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October 28, 2017 1:42 am

Poppy Trays Stolen

Wednesday, November 4, 2015 @ 12:04 PM


Prince George, B.C. – Police are investigating the theft of three poppy trays in Prince George.


RCMP surveillance footage of suspect

RCMP Corporal Craig Douglass says the same person is the suspect in all three thefts and notes the first incident occurred just before 11:30 Monday night at a restaurant on the 1500 block of Highway 97 South.

He says officers arrived to find a broken glass door to the business and a poppy tray stolen.

Douglass says another tray was stolen about a half hour later from a restaurant on Central Street East and notes another tray was stolen from the same location Sunday night at around 8 p.m.

Douglass says the suspect is a First Nations male with a stalky build and was wearing a Chicago Blackhawks Winter Classic hockey jersey with Jonathon Toews number 19 on the back.

Predictably, Legion zone commander for BC/Yukon John Scott was upset when he found out.

“I’m angry about it as any veteran would be. A lot of effort goes into this poppy campaign,” he says. “All the money gathered goes to veterans and their families for things like wheelchairs and canes.”

Anyone with information is asked to call police.




What a scumbag this guy is. If the cops don’t get him, the sure as hell Karma will. Shame on you, you souless S.O.B.


Can you get any lower.. and the guy isn’t a rocket surgeon thats for sure.. Hope he gets caught and part of his punishment is selling poppies for a few weeks.

What business doesn’t have a safe ? It’s more than a little like leaving ones wallet with money sticking out on the dash of your car over night . If the business owner doesn’t want to lose his windows . Then leave the box on the side walk or at least out of sight .

“Douglass says the suspect is a First Nations male…”

Isn’t “non-white” the politically correct term?

Yes ataloss. It’s their fault for leaving it out for sure. Now excuse me, I’m going to go tell my daughter to dress modestly so she’s not “asking for it” too.

I hope you folk save some of that indignity for when the police tell morons to lock their car doors and put their valuables in the trunk while holiday shopping . Only in PG is common sense not needed because yous gots laws and yous gots cops . Duh!

The business owners dedutable is for sure less than the contents of the box . If I were he/she I would have for sure put it in the safe right next to the petty cash . So you see it takes two to tango .

Ataloss, the point is that it’s the scumbag that stole the trays that should be getting vilified, not the poor business owner that allowed the Legion to put the Poppy box on his premises.
I seriously don’t see how there can be ANY debate on this one!
Thief who breaks in and steals from veterans = DOUCHE BAG!
Business owner that suffers break in = innocent victim!
Time for bleeding hearts to quit diverting the blame from the perpetrators to the victims of crime!

I agree with some that one shouldn’t leave any signs of money out to tempt burglars. Businesses should know by now that these trays have been stolen in the past and that it should be put out of sight at the close of business. Its also for the benefit of the business to ensure that they take these precautions so they don’t have to end up paying a deductible later.
Yess the guy is a scumbag but businesses need to think twice about leaving money out in plain sight. Its great what they are doing for the Veterans, but they need to look at their stores and try to prevent these sort of break ins.

So, Ataloss, when the rest of the class was learning about spelling and economics, I’m guessing you were away sick that day? The restaurants “DEDUCTIBLE”would be substantially higher than the contents of the poppy tray. Those trays have only been out for a few days and even if everyone put in a $20….never mind Bud, I’m really just wasting my time here aren’t I? Or is that arnott I?

VN I guess when you were to learn cognitive reasoning , you missed the sarcasm part . How ironic . I don’t think you could get enough change into the box to equal the busted windows , door and mess clean up . Further to that . The cost of police investigation . Search for the criminal . Court costs . Legal fees ( legal aid ) . Insurance costs . All because break proof glass is too expensive and cash is left out in the open . I would bet the police would prefer that cash is not left in the open but in PG that’s just goofy .

Ataloss, doesn’t matter the topic for you to spew crap. you got issues person.

Several years ago at the 7/11 0n 20th I was in a line up when this goof grabs the poppy money and runs. The guy in front of me immediately goes after him. I follow him and we wrestle him down outside the door. Man the heart was pumping.

Inside, they were running customers through the till like nothing happened. Didn’t even call the cops. Gave us shit for risking our safety. I guess when you see this crap daily, you numb to it. But this was poppy money. What our veterans went through our generation can’t comprehend. I wanted to ask him about the root causes of his attempted theft, but he and his crew had little time to chat.

Yes this guy sucks. Yes, I guess the money could have been out of sight…
But my burning question is…what exactly does a rocket surgeon do lol, jk P Val.
Catch this tool and make him sell his jacket with proceeds going to the poppy fund.

Wow Dow thou art scary . I see a cape and title in your future . Sir Dow perhaps . Sqrlly . You must be one of the last people on the net that does not just go to the box at the top of your device and print …. Define rocket surgery or rocket surgeon or anything else you do not understand . It’s that bloody easy !!!!!

These are crimes of desperation, or maybe just plain stupidity. Either way, he will be caught, and go up before a judge, who will verbally slap his paws (would not want to affect the guy’s self esteem)

Obviously, this fellow is not aware of and/or does not respect the significance of the poppy. We will not change him.

Did anybody else here wonder about the ‘stalky’ build description?
I’m thinking beanstalk, or some other herbaceous relation, any other ideas?
Maybe the thief is a vegetable?


if anyone sees or knows this ass hat. do NOT call the police, just throw him under a truck!

Urban dictionary; Rocket Surgury, A mixed metaphor describing a non-existent, yet implicitly high level of qualification. The greatness of this term is in its subtle ability to call someone stupid twice in one euphemism. The irony may go over someone’s head and they would call out that this field of study doesn’t exist….well la dee frickin da, i guess im not urbany enough for you Ataloss, ok ok. Point made. Man i guess i am getting old, i even like Chris Rock, how could i have not heard of this…sigh…

Blame the victim …

Why is the restaurant from which the poppy tray was stolen not named? It’s not as if there are any privacy rights at issue here.

Can’t be hard to find the guy. Most ‘first nation males’ wear Canuck jerseys, not Chicago.

As for me using Rocket Surgeon… I first heard it along time ago on a sitcom..no idea which one but loved it as soon as I heard it :)

This poppy thief is definitely one. Everyone blaming the victims I am sure are lining up to register for their degree in rocket surgery ;)

If caught his punishment should be to fight for our country and freedom like our fathers and grandfathers did for which this money is for.

Naw wouldn’t want this scumbag in the military.

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