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October 28, 2017 1:30 am

Gas Price Dips Below the Dollar Mark

Tuesday, November 17, 2015 @ 11:16 AM

Prince George, B.C.-  It’s been nearly a year since the price of a litre of gas in Prince George was  lower than $1, but that is the case today.gasprice

Once again, ,Costco is leading the way,  offering a litre of regular for 99.9 cents.     The last time gas was  below the dollar a litre mark in Prince George was  December of last year.

The  next cheapest price is at Superstore at 104.9,  and Husky and Chevron  are at the 105.9 mark.

The cheapest price for  gas in B.C. is 97.9  but you will have to go to Kamloops to get it.

Right now,  the average price of gas in  B.C. is  116.0



ABOUT time Costco lowered their price

the BC average is still the highest in Canada….

BC Government rip off.

Way to go Justin!

Wa Wa Wa…all of you BUTT HURT reformers are going to be blaming Justin for everything from terror attacks to your freeking ingrown toenails!

Some of the neighbouring communities are still over $1.30 a litre. A lack of competition allows the gas companies to rig the market for maximum profits.

In PG just the Hart area has more gas stations than all of Chetwynd, Mackenzie, FortStJames, and Vanderhoof combined. The government ignores the price gouging in the rural communities and this hurts the economic of those communities. It doesn’t take $.30 a litre to ship fuel to these monopoly one gas station towns.

Should be a lot lower with barrel at $40.27

Nytehack turnabout is fair play. The Conservatives were blamed for everything and anything that happened in Canada. Now it’s Justins turn. Also, try to stay away from phrases like “butt hurt” it makes you look 15.

Price is down, not sure where the butt hurt is in that?

Demand must be down, lowering the price. Who wants to drive in winter unless you have to do it for a living?

I do remember awhile back when that if a barrel of oil was $80 the gas was about 0.80cents a liter. Wonder what ever happened to that. Greed I am guessing.

Findme…I refuse to call them Conservatives because that was only the disguise they used to cover their true REFORMER nature.
Now for the blame game…the REFORMERS were in power for almost 10 years. One could make the argument that whatever happened in Canada either good or bad could at least partially be attributed to something the Government had done.
In Justin’s and the Liberal’s case they have only been in power for 13 days, so pretty hard to have any real influence on things yet. Give them a year or 2, then give them credit or raspberries as you see fit!

says NyteHawwk as his sits in his “Justin” PJ’s while sipping coffee from his “I love JT” mug, haha!

Sorry NyteHawwk, just having some fun with you! After all, you lefties took every opportunity to criticise Stephen Harper!

As findme said above, “turnabout it fair play”!

Sorry boys and girls but the government has minimal say in the price of Oil.. Opec has always set the price.. Right now there are millions of barrels of oil stored off shore just waiting for the price to rise..

Don’t forget there is still the cost of recovery, processing and transportation of fuel.

Hart Guy, you actually have me pegged wrong. I was a member of the old Progressive Conservative party, so don’t really qualify as a lefty. In reality though even Atilla the Hun would be considered a lefty when compared to the REFORMERS! :)

The article says it’s been nearly a year since gas was below the 1$/L mark, but a year ago, the price of oil was more than double what it is today.

The price of oil and the price at the pump have nothing to do with each other… They want you to think that it does when the price of oil goes up, and the price at the pump rises 15 minutes later, but when the oil comes down, it takes weeks for gas to follow.

LittleBirdie, when the price of oil goes down the gas station operator doesn’t get a rebate on the fuel he’s already purchased and is in his underground tanks at the old, higher price. If he drops his price, his profit margin vanishes ~ he can’t get his costs back out of that lower price.

And when the price of oil goes up, its then going to cost that operator money that he should’ve been able to take out of his business as profit to replace his fuel supply, unless he raises his price at the pump.

Nytehawwk the Progressive Conservative Party and the Reform Party amalgamated thus unifying the 2 right of centre parties. The strength of this unification resulted with the defeat of the Liberal Party. There never were any “Reformers” either then or now and you come off sounding like a hick using that terminology.

RD, I find it funny that the CPC is always trying to hide it’s true reform party roots. As for the “REFORMER” reference, you know as well as I do that members of that party were always referred to that way.

Do Not forget the carbon tax scam based on an unverifiable science that cannot be reproduced to show how mans contribution has any affect if any at all.

The tax is a scam and Christy either cannot smell the bs handed to her which if she can’t then she is one sorry politician.

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