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October 28, 2017 1:04 am

He’s Back

Friday, December 18, 2015 @ 3:17 PM

Prince George, B.C.-RCMP Staff Sergeant Raj Sidhu  has returned to Prince George,  and is now the  new unit commander of the Prince George Regional Traffic Services  operating out of North District RCMP.S/Sgt. Sidhu’s first posting  was  to  the Prince George detachment   and most of his service since  joining the RCMP in 1995  has been  in the North District Sidhu_LI

Following his General Duty work at the City Detachment, he was assigned to their General Investigation Section (GIS) where he worked in various sub-units such as; Property Crimes Section, Drug Section, Marihuana Enforcement Teams, and a number of Divisional Projects where he was successful in combating the gang activity in not only the city of Prince George, but in other parts of the District.

He was later seconded to a Division Major Crime Unit (DMCU) project and investigated a number of unsolved homicides linked to organized crime in the District. Following this, he was afforded an opportunity to lead the GIS Task Force Section and launched initiatives to combat gang violence.

In 2009, He took on the responsibilities of the Operations NCO (non-commissioned officer) at the newly established North District Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit (CFSEU) which is a specialized unit tasked with supressing organized crime in the North District.
He returns to Prince George  following  2 years in Alberta where  he headed the Professional Standards Unit in Red Deer.

The friendliness and warmth of the people in Prince George has pulled me back here” says S/Sgt Sidhu “I have spent over 18 years in Prince George and we (my family and I) have adopted it as our home town. I am thrilled to be able to continue my service in Prince George and be engaged with people throughout the North District.” 

Staff Sergeant Sidhu  fills the post which had previously been held by Staff Sergeant Pat McTiernan  who retired in March  of  2015.


Right on. Our new head govt tax collector.

never thought I’d say this because obviously don’t enjoy getting ticketed , but I’d say bring it on . The driving that I’m seeing daily for the last number of years needs to be brought under control .

You mean, the cutting off, the stopping to yield while driving in a merge lane, forcing a merge while driving in a yield lane, the dangerous passing on double solid lines, blinding oncoming traffic with illegal/legal headlights by either forgetting they are on or blatant dickheadedness, being passed legally but almost having the front of your machine
taken out by the dimwit as they pull back in front of you before they have actually finished passing you?
I could list dozens of dangerous things the braindead do out on our roads on a daily basis here.

Speed doesn’t kill, idiots that speed kill.

Welcome back, Raj, yer hometown missed you.

Welcome back. Hopefully you can crack down on some of the police driving as well.

We definately need a heavier enforcement of the bad driving in our area.
I’m not picking on police driving but any driving that is contrary to the rules seems to be picked up by a lot of other drivers on our roads and replicated.
Police need to be an example of very good driving too.
We all need to be proactive in setting a good example for others to follow. As well, people need to think for themselves rather than just following bad habits that they observe.
I wish success in your new position here.

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