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October 28, 2017 1:04 am

Heavy Snow Leads to Plenty of Crashes

Friday, December 18, 2015 @ 1:53 PM


Crash on southbound Hart Highway – photo 250News

Prince George, B.C.- To no surprise, the heavy snowfall in the past  24 hours  has  led to a number of  crashes in the City of Prince George.

The Hart Highway southbound is backed up  due to a crash  just  south of the weigh scales,  and there are reports  of numerous other  fender benders  throughout the City.Accident_Queensway&20th-2

( at right, crash at Queensway and 20th -photo submitted)

While there are no reports of any serious injuries,  police advise that  you stay off the roads  unless   absolutely necessary.

As always, drivers are reminded to  allow  enough space between vehicles to allow for  safe stopping distance, and to drive to the  conditions and today that means  one thing, slow down.



Let me guess they are going to blame the road maintenance crews for their accidents because of whatever reason instead of looking at their own driving habits

Funny how we blame the snow when the real fault lies with the inordinate number of idiots with Driver’s licenses.

I know it’s busier around town than it used to be but it seems there is ridiculous number of these fender benders whenever it snows compared to the past . People need to slow the F— down and put the stupid phone away when driving . Hardly news .

Had a lady in an SUV tailgating me today on Ospika, yapping on her cell,
the dense ones just don’t learn.

I’m thinking that quite a few drivers ought to just stay home, you can easily pick out the ones that are totally scared sh”,less driving, white knuckles, teeth gritted and tunnel vision. Do everyone a favour and stay home or let someone that has experience and a calm demeanour drive. Gawd!

Speed isn’t usually the problem. People that don’t know how to drive in winter conditions are. Not paying attention to WTH you are doing is another. Go to an empty parking lot and learn how to drive your vehicle in icy conditions. Put it into a skid and learn how to control it. Brake suddenly and learn how to control it. Turn suddenly and learn how to control it. Step on the go pedal and learn how to control it. Learn how to drive or have someone that does, drive you.

Chip truck crash on highway 16 just after Walmart at the lights. Will take quite a while to clean up. 3 ambulances and 5 cops but emergency services were 100 yards away luckily so fire department did not have far to go.

Dumb I have to disagree with your observation . speed is usually a factor as well as lack of attention . slow the F— down and you will be able to get around the overly cautious . I don’t believe they are the root cause of the increase of accidents .

A whole lotta ditched vehicles out west today. I really hate paying the insurance premiums I do because of these idiots.

Heavy snow? Not.

Oh look, another Lordco vehicle in an accident. Tired of those young broads in those Lordco vehicles driving like maniacs, with zero regard for safety. Won’t be long til they kill someone. It’s an every day occurrence to see those idiots in the Lordco vehicles doing Mach 2 on the Hart, and on Queensway.

followed someone home down pulpmills road yesterday, they where travelling at 35 kph.. If you are that scared to drive..then DONT

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