s what Deputy Ministers are for. They’re the experts and advise the Minister.

Harper signed the TPP..its not like Trudeau can rip it up.. but back to the topic

This equality stuff is fine in certain situations..but when it comes to politics putting a unqualified person as a minister of “X” just because they are white, blue etc is wrong… I want the most qualified to do the job.. We see this pandering all the time.. its rampant in BC liberal party.. the unqualified jump from ministry to ministry..

Wow you got a masters in education.. sorry.. its time to Bond to get the roll of minister of education because she is female..sorry sir.. but dont we look good…..

so this could well mean we have men or women posted to jobs they are no capable of handling.


Well, that could happen whether there was a gender equal cabinet or not. Trudeau’s approach makes no real difference there, unless the candidate pool is so small that you are forced to select people who are not qualified.

The Liberal website shows that 50 women were elected as Liberal MP’s and Trudeau is expected to have somewhere between 25 and 30 people in cabinet based on what media is reporting. So that means that roughy 13-15 of those elected women would need to be identified for cabinet positions.

I have a hard time imagining that it will be difficult for Trudeau to identify that number of qualified people from a pool of 50. If you review the bios of those MPs, there are some very impressive backgrounds amongst those who have been elected.

“so this could well mean we have men or women posted to jobs they are no capable of handling.”

If they are not capable, then we elected the wrong people. He did not vote other than for himself. We only have ourselves to blame.

We need to get rid of an archaic system and select from the best people in the country as they do in the USA, for example.

I think what will be interesting is whether there will be a reasonably equal distribution of “important” ministries among the genders.

I am sure that the media will generate some controversy of who gets what position with respect to the portfolio scope as is typically shown by the level of the expense budgets.

Would any of you want to be a passenger on a plane that hired their pilots to fill the equality matrix ? Or would you want the most qualified pilot?

Hard to believe I agree with some of my typical adversaries on this issue, but this is crap. Hedy Fry in cabinet? Welcome to Zoolanders world.

Posted on Monday, November 2, 2015 @ 11:30 AM by dow7501 with a score of 0

Hard to believe I agree with some of my typical adversaries on this issue, but this is crap. Hedy Fry in cabinet? Welcome to Zoolanders world.


LOL. She’ll be Minister of Public Relations With Rural Canadians.

Should send Justin Trudeau for a visit to Russia. Putin can turn him over his knee and spank some sense into him. How long will it take Justin to turn the Parliament into a rendition of wood stock. Sex,drugs,rock & roll Brother! I see a reality T.V series in the making..Wonder how the rest of the world views Canada NOW

Dow don’t read greaterfool.ca today . Probably explains why you are so grumpy . Must be murder being invested in Alberta . I’m having a really bullish day today but then I have zero exposure to the oil/gas/coal patches . Just outside of Calgary you can get a 2.9 million dollar mansion for 1.1 . There’s also a fire sale on man toys .

dow7501, Hedy Fry in Cabinet. Hahahaha, well at least maybe PG will get some more press time.

I wonder who boy wonder Justin will appoint to the Agriculture portfolio. After all, he needs someone who will oversee marijuana production so that he can get his supply of the “good stuff” before the rest of Canada does!

Hart guy are you saying that prime minister Trudeau smoke marijauna ? It reads as if you know this to be true . Your accusations could be put to the test . I would like to see that happen .

Hart Guy.. we grow the good stuff here.. ;)

I bet Harper cant wait for it to be legal so he can start sparking up a big fatty and read his bible.

Ataloss, have you been on another planet?

Justin has admitted to smoking pot! He has also admitted that he has smoked pot while he was also an elected Member of Parliament of the Government of Canada!

So, while an MP, he has participated in an illegal activity. Whether or not you agree with or support marijuana use, the fact remains that Justin not only used it while usage was illegal, but used it while being a member of our Government!

I wonder who his dealer is?

Lets see for political opportunity under boy wonder, if you are a man or woman get an operation then you have both sides covered. Hey taxpayer funded whats not to like.

Ataloss how’s your solar stocks. hear another solar outfit went down the tubes.

“Wonder how the rest of the world views Canada NOW”

!00% improvement over what was his name again. Gone are the days of robotic politics.

Would any of you want to be a passenger on a plane that hired their pilots to fill the equality matrix ? Or would you want the most qualified pilot?


It depends. Could they people hired fly the airplane?

Hart Guy… so you are saying Harper never broke the law..? Guess he never sped in a car..? Say it isnt so that your BFF Harper participated in a illegal activity ..At least Trudeau admits to it… how many politicians have openly lied about breaking a law..

Considering the 300 plus people elected were winners of what basically amounts to a popularity contest, it’s likely few of them are truly qualified for the role they will play. And to be fair, so far Trudeau is doing everything he said he was going to do while running for office. I don’t agree with some of it, but that’s life.

“Harper signed the TPP..its not like Trudeau can rip it up.. but back to the topic”

PVal, TPP must be passed by parliaments of all signatories, so it’s anything but a done deal. Trudeau is hardly locked into it. Hilary Clinton seems to feel she’s not obligated to proceed with it, so fair to assume the new PM of Canada isn’t either. If he goes forward with it, it’s because he wants to , not has to.

Hart Guy, the election is done and over with! Your party and its leader lost. There are losers and there a sore, spiteful, and sarcastic losers! You can choose what kind you want to identified with!

Most Canadians are satisfied with the majority government result! How do I know that? The majority voted for change, even many Conservatives!

Palopu and some others appear to be saving their ammunition for the next election campaign – a wise move!

Time to move on!

Have a wonderful day!

ski51. I think Clinton is just grandstanding about the TPP right now… which is hardly surprising with the political scene going on in the US right now..

If we only could see exactly what the TPP is we could do better than guess as to why one would or would not agree to it.. That is one thing about a majority.. they are in total control.. thinking we will really see the results of the TPP a few years down the road.. It was just around 2 years into the NAFTA when we started to see law suits etc starting.. Hoping we dont see this again..

PrinceGeorge, I asked a question about who Justin might appoint as his Agriculture Minister! After all, as a marijuana user, Justin should have an interest in this portfolio!

Ataloss then asked about whether or not JT actually smoked pot! I told him what I knew about JT’s pot use!

And then you chime in, all self-righteous and all! What’s up with that?

Are you beginning to doubt your electoral choice and are now concerned that you have to defend the indefensible?

You state that most Canadians are satisfied with the majority government result. The Liberals did win the most seats in the House, but stating that most Canadians are satisfied is incorrect. After all, while JT and crew did win the most seats in the House, they did not receive the majority of the popular votes, just like Stephen Harper did not have the majority of the popular vote during his last election win, a point that you lefties pointed out on numerous occasions!

Have a nice day and keep your hand on your wallet, because you can’t trust Justin, haha!

P Val, I don’t know if Stephen Harper ever got a speeding ticket. What I do know is that Justin is now Prime Minister-designate and he will be sworn in on Wednesday. I do know that Justin has admitted to partaking in an illegal activity, even while an elected Member of Parliament!

I also know that for as long as Stephen Harper was Prime Minister, those on the left took every opportunity to point out his foibles and flaws! You must admit that you were one of those people!

Now, Justin will be the man at the helm, or at least the puppet having his strings pulled! So, do you not think that those of us that do not like the man, his party or his politics should now have our opportunity to point out JT’s foibles and flaws?

Is not turnabout fair play?

By the way, from what I understand and from what I was reading earlier today, it looks like the political cartoonists are ramping up to have a heck of a good time poking fun at Justin! They expect to have a lot of ammunition!


Point out what ever you want.. Harper has such a horrendous record that Trudeau can’t do anything but look good.. Talk to me in four years after Trudeau has been at the helm longer than a few weeks.

Just one more time and for the last time:

Liberal 6,930,136 39.5%
Conservative 5,600,496 31.9%
NDP 3,461,292 19.7%
Bloc 818,262 4.7%
Green 605,864 3.4%

Of all the Canadians who voted the Liberal vote was the largest,
so the Liberal voters are the most satisfied with their majority.

Those who are disappointed are the ones who voted for one of the
other parties! We still have the first past the point system, so
it is no use to complain endlessly about losing. At least we won’t
see prorogations of parliament and other shenanigans of that sort.

What a relief! The Duffy trial will start again to the utter delight
of the cartoonists! Stay tuned, it will be very funny!

What is clear to me is that those who voted NDP and a significant number voted those parties because they wanted Harper out.

Had it been the Progressive Conservative Party, and had Harper followed that party’s “soft” right wing philosophy, things could have turned out quite the opposite.

But that was not the case. In addition, Ignatieff the dud of all duds was gone. Also, the powerhouse Layton was gone, replaced by the bureaucrat Mulcair.

All those shifts were instrumental in what resulted as a 180 degree turnaround for the Liberals. Major shifts like that do not happen unless all the holes in the Emmentaler cheese align just right for one of the parties to maneuver their way through previous barriers.

A significant number of voters who voted NDP also wanted Harper out and thought that the changes in Quebec last time around plus recent 180 degree turns in Alberta would give the NDP the best chance to oust him. But the loss of Con votes would primarily have gone to the center party, the Liberals, rather than to the left.

I am hoping some political scientists are interested in doing some investigative research to verify or deny such a hypothesis as I have just presented.

Most of the right wing posters on here that are in denial really have far too simplistic explanations in my opinion.

Hart Guy “I wonder who his dealer is?” I believe it was Marc Emery.

For the next election we may have gotten rid of the first past the post system and replaced it with some other form like proportional representation or a variation of such.

It will be interesting to see if a right oriented (some reform elements persisting) conservative party will ever gather enough support from the 68.1% (who did not vote for the right) to run the country again.

maverick 1965, you wonder how the rest of the world views Canada NOW?

I’m not sure how they see us NOW, but according to a recently released report, under the Harper Government they saw us pretty darn well!

National Post: “Canada under Conservatives was the freest and most tolerant nation in the world, study finds”!

“It comes a little late for Stephen Harper’s Conservatives, but Canada has been named both the freest and most tolerant country in the world. It’s also one of the most prosperous and best-run, and trails only Australia in education.

The latest accolade for Canada comes from a London-based think tank, The Legatum Institute, which publishes an annual “prosperity index.” Canada scores well overall – in sixth place out of 142 countries – but excels in the categories of personal freedoms and openness. Though always near the top of the order in the seven years the index has been compiled, the last year of the Conservatives’ mandate coincided with its rise to first place as “the freest country in the world.

Canada, the report notes, “is the most tolerant of immigrants – 92% of people think the country is a good place for immigrants. It is also the fifth most tolerant of ethnic minorities… 94% of Canadians believe that they have the freedom to choose the course of their own lives.”

ht tp://news.nationalpost.com/full-comment/canada-under-conservatives-was-the-freest-and-most-tolerant-in-the-world-study-finds

I hope Hedy Fry doesn’t get a cabinet position, I have not liked her since she said the PG was burning crosses, when that was not happening, i would prefer that they have people who check their sources prior to talking about things in the House of Commons. I laugh every time I walk past her office in Vancouver.

Minion you laugh every time you go passed her office ? I cringe every time I drive by where the crosses in question were burnt . The crosses in question were put up at the corner of Krumm road and highway 37 south . They were put there by anti abortion zealots ,piled and burned by who knows who . Then the press and crazies got a hold of it and everybody pointed fingers . As all ways , it really had nothing to do with Prince George . Zimdoh world trying to get attention once again .

minion2014, like you I agree that I would prefer that they have people who check their sources prior to talking about things in the House of Commons!

Like for example, Justin, our Prime Minister-designate!

As a self-employed small business owner, I’m less than enthused about his comments that most small businesses are nothing more than a tax shelter! This type of comment from a trust fund man child tells me that he really and truly doesn’t have a clue about how things are in the real world!

Or maybe I’m wrong! After all, with his infinite grasp of economics, according to Justin “the budget will balance itself”!

hedy Fry? Justin? We are sooooooo screwed!

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