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October 28, 2017 1:24 am

Premier Announces Contract Award for Site C

Wednesday, November 25, 2015 @ 10:35 AM

Prince George, B.C.-  It has been nearly  one year since the  decision  to build Site C was made,  and today, Premier Christy Clark announced the  civil  works  project has been awarded.  The contract will include the  earthen dam,  spillways  two diversion tunnels .

It is the single largest contract BC Hydro has ever awarded, and is valued at more than $1.5 billion dollars.  “It is a very exciting day for us at BC Hydro as we take another step forward in this very exciting project” said Jessica MacDonald, CEO of BC Hydro.

Peace River Hydro Partners,  a consortium of three companies,   has been awarded the contract.  The three partners include  PetroWest , which is based in Ft. St. John.  With the downturn in the  oil and gas industry,  the work couldn’t  come too  soon  for  some in the region says PetroWest  President Rick Quigley  “Some families are really counting on the opportunities that will come from building this project”.

Quigley says the project aims to hire locally,  then  others in B.C. before looking to other provinces  for workers.

The other two partners are ACCIONA Infrastructure Canada Inc and Samsung C&T Canada Ltd.

BC Hydro is planning  a series of job fairs  and business to business networking sessions early in the new year.  The sessions will provide an opportunity for local, regional and Aboriginal businesses and job seekers to meet the main civil works preferred proponent and other contractors.

Site C  is expected to be  complete by 2024.


So if the First Nations court cases stop this project….how much will breaking these contracts cost us?

Jim this project is going forward no matter what. It was from day one. The First Nations never had a say!

I’m glad there going to hire locally first.

Jim, I think if they are going ahead with the project without the issues taken care of then they are just setting themselves up for nothing but roadblocks from the first nations, both legal style and real road blocks.

Congrats to the contract winners

Lawsuits work both ways…not just one. Great news for the province.

ACCIONA is a disaster, I’m curious how they got this contract? They are a spanish firm, most of their engineers do not speak english and are clueless about BC environmental standards. Ask the boys in Ft St James how that project is going with the spanish engineers….

Ibedrola was the prime contractor for the biomass plant in Fort St James. They were one of the most unorganized contractor I’ve ever worked for.

Three flush toilets for 250 workers. We’d be lucky if they were cleaned twice a week.
Not to mention they had a very hard time following OH&S and WCB regulations

Well we have to feed our friends is the operative for Christy Crunch.


Good glad to hear the province is finally going to get something moving. If first nations is allowed to abuse their poorly given powers they will stop anything just like a child with a new rifle trying it out to see if it kills. We need to get some project up and running and it looks like they are never going to approve anything. Take this power away from them and watch us become another Saskatoon. We will prosper after years of suppression by the first nations. Lets get serious BC. Lets get some projects going! Sitting on Mount Klappan and Enbridge doesn’t change the fact the oil is still there and it is going to get to China by some method and someone will do it. Why not be us? Why not let or children work? Only idiots don’t want progress. Why let them have this power? Let’s get going!

I write this comment above with no disrespect to my first nations brothers as I too am Aboriginal but I am sick of all the stalling. Either my white friends get going or my brothers stop it completely. @$&* or get off the pot.

This is a disaster for BC workers. It’s all non union, which makes no sense on a large contract like this if ones intent is to hire locally.

They will need to hire 1500+ workers without a call up list.

With union contractors the call up list is in place with local priority to hiring, followed by a provincial list and the interprovincial.

With non Union they have their regular core of workers and then fill out the work force on a fist come basis and rely heavily on temporary foreign workers to fill out the work force. If union workers try to work for a non Union outfit they are viewed as potential salters for the union and mostly will not find any opportunity to work. Non Union outfits will fire the whole workforce at the hint of a union salter, they want no part of getting unionized through a unionization vote and keeping union workers away from their non Union workforce is their priority.

This deal is an attempt to kill union jobs in BC by the Clark government, and bodes ill will to future large projects in BC from the BC workers perspective.

When the courts rule 8n favour of the FNs court case somebody is going to get a lot of egg on their face. Everyone should study up a bit on what happened to the Cheslatta people when the dam was built….FNs do not take these issues lightly and Crispy Crunch is showing total disdain and disrespect for them.

FN sure like to put a roadblock on everything that will make Canada and provinces money, oil, gas whatever the case may be. But still they hold their hand out for money that comes from the tax payer. It will never end no matter how much they are paid, they’ll need to be paid again. By the way I’m not racist, I just like to see everyone prosper from our natural resources.

I don’t think Eagleone would last very long working for Petrowest with that kind of attitude. PRW is non-union and their guys do very well for an operation that runs somewhat similar to an Alabama chain gang. And their Alberta hands are foreigners? They don’t need union shit disturbers to mess things up.

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