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October 28, 2017 1:41 am

Obama Says Keystone XL Pipeline Is Dead

Friday, November 6, 2015 @ 9:32 AM

Prince George, B.C. – U.S. President Barrack Obama has announced that the White House has rejected  TransCanada Corp’s proposed $8 billion Keystone XL pipeline which would have carried crude oil from Alberta to the U.S. gulf coast.

The proposal has been seven years in the making however Obama says it will not proceed.  At a news conference this morning the American president said the pipeline would not create jobs, would not lower gas prices for American consumers and would not increase U.S. energy security.  TransCanada had projected the pipeline would have created 9,000 permanent operational jobs in the U.S.

Obama stated the United States is leading the world on climate change and today has made a decision to continue that leadership.    He says the XL pipeline would have negatively affected that commitment to protect the planet.

Obama said he has spoken with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who had come out in support of the pipeline project, and says Trudeau expressed his disappointment with the decision.  Obama says the U.S. will continue to work with Canada on energy and climate matters.


Oh no…now they might have to refine it in Canada and make a whole bunch of people work……

Well the chosen one is in office only two days and Bam bam slapped him in the face. Just can’t make this stuff up. All under the guise of the bs term climate change.

Buffet being a friend of Bam bam owns an obscene amount of rail tankers which moves the oil down to the refineries. So Bam bam just did a friend a big favour. Wonder what the reward will be to Bam bam once out of office from Buffet.

There’s more bad news for the fossil fuel industry every day . A few days ago this headline … Goldman Sachs commits $150 billion for clean energy .

CN Rail earnings and stock will be looking good in the future…

Buffet is leading the world for the electrification of transport he one of the leading investors in BYD .and he’s getting into batteries in a very big way . He also know the fossil fuel era is coming to an end and is setting Berkshire up for that future .

Alberta really needs to start those Wind Farms.

Of course the u.s is ginna reject it.
America has always been near the bottom in oil production and magically shot up to top producer.
They became top producer to hurt russia and a few other places lke saudi arabia, china and its even effecting us and now this!
It’ll continue until the u.s stops getting there nose in russia & ukraines problem.
It’ll continue until isis is defeated and that boots should’ve been on the ground year ago.
Rise of isis, oil and america goin from bottom to top all signals global depression and ww3

Ataloss Buffet plays both sides of the fence to make money. Sachs is just a money machine and is one of the big players in carbon trading which has over taken the oil industry in moving money and they are still a big player in oil. Do you carbon trading all about flowers and fairy dust?

how’s your make believe solar system doing, off the grid yet?

Well, Go Northern Gateway, go.

The alberta Oil is going to leak out of Kitimat, East coast, Alaska, or Inuvik.

Trudeau needs the money to make his agenda work. The price to pay for social benefits.

Fossil fuel era coming to an end, sorry everything in your life is sourced out of fossil fuels one way or the other. In a couple of hundred years when oil and gas may thin out there is almost unlimited amounts of methane of which Japan is learning how to mine.

There are over 1000 thousand coal fired power plants under development and building around the world.

The oil is still moving, slow down right now but that has been seen before.

America is only blaming climate change.
The real reason is they wanna remain top producer snd if they agreed to it then we’d be competition and they dont want that.

Its a no brainer that it would be rejected.

This oil will move whether they like it or not. Now more of it will be travelling over rail, which increases safety risks immensely.

“A little data:

Global oil demand is now up to 95 million barrels per day, 17 million barrels per day in the US (which is trending up in the last year after years of decline). Gasoline use is up this year as they come out of the recession and people drive more. New car sales are up in the US, with trucks and SUVs leading the way.

The US imports of oil are down to 7.5 million barrels of oil per day, of which 3.2 million barrels per day are from Canada. Canadian imports are up from 2 million barrels per day in 2009. The US produces 9.5 million barrels of its own oil per day, which is up from 4 mmbbls of oil per day in 2011.

The US exports 0.5 mmbbls of oil and 4 mmbbls of refined products from oil.

To move the new production in the US to their existing refineries, and facilitate an increase in Canadian imports (using existing pipes across the border), the US has been on a significant building spree as far as oil transmission lines within their borders. New lines from Midland to the refineries in the GOM, and the Baaken to Cushing, Cushing to the coast have been put down since 2011.

Canada currently sells our heavy oil at a $15/bbl discount to West Texas Intermediate, and our oil sells at a $7/bbl discount to Maya (another heavy blend imported to the US Gulf Coast).”

This is a copy and past.

I agree fossil fuel era is coming to an end. We should be cleaning up the big mess Mother Nature made in Northern Alberta and Saskatchewan. Let’s clean that mess up, and employ some Canadians, and make money on it to secure our future. I want to be like Norway is today.

Is it possible this has anything to do with – we’re taking our fighter jets home?

Hardly ski51 . It has more to do with the passing in the house of the EPA clean power plan in August of this year in the states .

he spoke the mother natures mess is being cleaned up and Canadians are employed. How do you clean up the mess without fossil fuels?

The Keystone decision was a political decision, made by an outgoing President. Lets see what happens after the next US election,.

In the meantime we will have to continue to ship our oil to the US via the pipelines we presently use, and probably increase the amount going by rail. Then of course we might still get the Eastern Canadian pipeline, however Northern Gateway is probably dead. The twinning of the pipeline into Vancouver is also facing pressure.

So, going into a recession, with a **newbie** Government and somewhat less than stellar cabinet, we are going to be facing some pretty difficult times. Are the Liberals up to the task. Hmmmmmmm.

Obama has been hinting that it wouldn’t get approved for a long time, this just confirms it.

The simple reality of the situation is that the US makes their own decision on things that impact their country, just like Canada should with ours. This has nothing to do with Harper or Trudeau. It’s a US political/policy issue.

So, going into a recession, with a **newbie** Government and somewhat less than stellar cabinet, we are going to be facing some pretty difficult times. Are the Liberals up to the task. Ha ha ha . You are delusional Palopu . A practicing doctor in charge of Heath . Scientists , engineers . An astronaut in charge of transport . The new cabinet makes the harperettes look like idiots . Actually they were idiots . I love your new leader . Ronalee chubchuk . She makes me want to upchuk .

Ataloss. You of course are biased when it comes to the Liberals, or for that matter the Greens (which you don’t talk about much anymore)

It matters little whether they are doctors, scientists, engineers, etc; what matters is whether or not they can run the Government and make the right decisions. We will have to wait to see if that happens.

There first decision was to re-instate the long form census. Now that was a really big decision, and must have taken as least three minutes to make. No mention of course of the penalties for failure to fill them out.

They are now experiencing their first protest from environmentalists, who want to ensure they stick to their promises and make some tough decisions when they go to Paris. As it now stands, it looks like the best they will do is stick with Harpers agenda. Hmmmmm.

So time will tell.

Well, that should keep the Arab Oil Kings happy eh !

Obama has his priorities straight, but I thought we were the Americans closest ally . Seems he likes the Arabs more .

Seamus, who is Bam Bam? Are you confused? I mean, I’m guessing that you are, based on your comments. Do you need assistance in some way, perhaps your caregiver is on a break?

Actually the US imports more oil from the Canada than the Arabs.

As for Trudeau his first slap down of many to come, welcome to the real world.

Ataloss, Rona Ambrose has a lot going for her, I suspect at least as much if not more that Justin has going for him!

A few tidbits from of all places the CBC:

“Rona Ambrose, interim Tory leader, and what we should know about her

Harper’s successor speaks 4 languages and has long been active in women’s and girls’ issues.

Though her French has been described as “stilted,” Ambrose is multilingual. The Alberta-born MP for Sturgeon River–Parkland also speaks Spanish and Portuguese, owing to a childhood spent abroad, mostly in Brazil.

She is an ardent proponent of girls’ rights. Ambrose has been active with organizations including the Status of Women Action Group and the Edmonton Women’s Shelter, and her education at the University of Victoria and the University of Alberta reportedly included an undergraduate degree in feminist studies.

She would later serve, among other cabinet posts, as minister for the status of women, during which time she led Canada’s push to declare the International Day of the Girl in 2012.

Ambrose grabbed headlines early in her political career when, in 2005, she clashed with Social Development Minister Ken Dryden on child care — remarking in Parliament that women “don’t need old white guys telling us what to do.”

She was the youngest woman ever named to Canada’s cabinet with her surprise appointment, at age 36, to the environment portfolio.

She enjoys sailing and is a certified skipper for large sailboats, according to an internal government interview from earlier this year.”

Hmmm, while Rona is out sailing in a large sailboat, poor Justin is barely able to paddle his Daddy’s old canoe!

I suspect that Rona will be more than capable of standing toe to toe with Justin!

So true seamutt, and that is a good thing in our favor !
It is definitely going to be a rough road ahead for Justin.
Hope we can get a decent softwood lumber agreement this
time around.

Ataloss, all this talk of sailboats and canoes has me thinking of ships! Sinking Ships!

What’s up with your hallowed Green Party? You have a drunk as a leader, poor dizzy Lizzy, who can’t seem to get any other members of her party elected, and yet you Greenies keep her on as leader?

What’s up with that?

Any other party, with such consistently poor performance at the polls would have turfed the leader long ago and would have tried to find a new leader, one more capable of providing results.

With you Greenies, it’s like you just want to keep on flogging that old dead horse! Poor Lizzy!

okay, lets also turn of the electricity to the States and how about the water.. Then lets see who starts crying foul. Obama’s does not want our oil competing with US oil.
Next… what is the US going to do about the softwood agreement that has to be renegotiated?

You do know the Elizabeth May won her seat in parliament ,right ? It was an ABC election . Most of us Green Party supporters held our collective noses and voted strategicly as both of us did . If the PM keeps his words that elxn42 would be the last FPTP election . Then I and many more will send many more Green MPs to Ottawa . Our numbers are growing civilcly , provincially , federally and globally . The green party’s day will come . This election was run on fear generated by Stevie and Lynton . Too bad harpervalley bought it . Now you are represented for the next four year by two pieces of dead wood . You might as well have sent Stumpy to Ottawa .

HG I hope you can get something for better memory because it is getting annoying having to explain the facts of live for you over and over . Or perhaps print this out like seemutt does . Then you can read it over and over till it finally sinks in .

Ataloss, while dizzy Lizzy is indeed a bit short in physical stature, there is no need for you to refer to her as Stumpy! “Dizzy Lizzy” will suffice!

Ataloss actually the green vote shrank. Also the green party could only raise 4 million. Seems an issue to pry money out of so called green supporters. Guess they have an issue of walking the talk when it comes to their wallets. But hey a free trip to the Paris party is another matter.

Can you refute my cut and paste.

How’s your solar system?

So finally we can substitute our crude oil imports from Venezuela and elsewhere with bitumen extracted from the Alberta tar sands! And we can refine it right here in Canada and ship the gasoline, diesel and kerosene to the Eastern provinces via already existing pipelines! Our scientists can demonstrate their world class capabilities by making the whole process extremely clean and environmentally friendly! Look at all the jobs being created! The new Canadian technologies can be licensed to other countries and make millions of dollars!

Win – win situation!

What does Trump have to say about this nonsense!!!!

PG Flyfisher, I think a few things has changed on the lumber. WestFraser and Canfor has been very busy, buying up the producers in the United States. Thus their lobbyist does not have too much support. Thus Canada may fair better. Besides we have opened up our lumber to the East. Meaning we can always send it to China. Thus create a shortage in the US market, thus driving up lumber costs, than you will hear them scream.

See that is what is the good thing about bam bam saying no to Keystone. Now we can focus on getting the pipeline to either Kitimat or Inuvik. Sell the oil to China, one way or another. The yankies wont like that, that is the reason why the greenies have money to fight the pipeline via American oil companies

Ring! Ring! Ring!

Barack: Hello Justin? It’s Barack!

Justin: Hi Barack!

Barack: I just wanted to congratulate you on becoming Prime Minister!

Justin: Thanks Barack! Oh, and we’re not fighting ISIS anymore…K, Bye!

Ring! Ring! Ring!

Barack: Hello Justin?

Justin: Hi Barack!

Barack: Listen, Justin, We’re not doing Keystone anymore….K, Bye!

Justin: I’m disappointed!

@Prince George, we have no oil pipelines heading east. They all go through the US and back up into Canada. You may be thinking the natural gas pipelines. Can’t mix the two, but you could build a new one… wait no you can’t… no way Ontario would allow you to build a oil pipeline through the shield

Transcanada should file a NAFTA challenge.

Ring! Ring! Ring!

Obama vetoed the Keystone XL bill back in February. The dictator guy was still the Canadian Prime Minister back then.

As NMG mentioned…it has nothing to do with Trudeau, Harper or Canadian F-18’s.

Slinky:”You may be thinking the natural gas pipelines. Can’t mix the two…”
For a couple of years now I have listened to efforts and proposals by the oil and pipeline industry to do just that. It is up to them to make a worthwhile and convincing argument.

TransCanada CEO Russ Girling responds to U.S. rejection of Keystone pipeline

“We are disappointed with the President’s decision to deny the Keystone XL application.

Today, misplaced symbolism was chosen over merit and science – rhetoric won out over reason.

The U.S. consumes over seven million barrels per day more oil than it produces and will continue to do so for decades, even despite U.S. oil production increases. It is disappointing the administration appears to have said yes to more oil imports from Iran and Venezuela over oil from Canada, the United States’ strongest ally and trading partner, a country with rule of law and values consistent with the U.S.

Today’s decision deals a damaging blow to jobs, the economy and the environment on both sides of the border.

Through the course of its review, the U.S. State Department issued five very comprehensive and balanced scientific reviews of Keystone XL since 2010. Tens of thousands of pages of evidence from its own employees and agencies irrefutably show Keystone XL is the safest, most environmentally sound way to transport needed energy to Americans.

These reviews further found that approval or denial of Keystone XL would be unlikely to significantly impact the rate of production in the oilsands, or the continued demand for heavy crude oil at refineries in the United States.

In addition, the State Department’s review presented compelling evidence that clearly should have satisfied the President’s stated test that Keystone XL would not significantly exacerbate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The State Department’s January 31, 2014 Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement also concluded that the total annual GHG emissions transporting oil by rail to the Gulf Coast is about 42 per cent greater compared to transporting that same oil through Keystone XL.

Today’s decision cannot be reconciled with the conclusions of the State Department’s comprehensive seven year review of the project.

Numerous independent studies have consistently concluded that the safest way to transport oil is in a modern, safe pipeline. Keystone XL would help replace the higher risk trucks, trains, barges and tankers currently carrying oil to market, and would provide the U.S. with energy supply security by connecting U.S. and Canadian producers to American refineries with a pipeline running four feet under the ground.

By dismissing the 9,000 jobs for Americans building Keystone XL as “only temporary”, the administration has ignored the value of infrastructure jobs and has taken away work from those who seek it. In total, some 42,000 related jobs would not be created in the U.S. value chain as a result of this decision.

Counties and communities will no longer have access, annually, for the life of the project, to hundreds of millions of additional dollars in revenue generated from taxes paid by a company that has already injected almost $200 million in tax revenue into communities along the existing Keystone route.

In Canada, the U.S. denial impacts citizens across our nation at a time when jobs, economic stimulus and competitiveness are critical for the country.

This has been a shovel ready project in Canada since it was deemed to be in the public interest by the National Energy Board in March of 2010. Keystone XL would put 2,200 skilled Canadians to work almost overnight, with thousands more workers benefiting along the full value chain. Canadian manufacturers will lose out on millions more of spin-off activity that this US$8 billion privately-funded project would provide.

We are thankful for the support of American and Canadian workers, labour organizations, industry, our shippers and, most of all, Americans and Canadians.

TransCanada is reviewing the decision and its rationale. We believe KXL is in the best interest of the United States and Canada.”

Well, perhaps it has something to do with the humungous amounts of natural gas being burned to cook the bitumen out of the sands into which mother nature has seen fit to deposit it. The dirty label may refer to the immense GHG emissions caused by the burning of all that natural gas.
The customer has the right to choose!

PG have you any idea of the tiny teeny teeny, tiny teeny amount of gas that adds to the atmosphere? Instead of using mathn visualize this, the oil sand represent a termite fart, the atmosphere a blue whale fart, got the visualization. Or Atalos trying to power his home using a lit match over a solar panel.

Carbon dioxide is produced whenever animal or vegetable matter is burnt, digested or rots. So when do we start taxing the big-time emitters such as termites? There are trillions of them quietly munching their way through timber, dead trees and grass. Then we have all the rice paddies, swamps and wetlands emitting that other dastardly natural gas, the Will-o-the-Wisp, methane. And who is going to chase India’s 280 million sacred cows with gas collection bags?

Mother Earth is also a huge “carbon polluter”. Will we have a “Red Adair” putting caps on Earth’s 1,500 active volcanoes? Or will BP be hired to drop blow-out protectors over the 139,000 sub-marine volcanoes?

It is obvious that the whole war on carbon is futile and will have no measurable effect on Earth’s atmosphere or Canada’s climate.

It’s just a wealth redistribution and control caper.

Thanks Justin. Now that is the sign of a good leader people. Why go through the drama of watching people suffer, shoot them in the foot and watch as they bleed to death slowly. Thankfully they will be medicated through there pain, hurry up and pass legalizing pot Justin. Love your hair!

Perhaps some real facts of what’s going on will blow some of the BS off this discussion.

Bloobmurg has put out an excellent interactive chart on the subject here:


Been drinking maverick ?

For some very interesting facts on this subject, Google “America is shaking off its addiction to oil – Bloomburg”.

There’s a lot more to this than just Justin’s hairdo.

No matter how much evidence you provide the righties they will not get it . Besides their hero has way better hair . The Donald’s hair is a work of art in their eyes and it’s real ,not a comb over at all . And their new leader also has way better hair than the PM . And oooohhh those painted lips . She’s Canada’s very own Sarah Palin .

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