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October 28, 2017 1:35 am

Here We Snow Again

Thursday, November 12, 2015 @ 11:01 AM


Vehicle in the ditch on highway  16 west of Beaverly – photo 250News

Prince George, B.C.-  For the second time this week,  drivers are  finding out the hard way  how  not to  drive during winter conditions.

Prince George RCMP  are  attending call after call   as  there are numerous fender benders  throughout the city.   While the accumulation of snow is not expected to exceed 2 cm,   it’s enough to make the roads very slick.  “Don’t go out unless you have to,”  says RCMP  Corporal  Craig Douglass.

City crews have been busy  sanding and salting  priority 1 and 2 roads throughout  Prince George.

Drive BC  is reporting reduced visibility on  highways 97 north and south of Prince George, and on 16  east and west of the City because of blowing snow.

The good  news is there are no  injuries  to report from the numerous  crashes  in the  region.  Police advise once again, that  if you must be on the roads,  slow down, adjust your speed to the conditions.




Yes, I bet the RCMP are really busy. I was surprised how slick the roads were, even with winter tires. A very good reminder to give myself plenty of stopping room, and I don’t need to race!!!

I must say I was impressed with drivers here this morning, cautious, leaving plenty of room between vehicles, a good drive.

And it is going to rain this afternoon???

It was irritating to be on the roads here this morning at the height of the snowfall there is going slow then there is going slow I was doing roughly 35k on the city streets this morning which I thought was a manageable speed however most drivers felt going 10k an hour or slower was the proper speed then there were the know it all drivers who were doing 50k and up on city streets both groups were responsible for a fair number of fender benders and I was stuck in the middle of it all watching the demolition derby happen all around me

I’m just glad I wasn’t hit I saw over 20 fender benders and actual accidents mostly at lights and stop signs and a couple of spins and bounces off the centre medians and crash barriers in my drive from Wally World to the Mall this morning

Drove the Hart Highway this morning. Except for the odd idiot, who insisted on speeding and passing everybody while spraying the normal traffic with rocks and gravel, the driving was cautious and not above the speed limit. No tailgating!

Boy Dearth, not sure what you said that got you so many thumbs down. By my calculation – legal speed limit 50, normal speed traveled 65, so you were 30 k under the normal speed traveled. I agree with you.

But, I’d rather someone do 25 comfortably than 35 uncomfortably. Something we’re not picking up on in this town – is we have senior citizens now. In the good old days, they picked up and left for Kelowna. But due to housing price differential, fact that the grand-kids are in PG, the old buggers are actually retiring here. And, because even seniors have places to go, like the doctor, hospital for tests, etc., on a crappy day, they will be out there, driving a safe speed for them. At 25 k it takes 24 minutes to travel 10 km, at 35 k, 17 minutes, so the old codgers held everyone up by 7 minutes. Jerks.

And if you’d like them to get the hell out of your way (and I don’t direct this at you Dearth, just generally), they’ll take all that pension money that’s being spent in town. Think of them like the pulp mill, we put up with that smell all those years because it smelt like money, so now, we put up with seniors because – they got money. They are an industry in themselves.

We have all driven in the snow for a lot of our lives and we all know the first snowfall or two is always a bit sketchy as we adjust to winter driving once again. But of course there are always the morons who think they are such good drivers they can still speed everywhere no matter the road conditions.. Those are the people who “have never been in an accident that was my fault” but they have probably caused a few..but of course it’s not their fault.

We all have to get to work, school etc.. Drive the speed you feel safe at.. It’s always best to stay home if the roads are bad but most of us must drive and so be smart about it. Let the guy riding your bumper stay there..if they are in such a rush then I guess they should learn to plan their day better.. Days like this I leave 10 min early for work..why because I know better. I would rather arrive early to work than bitch and complain about being late and blaming in on the horrible drivers that drive so slow.

I would guess all the negative remarks or thumbs down are from the morons I just described above..

Be safe out there..

I am staying home until all the dumb ass drivers are off the road waiting for their vehicles to be repaired. Unbelievable.

Posted on Thursday, November 12, 2015 @ 3:00 PM by maverick 1965 with a score of 1

I am staying home until all the dumb ass drivers are off the road waiting for their vehicles to be repaired. Unbelievable.


We’ll see you in the Spring!

Sparrow: two days ago you asked why its always chip trucks that spin out on Peden hill. Well, they are lighter than other trucks when empty but they have just as many tires on the road.
They are pulling five axles with four tires each. That’s twenty tires. They are pulling them with eight tires without much weight on them. That’s why they spin out first. Their traction to weight ratio is generally much lower than other trucks.
Loaded tridem Bs will spin out too because of that same reason.

Ski, well done.

I saw at least a dozen 4 wheelers in the ditch this am. I bet truckers caused all of them.

Give more then they should be chaining up, not rocket science. The affected companies should be stepping up.

Seamutt?! Chain up for 2cm of slush? Is that a joke?

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