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October 28, 2017 1:37 am

97 North to remain closed for at least 3 hours

Tuesday, November 10, 2015 @ 10:25 AM

Prince George, B.C.- Highway 97 north, about  15 kms south of Bear Lake,  is  closed and  is expected to remain closed for  another 3 to four hours.

Two semis collided  at that  location   this morning, blocking  the  highway.   The good news is  no one  has been seriously injured.

There has been a significant amount of diesel fuel spilling from  the  fuel tanks of the  semis,   as a result,  Provincial Emergency Coordination  has been contacted to  deal with the spill.

It is  expected the highway  will remain closed for  3 to four hours to allow for the clearing of the scene  and the  fuel.  After that,   it’s anticipated the highway  will  be  re-opened to single lane alternating traffic.


Yikes, hope the drivers are okay.. Bad road conditions today.

Most of the cars going down Peden were going so slow they were hazards, if your so scared you have to slide all the way down instead of drive just stay home

We are only days or weeks away from the annual Peden Hill Follies, where a chip truck(why is ia ALWAYS a chip truck?) spins out going up Peden Hill jack-knifing and taking up both lanes blocking all traffic. Only things left to be decided are:

-will the truck be beige or blue?
-why does it always happen at 4:30 in the afternoon?
-will the chip truck driver(red headed stepchild of real truckers:)ignore his own lack of driving skills and try to blame “4 wheelers” or YRB?

^^ why is IT ^^

Diazamo, I would rather people drive for the road conditions.. and sounds like that’s what they where doing.. not all of us are the perfect driver like yourself. One thing to think about in that “brain” of yours is… we all get our insurance through ICBC. the more accidents the higher our rates.. so my question to you is… do you want more or less accidents ? if everyone drove like it was summer time then the only happy people would be tow trucks and auto repair places..

Hope everyone makes it home safe tonight… even you diazamo.

So tired of people criticizing others for driving too slow on icy roads. Seriously. Slow the eff down, back off and take your time. I would much rather someone slow down and take it easy and be able to keep control of their vehicle than drive beyond their comfort level and have zero control and kill someone. Your schedule to be somewhere in a hurry is not anyone else’s concern.

It takes some time to get used to driving on ice again. We may forget, but quickly manage to get it together and get a feel for it again.

I have good studded winter tires and slid all the way to work this morning. On top of that, I had to worry about the jerk who was riding far too close to me and others coming at me in the opposite direction.

Get over yourselves and give people time. It’s not all about YOU.

You’re such an expert Dodo. You should consider becoming an internet consultant for everything. Your behind the keyboard social skills are awesome. I’m sure everyone will swarm to your site of knowledge.

They were sliding down Peden because they were trying to go to slow and fight gravity, then the people who can drive had to jam their brakes to get down to the 30km they were doing. If your uncomfortable driving in winter you probably shouldn’t. As for Pval and your snide lip service, save it for someone who might be impressed which from the usually reaction to your posts is nobody on this site.

Too bad sparrow did not fly south with all the other bird(brains). All commercial vehicle operators that ascend or descend Peden Hill regularly are very aware of the potential for disaster. It’s unfortunate the perhaps more educated but not necessarily more intelligent folks that orchestrated the installment of traffic control at the bottom of Peden Hill, never spent time operating large commercial vehicles. I was taught to not judge others until walking a mile in their shoes. Perhaps the four wheeling mouth pieces should give it a try. Yeah, you know, the big ones, the chip trucks. Maybe, or maybe not, you would gleen a more intelligent perspective on large vehicle operators trying to make a living and get home safe to their wife and kids. Let’s not forget all professions have entry level people.

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