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October 28, 2017 12:53 am

Highest Assessed Homes in Northern B.C. in Peace Region

Tuesday, January 5, 2016 @ 3:58 AM

Prince George, B.C.-   When it comes to the most expensive homes in Northern B.C.,  the Peace Region  takes the cake.

B.C. Assessment  shows  homes in  the Dawson Creek- Fort St. John area  dominate  the  list of the 100 homes with the highest assessments.  Each of the homes on the list is valued at more than a million dollars,  but only 19 of the 100 are outside of the Peace Region.

The most expensive house  in the Prince George  area,  is   outside the  city limits.

According to BC  Assessment,  a home on Chief Lake Road,   assessed at $1.625 million  is the  highest assessed home in the area.  It ranks as  number 10 on BC  Assessment’s top 100 list.

A single family residence on St. Dennis Place in Prince George,   is  the highest assessed home  within P.G.  limits,  it was ranked as number 14 on the Northern B.C. list.  It has an assessed value of $1.625 million.

The number one house on the list of the top 100,  is located in the Bella Coola area.   That home  has been assessed at $2.945 million.

The rest of the top ten  are located  in the Peace Region,  with  a home on  Moberly Lake ranked 2nd with an assessed value of $2.941 million.    In fact,   six of the top ten are in the Ft. St. John area.

The highest assessed home in Terrace is  on Lakelse, with an assessed value of $1.354 million.  In Quesnel , the highest assessment  is for a  home on Ten Mile Lake  Road,   with an assessed value of $1.348 million and in Williams Lake,  the top assessment is for a home on Horse Lake  a $1.345 million.

The full list  can be  found here.


BC Liberals need more money in their pockets.

Tax grab. Also the assessment is being used to force people out of their ordinary million dollar homes in Vancouver which they have lived in for 30 years or more so developers can snatch up the property.

The Chief lake house is the owners of Tim Hortons, how does that coffee taste now? The St Dennis is the Rustad family, and all of these will be kicked off the list when that monster of a palace on Cowart road by Özcan is complete. Early estimates are in the 3.5 million dollar range for his house. Which, is awesome in my mind by the way. You work hard, you build your palace, no shame in that.

Got mine today went up 29%, strange…. Didn’t do anything around here to warrant a 31k increase. As my first post.

A previous story states “Home owners in Prince George will see a 6% increase”.

I live in Prince George and my increase is 10.65%, this being the combined increase made up of a 0% increase to my Land value and a 13.78% increase to my Building value.

10.65% is not 6%, at least not the last time that I checked!

Considering that I haven’t done anything to my land or my building in the past year, I think I’ll appeal it, just to find out why my increased value is 77.5% higher than the 6% that home owners in Prince George will see!

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