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October 28, 2017 12:38 am

Softwood Lumber Agreement High on Premier’s Radar

Thursday, January 21, 2016 @ 3:59 AM

premierclarkPrince George, B.C. – Premier Christy Clark  says  she is hopeful the Softwood Lumber agreement can be solidified this year.

(at right, Premier Clark  at  Natural Resource Forum)Premier Clark  is  looking  at early summer for a resolution “My best case scenario , is I would like to see this get wrapped up before the end of  the legislative  session, or thereabouts”.

Clark  says there are a lot of trade issues on the table at the moment “There’s the Trans Pacific Partnership on the table, there’s the  Free trade deal  we know they (federal Government) want to work on with China,  We want to make sure there is full focus on Soft wood lumber, and I  am hopeful, we will see some new ideas  from the new  federal government on how we can  move quickly to get it settled.”

Clark has faith  the Federal Government will get the job done  “I really do believe that Prime  Minister Trudeau is absolutely committed to getting this thing done, and he knows it has only ever been settled in the past with the Prime Minister   phoning the President and they make a deal  so that’s the only way it  gets done, and he ( Justin Trudeau)  understands that, and I’m really convinced he wants to get it done.  He has  surprised a lot of people  with what he can get done, so,  maybe he’ll say ‘just watch me.”



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Softwood Lumber agreement expired in 2015 with a one year extension ie; 2016. Seems the Americans are not in a big hurry to reopen this file, so unless we get something going pretty quickly this agreement could be dead in the water. What would be the ramifications of not having an agreement???

Not having an agreement means having to pay more to ship to the US, closing some markets that were open to canadian softwood producers under the agreement, cost of producing goes up and so on

Not to mention the US forest companies taking not only governments but companies to court over perceived unfair practises

The ramifications of no softwood lumber agreement has a huge impact in BC, Quebec and Ontario

The US Lumber producers will likely be pushing to start negotiations now that the dollar has dropped down to 70 cents US. This makes Canadian lumber much more attractive to US buyers.

So much very low on her radar, health care, seniors, children, social services, education..

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